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The best source of nutrition for babies is a mother’s milk. Breastmilk provides all the required nutrients to a baby and improves immunity to fight against infections. But some mothers may find difficulty in producing enough breastmilk. Fret not! There are solutions to such problems. And, opting for lactation supplements is one of the best […]

The best source of nutrition for babies is a mother’s milk. Breastmilk provides all the required nutrients to a baby and improves immunity to fight against infections. But some mothers may find difficulty in producing enough breastmilk. Fret not! There are solutions to such problems. And, opting for lactation supplements is one of the best ways to improve the quantity and quality of breastmilk. 

Zandu StriVeda, India’s 1st Lactation Supplement for new mothers is enriched with “Satavari”. It contains a well-known galactagogue herb that is proven to improve the breastmilk supply in nursing mothers. 


  • Ayurvedic, safe, and natural 
  • Enriched with Satavari
  • Helps promote healthy lactation
  • Recommended by doctors 


 Net Wt: 210gms

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Sammiya Saduf approves this product

Ayurvedic formula

PRODUCT:- Zandu StriVeda Satavari REVIEW:- This is a lactation supplement for early nursing mothers who cannot produce enough milk. It is an Ayurvedic formula that is completely safe without any side effects on the nursing mother nor on baby. Zandu StriVeda Satavari not only increases milk production naturally but also improves the quality of milk.


Swapnil N BHAT approves this product

Great lactation for breastfeeding moms

We all know that mom's milk is best for babies. But sometimes we feel that it's not sufficient for our baby, even I felt the same after 4 months of delivery I started feeling like I am lacking with my breast milk. I was so worried whether my baby is having enough milk or not as he has never been introduced with powdered milk . Then I came to know about ZANDU STRIVEDA ,and yes the result was amazing. I could see the result within a week. Would definitely recommend this to mom's who feel they are lacking with the breast milk quantity.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Lactation supplement

As I had low milk supply from the beginning my friends suggested me satavari as a solution. I was in a search of satavari powder and I came to know about this product from zandu. I got it and used it for four weeks and I got a good change in my milk production. I recommend this


Sandhya Vinodh approves this product

Gives good results

I had a very bad milk supply for my second kid compared to my first one. Only at this time my doctor recommended me to use the zandhu strivedha satavari. This product worked miracles. The milk supply is much better than before and now both me and my kid is satisfied.


Shweta Bhatt approves this product

Helpful to all the new mommies

Zandu StriVeda Satavari is really a great product for the new mommies out there. I took this on my doctor's commendation. It increases mother's milk supply and also helps in fighting against various bacteria. Improves immunity of both mom and baby. So this is the best products for mom's who have problem of insufficient amount of breast milk.


Sadiya Shafeek approves this product

Nutrition for moms

After my second baby birth i face the problem of lack of friend tell about this product and i start using zandu help me and my baby alot.breast milk is essential for babies provide immunity to baby.through breast milk mother and baby build a strong bond between them.mother gives love and care through breast milk


Kashmi Shah approves this product

best product

it provides goodness of breast milk. it can says that breast ilk is best. it can immunize baby. can help to fight baby with germs. gives all kind of nutrients. but some mommies have problem they will get so less or no amont of breast milk, so for such kind of mommies this product is the best.


Fairoosa Navas approves this product

It is good for improving lactation.

My delivery was a c section. After delivery have difficulty to express milk. That time I used striveda satavari. It helped very much to increase milk. And my naughty boy becomes calm and he gets more sound sleep. It will help new moms to express milk and increase milk. And babies become healthy.


Rimjhim approves this product

Great product for moms

I faced a lot of issues when I tried to breast feed my little baby girl. Due to thyroid , I was facing issues to produce enough milk to fed my munchkin, after trying all the home remedies , my gynecologist suggested ZANDU Satavari . I was very suspicious in the beginning but after using this product from last one year I can guarantee that this definitely increases the quantity of breast milk . Its 100% ayurvedic product and safe for both mother and baby. I never face any health issues. Its been 15 months I still breast fed my baby along with solid foods. Because mother's milk makes babies strong and healthy.I highly recommend this product to all new moms, you can take it with milk also. Overall a very nice item.


