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The best source of nutrition for babies is a mother’s milk. Breastmilk provides all the required nutrients to a baby and improves immunity to fight against infections. But some mothers may find difficulty in producing enough breastmilk. Fret not! There are solutions to such problems. And, opting for lactation supplements is one of the best […]

The best source of nutrition for babies is a mother’s milk. Breastmilk provides all the required nutrients to a baby and improves immunity to fight against infections. But some mothers may find difficulty in producing enough breastmilk. Fret not! There are solutions to such problems. And, opting for lactation supplements is one of the best ways to improve the quantity and quality of breastmilk. 

Zandu StriVeda, India’s 1st Lactation Supplement for new mothers is enriched with “Satavari”. It contains a well-known galactagogue herb that is proven to improve the breastmilk supply in nursing mothers. 


  • Ayurvedic, safe, and natural 
  • Enriched with Satavari
  • Helps promote healthy lactation
  • Recommended by doctors 


 Net Wt: 210gms

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improves milk production


tastes good


natural and safe


easy to digest


reasonably priced



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sour taste


heavy to digest

  • Zandu Striveda Satavari helps in improving the prolactin level that's helpful in producing breast milk.
  • It increases breast milk supply.
  • Safe to use.

The product is free from side effects.


Pallavi Nathan approves this product

Solves the problem of moms

After my second delivery, I had a problem in producing enough milk. So, I came to know about Satavari which would solve the problems and help produce adequate amounts of milk. I googled and later I found Zandu striveda satavari and started using it. After using for three weeks, I noticed a good change.


Aaroo approves this product

Best lactation supplement

Zandu's Striveda has come to the rescue of lactating mothers. It is made from Satavari which is known to boost lactation. It is a 100 % safe and Ayurvedi product. Clinically tested and recommended by doctors. With a well trusted brand like Zandu, you know you are only giving the best to your baby. I strongly recommend this


Ruby Shah approves this product

Great product for breastfeeding Mothers

It’s a great product for Mom’s who are breastfeeding. As it’s a perfect solution for them because it Improves milk production & is very easy to digest. Most of my friends used them too during their breastfeeding time & all of them were benefited with it. Definitely recommend for all new moms/ breastfeeding mothers.


Swati approves this product

Must have product for lactating moms

Hi Mom folks, Breastfeeding your baby is really important and we all know this and strive to practice for as long as we can. It not just helps in the growth of our babies but helps us as well. But I know a few of you..who face lactation issues..and I feel you. Try zandu striveda lactation supplement. It is 100% natural, enriched with shatavari, an ayurvedic herb, with no side effects. For the superwoman that you are ❤️ Love, Yours forever!


Swati approves this product

Ayurvedic boon for moms

People who know me know that I rely a lot on Ayurveda for my day to day life. I have consumed Satavari during the first few days after childbirth to boost my milk supply. I’ve also had jeera, jaggery, carrom seeds etc at various times after delivery so I’m pretty much desi at heart when it comes to self-care. Recently I stumbled upon @zandustriveda that contains galactogogue herb satavari which is a lactation booster. I still breastfeed so I mix a spoonful in my glass of hot milk every night and enjoy the goodness of striveda. New moms must try it. #zandu #zanduxmomjunction #striveda #zandustriveda #momjunction


yashashwini_yashu approves this product

Very good for breastfeeding mother

Zandu striveda is really amazing product.. Which is made up of natural products and very safe to breastfeeding mom and baby too.. Many mothers face problems in post pregnancy, less milk production, many other problems . these all problems can b reduced by in taking this zandu striveda in our daily diet..I used to take 2 spoons in a glass of milk while going to bed and it worked really well for me. No side effects.


Sonal Mehrotra approves this product

Good product

As we all know breast milk is really important to babies till 6 months atleast. But nowadays it becomes so difficult for mothers like me to express sufficient milk for babies. This striveda lactation supplement helps us a lot as it helps in increase milk supply. It is 100% natural and recommend by doctors.Now i have enough supply of milk for my baby as im using this from 15days. Taste is little sour but can be consumed.


Khushboo Sarin approves this product

Good Ayurvedic lactation supplement

I bought this for my friend who just delivered a baby few months back. Her breastmilk supply was too less. But after taking Zandu StriVeda, her milk supply increased.It is enriched with Satavari. Best thing is that, it is Ayurvedic ,so safe and natural. Doctors also recommend this to new mothers.


