Weleda Calendula Baby Oil

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Weleda Calendula Baby Oil, it is made with care to provide an incredible first-time experience for your little ones.

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil, it is made with care to provide an incredible first-time experience for your little ones. Relax your little one's skin and give them a loving massage with your own touch with this skin-friendly oil.


  • Moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin
  • Has a mild fragrance, which you and your little one will love
  • Contains dermatologically proven and skin-friendly oils
  • Provides relief to strained muscles and relaxes the body
  • Skin friendly oils
  • Dermatologically tested


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non sticky




natural ingredients


mild fragrance







greasy formulation


strong fragrance




harsh ingredients



Kalyani Lakshmanan approves this product

Nice oil

Weleda baby oil moisturise my baby's skin. It has mild fragrance. I use to massage my baby in this. It helps for healthy skin. It nourishes my baby's sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested and skin friendly oil. It is safe for babies. It gives relax after massaging. It suits my baby's delicate skin


Vandana Ajith approves this product

For good massage

Regular massaging with oils are important for baby's physical and mental wellbeing. I am always conscious about skin safety when trying new oils. Calendula herb is a very promising one regarding baby skin and it helps to relax baby muscles. I tried Weleada calendula massage and experience satisfying baby massage time. It is non sticky and easily absorbable baby oil that is gentle on baby skin. Baby mostly get relaxed and go to sleep after the massage. Will recommend it to all.


Asra Shait approves this product

Nice baby oil

Nice baby oil, its non sticky and has no strong smell or fragnance, good for baby skin and body, its also affordable it was recommended by a close friend and i tried i liked it for my baby as its non sticky so even if i don't bath him post massaging from this oil so thats ok!!!


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil

I tried Weleda Calendula Baby Oil as per a relative's recommendation. It turned out to be quite good. It hydrates the skin and has a mild pleasant fragrance which does not irritate. I like that it is light and easy to apply on skin. It refreshes my baby and lubricates her skin


Jayasree approves this product

Daily use oil

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil is fragrance free and helps in nurturing, cleansing and soothing sensitive baby skin. I love massaging my baby with the Weleda oil before bath in the morning and he too loves the massage time. It has all plant based ingredients and is helpful in preventing dehydration. It iis well suited for daily use.


Suma Mohith approves this product

Baby oil

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil I used for my baby skin it is moisture for my baby I used before bath . I massage regularly with this oil. My babies skin very soft and nourishing . my babies bones or very strong to built and my baby loves to body oil massage it is affordable and used natural ingredients I love to Use this


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

Great Moisturisation

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil is a great nourishing oil with moisturizing properties. It keeps my baby's skin soft and supple and helps to hydrate it all day long. My baby's every day routine consists of a morning massage with this oil followed by a bath. I like the pleasant smell and the fact that it has natural ingredients


Vaishali Upadhyay approves this product

Makes bones strong

I have been using Weleda Calendula baby oil for giving massage to my baby. This oil easily absorbs in the body and has a nice light fragrance. This oil strengthens the muscles and makes bones strong. Loved this oil as it has non greasy formula. But it is not easily available in market.


Poonam Thapa approves this product

Weleda Baby Oil

Weleda baby Calendula Oil one of the best massage oil. I am used daily before or after baby bath. Weleda Baby oil maintain baby skin Moisture and protect the baby skin. Calendula Oil made with Natural ingredients and have mild fragrance or non sticky. Calendula Oil massage make the my baby bones strong. My happy happy at the time of massage with Calendula Oil.


Disha Jain approves this product


I love using this massage oil for my baby as it moisture ise my baby skin well and I apply this oil on the daily basis on my baby skin and massage well.. It has no chemical and it is very mild for the baby skin.. It is a value for money product


Decent product

It's nice product, it's very mild for baby but it creates a greesy layer on the skin. There are no side effects of this product. I m using this from the last 1 month .its a bit expensive and has a strong fragrance compared to other baby products. I it's very mild, hydrating for baby's skin. All-natural products are used.


Sumi Manoj approves this product

Best Quality

WELEDA Calendula Baby Oil is a natural fragrance oil, 99 % organic ingredients, nourish and moisturizes your thin skin. The product has been proven to be friendly with the baby's sensitive skin and it helps to relax and ease the baby's skin.. All Weleda products are good. I use several of them and often give them to relatives.


arup approves this product

Not sticky,very working.Smooth absorb.

Very effective oil for baby skin depolopment.its use of best results new born.I always prefer this message oil for baby.I had two baby.I used Oil and very excellent results.Nice products.This oil very smooth.not sticky.great benefits of all baby's skin care.Lovely Smell.I told all mother's that used a products of your baby.Very good for health.My Choice Baby oil.


Surya approves this product


It's extremely useful if your baby has rough skin. Hydrates your baby and skin thoroughly. You can apply it couple of minutes before his bath time. Give him slight massage after application. It strengthens his muscles and is extremely useful to nourish his skin. You can use it at any weather condition whether hot or cold


Sunita Rani approves this product

Skin friendly oil

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil Is one of the most trusted baby massage oil that i ever have used for my baby. It is a non sticky oil and don’t gives greasy effects on baby’s skin. I love its mild fragrance with the goodness of herbal ingredients. I highly recommend this product as per personal experience.


divyajain approves this product

Nice Product

It's really nice Product, it's very mild to baby. There is no side effects of this product. I m using this from last 2months . Greece I HV been using this for massage to baby. It's very useful. It's having natural products so that will not harm to ur new born baby.


Shobika Jain approves this product

Peaceful sleep with this oil

This weleda calendula oil is best for new born baby to massage their body .It is non sticky and very greasly.It has all the natural ingredients and free from chemical .It strength their bones and builds muscles.It is not expensive also.It has very mild fragrance in it.It moistures and hydrates the baby skin and baby can sleep peacefully after massage with this oil


D J approves this product

Mild on baby skin

This baby oil nourishes my baby skin well.. It is mild and gentle on my baby skin as it is made up of natural ingredients no chemical used in it so safe for my baby. I massage my baby skin daily with this oil.. Worth buying product.. Must buy this product for your baby

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