Rojina Bajracharya approves this product

Easy breastfeeding

Striveda is an extremely good nutrition supplement for new mothers. As mothers milk is important for the nutrition of babies, Striveda increases the milk supply to babies. Every two hours of breastfeeding is essential to new babies, thus striveda has improved my breastfeeding journey leaving my baby calm, healthy with a sound sleep.


Asra Shait approves this product


It's has worked for me!! I was facing less lactation so saw this product got review from a Frnd and family tried and it worked!!! Made my bf session easy and relaxing and it's good for ur baby bcz ur baby will be full for longer and BM is must for baby I love this pr9duct it made it easy for me and it taste nice so I like it


Siddiqa Shaikh approves this product

Helpfull for new moms

I bought this for my sister as she was facing problem with low milk supply and baby was on FM... My friend recommended this as she had used it personally and it helped her... There were changes seen and it helped my sister to increase milk supply . It’s safe for both baby and mom..


Saraswathi Valliappan approves this product

Best Way to increase Mother milk

I am using this product for a 3 weeks...I can find good improvement in the milk supply, my milk supply got reduced after a viral fever.the medication which I took hit my and it got it reduced. Striveda satavari powder is doing magic.i can find good improvement.satavari is the best herb for milk production and zandu striveda satavari is the best choice for that


Sakshi Sharma approves this product

Best for new moms

This is the best lactation supplement for new moms who don't have enough milk for their cute babies . It works wonders. It has definately boosted my milk supply, i can see great difference after using this supplement. I have it once a day and now i can express like 2-3 ounces of milk everytime i pump. I highly recommend this for feeding mom's..


Insiya Hussain approves this product

A good ayurvedic product

Zandu StriVeda Satavari contains a well-known galactagogue herb that is proven to improve the breastmilk supply in nursing mothers.It came as a saviour when i had nursing issues in the initial months of feeding my new born. Have used it for more than 6months twice a day. It helps to improve milk supply and is completely safe


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Increases breast milk

Zandu is the name everyone have heard of. When i had my first child i am not able to breastfeed her because of less milk supply.. after trying many things.. my family doctor suggested this one.. and it works.. it is ayurvedic safe and natural for mother and child both. It contains satavri which increase breast milk.


Christy Jose approves this product

Helps lactating mother

It's a good nutritional supplement and helps lactating mother in nursing their children, also beneficial for the overall health of both mom and child. Would recommend satavari. I tried it only for a month . It served the purpose, it's granular and disolves immediately. U can have it with milk or water and add sugar for taste.


Shweta Toor bhatt approves this product

Took on Doctors recommendation!

After a few months of delivery, When my baby was not getting enough feed from me so he use to cry a lot, then my doctor advised me to take Zandu StriVeda Satavari. This lactation supplement worked wonders and really helped me in increasing the quantity of breast milk. Moreover, it improves immunity and provides nutrients to baby. Thanks to my Doctor and Zandu StriVeda for helping me with this problem.


Gunjan Sachdeva approves this product

Really helpful

I will highly recommend this to those mothers whose supply are low. As I had a c sec, i didnt get that much supply and it really hurts when your baby cries because of hunger, but this lactation powder has helped me a lot. Now I am able to produce more. And all the ingredients are ayurvedic so it is not harmful for nursing mothers. No mother wants to give formula to her baby as breastmilk is considered as the liquid gold. So it is the best supplement for increasing breastmilk.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Good for nursing mother

Zandu striveda is a brilliant is a very good product for nursing mothers. This is a best nutrition source for mother's milk for their baby. It improves immunity power of baby to fight against infections and provide all the nutrients to baby. It also improve the quantity and quality of mother milk. I recommend to all nursing mothers to take it as it helped me in my motherhood journey too

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