Sona Saxena approves this product

Best and natural supplement

This is a great boon for new moms. Most moms like me face lactation issues in the early days. If we have a natural supplement that boosts the milk supply then a great help will be done. Satavari which is its ingredient is known to increase the quantity and quality of milk.I have been using this from 20 days and my milk supply is sufficient for my baby. Must have new moms


Ritu Kochar approves this product

Best supplement

After my second delivery, I have had issues with breast milk supply. The constant guilt of not providing enough nutrition to your little one is heartbreaking. I am a person who doesn’t want to try medications unless and until most required. I then tried Zandu StriVeda and worked wonders for me. The milk supply increased and the quality too. Really happy with it.


neha_gautam_arora approves this product

An excellent product for breastfeeding mom

it's not easy for a mother to breastfeed the baby as some moms may face issues with low milk supply. Many moms have to try top feed due to lack of milk supply, for those moms, there is a natural and safe product called Zandu Striveda, which has Satavari, a safe ayurvedic herb with no side effects. This helped me in promoting lactation and took this low supply worry off my head.


nehachadha approves this product

Relaxes a Mom !!!

zandu has always been my household name and which lactation powder has made my mother road journey a smooth one. I had my second baby very late so milk supply was a great problem. the Satavari ingredient has helped not only increased the supply of breastmilk but now I feel more energetic n relaxed with it .


Pragati Tripathi approves this product

Awesome product!

As we know that mother milk is the best milk for babies for their mental and physical development. But sometimes due to some reason like ( stress, sleep deprivation and lack of dietary nutrients )milk supply is not enough for my newborn.. that time my doctor recommended me zandu striveda satavari. It's very effective. Let's see it's key features - • It helps to increase breast milk • Enriched with satavari - a well known galactogogue herb proven to increase milk supply • zandu striveda satavari is completely Ayurvedic, natural and safe. It's very nice product for new moms, I highly recommend it for all new moms.


monica_agnihotri approves this product

Perfect for new moms

@zandustriveda is the top supplements to increase breast milk production. An answer for all new mothers on how to increase breast milk. The product is ayurvedic and has no side effects .i have seen visible difference in four weeks. It has many ayurvedic properties that help the new mom's to stay healthy and come out of postpartum depression. It contains Satavari which improves breast milk quantity in lactating mother. Zaandu Satavari Lactation Supplement has the potential to increase prolactin level in mothers thereby increases milk production . So all the mommies if you are struggling from breastfeeding problem .Do try Striveda, it is especially designed for all the new moms.


banchika approves this product

Best Supplement for Lactating mothers

If you are a Lactating mother and worried about low supply then Zandu Stiveda is your one stop solution. I also suffered from low supply and tried all the home remedies but nothing worked for me. Then I heard about Zandu Striveda and things became easy. It contains shatavari which helps to increase milk supply.


me_therevolutio approves this product

Recommended to all nursing mothers

Nursing mother needs more lactation supplements to keep them healthy and active otherwise we will suffer from calcium deficiency and hairfall. STRIVEDA by @zandustriveda ayurveda for women is most important for nursing mothers. Because it is made up of satavari herb, it enhances lactactation among nursing mothers and recommended by doctors because its natural, safe and with no side effects. I have been using this 2 weeks.


Madhura Ganguly approves this product

A Caretaker of Mom and baby

After delivery I felt so helpless because my breast milk production was very low. Even after having black cumin seeds paste And gourd curry my breast milk production didn't satisfy me . As we all know that breastmilk is best for babies upto the first six months so I did many researches on internet and one of my physician friend suggested zandu striveda and Voila this product worked like miracle. I was so happy as there was exclusive changes on my breast milk supply. I recommend zandu striveda which is an excellent ayurvedic lactation supplement . It enhances the production of breast milk in new moms. The presence of satavari plays an important role in increasing not only in the quantity but also the quality of milk. So highly recommended zandu striveda to all the new moms as it's a boon to the lactating mothers


Anjali Chopra approves this product

Best supplement for all new moms

Lactation supplement is a very important one if milk secretion is not upto the mark or if more is required...Zandu striveda lactation supplement is an Ayurvedic,enrich with shatavri and 100 %Natural , vegetarian and Safe. Drink twice a day by mixing it with milk a lactating mother can provide abundant milk for her baby. After using it I have got a lots of benefit and for these same benefits, I would like to recommend it to other new moms too.


Shivika Sanghi approves this product

Best of the best

I used it while I was feeding my daughter.. As I was not getting good amount of milk after 1 yr, I was worried... Then I used it and must the quality of milk increased... Will definitely recommend it to all the mothers and would be mothers... Moreover the brand name is the most trusted since my childhood..


Mona kapoor approves this product

Best supplement for new moms

We all know that breastfeeding is how much important for babies. zandu striveda is a perfect gem for new moms,which has satavari a safe Ayurvedic herb with no side effects. It is a natural product which is super affordable with large amount of ayurvedic flavor. If you are a nursing mom or have someone in your family then I would recommend you to consume it on daily basis. Just add 1-2 TS of the powder in a glass of milk and consume twice a day. This helps in promoting lactation and zandu striveda lactation expert gives satisfaction that your baby is having enough milk