VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring

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Product Description

V Parents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring is designed to provide comfortable, cozy sleep to your babies, keeping them safe from mosquito bites. It is the fusion of Indian traditional swing with the modern ones. The swing keeps your little one safe and provides an opportunity for a great playtime. The portability feature allows you to carry the swing along with you and can be hanged indoors or outdoors. 


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attractive design


adjustable height


secure sidewalls


removable sidewalls


sturdy and durable wood



not easily available


can be used upto 6 months of age




VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring Features

  • It comes with a soft mattress. 
  • The mosquito net keeps mosquitos and bugs at bay.
  • Spring can be easily hanged from the ceiling or branch of the tree. 

VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring Specifications

  • Weight: 1.22 kg
  • Manufacturer’s recommended age: 0+ months
  • Product measurements: 40 x 30 x 10 cm
  • Carrying capacity: upto 15 kg
  • The swing provides you the flexibility of using the cradle either with a mosquito net or without a mosquito net .
  • Attach the swing to either side of the rod connected to the spring.
  • Now, place the mosquito net over the spring, ensuring that the spring hook passes through the correct opening.
  • Finally, connect the spring hook to the ceiling securely.

VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring Reviews

Rekha Negi

Rekha Negi | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Rekha Negi approves this product

Soft material & cushioning


Easily assembling

Good cotton material

Attached mosquito net

VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring is made with super comfortable material for the little one. The Mattress and pillow has a soft cushioning which makes it very comfortable for the baby. I like that it has a mosquito net attached along with thus protecting the baby from bugs. It is very convenient to use as the swing can easily be hanged anywhere. This can be used up to 6 months old baby. The white colour of the cradle gives it an attractive look and comfortable too. This swing cradle is easy to assemble and recommended to new parents.

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Bhanupriya | 2 years ago

4.8 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Comfortable VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Spring

I saw this Comfortable VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Spring first time in my neighbour's place. They use this to put their newborn baby to sleep. It looks very much like the old Indian Traditional cradle but comes with a some additional moderns features. The cradle has a soft bedding which is cozy and comfortable for the newborn. The cradle has a mosquito net with it which keeps the baby protected from the mosquitoes and flies. Air can easily pass through the mosquito net. The cradle can be easily fixed at the place of your convenience. The cradle has a spring which helps the cradle swing. It is a good product for the newborns.

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Shruti Raghav

Shruti Raghav | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Shruti Raghav approves this product

gifted the ideal gift to my baby on his monthly birthday!

Racking my brains on what to gift my precious bundle of joy on his first month's birthday was quite difficult. However, when I came across the vparents swing cradle it became such an easy decision. He loves to swing to sleep and that purpose got comfortably solved by investing in this beautiful swing while going easy on the budget. The installation was super easy with just a hook that can be hung anywhere. WhatI totally adored about the cradle was its Indian outlook yet being modern where the features are concerned. I easily wash it every second week to ensure that it is clean for my baby. The additional mosquito net provided with the cradle ensures that the baby has sound sleep and safe from bites. The swing cradle has made my life so much easier as a new parent. All I need is to put the baby in the cradle and swing him. Next, I can easily get back to my household work without any fuss!

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Shivani Soni

Shivani Soni | 2 years ago

4.9 / 5

Shivani Soni approves this product

Love to use it.

Mattress of this cradle is really very soft and comfortable for baby. It is of cotton which is suitable for kids and also easy to wash. And the best thing is that it is a swinging cradle with net which protects baby from mosquitos. We can carry it easily anywhere and easily foldable. I will love to recommend all those mothers whose babies cry a lot at night this will really going help you out in sleepless nights and even when you are alone to take care of the baby.

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Nikhat | 2 years ago

3.6 / 5

Vparents baby swing cradle

Parenting in itself a tough job, when the female of the house has to balance with her professional and personal life. Vparenting baby swing cradle is a such a huge relief, where my baby feels the comfort of my lap. Protection from mosquitoes which helps my baby to sleep even more comfortably and without any fuss or irritation when my baby wakes up.

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Talat Jehan

Talat Jehan | 2 years ago

3.9 / 5

Talat Jehan approves this product

Ok product

Just to give it a try we got this for our little neice... it is light weight and easy to fix... but be very careful when the baby is in it just for safety purpose althought it is strong to hold the baby but just make sure it is fixed properly... the mosquito net does its job like okay! It is an okay type option for new borns if you want to give it a try to such swings... baby loves sleeping in it but sometimes it is a little bit hot for the baby may be because of the material...

VParents Baby Swing Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring-Ok product-By talatjehan
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