Vicks Baby Rub Soothing Ointment

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Vicks Baby Rub Soothing Ointment is a soothing rub for babies that provides relief from cough and cold. If your baby is fussy and irritable because of cold and cough, apply the balm on the neck and chest of the child.

Vicks Baby Rub Soothing Ointment is a soothing rub for babies that provides relief from cough and cold. If your baby is fussy and irritable because of cold and cough, apply the balm on the neck and chest of the child. The rub helps your baby to relax and get rid of congested noses. The product is safe and is a non-medicated formula.


  • Nourishes skin: It contains aloe vera, petrolatum, and rosemary oil, which help nourish the skin.
  • Pleasant aroma: The product contains eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender, which together produce a pleasant aroma.


  • Age: 3+ months
  • Weight: 50g

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dermatologist tested


fragrance free


no skin touch



not suitable for less quantities


stings on application


made of pvc


can be damage on sterlization


markings fade away


It is always advisable to consult a physician before using the soothing ointment. Yet, few mild side effects were noted and differ from baby to baby.

  • Mild skin irritation
  • Seizures (only if ingested more)


Bhumika Sharma approves this product

Only yes

As i always try all the products before trying on my baby's skin. I tried this also.. though it's trusted brand.. but can't trust any1 when it comes to my baby. It smell very good,i use it when my baby has cough n cold.. and it's too calming foe moms in nights specially. It will let your baby sleep peacefully. And it works very well. I'm using this since my baby was 3months old. You could definitely try this. As it's safe for babies.


shruti7189 approves this product

Best during cold nd cough

This Ointment is very good for babies.. This rub soothes babies that provides relief from cough and cold. Whenever by Lo is going through cold ND cough this is one thing which helps us a lot.. As during this phase babies are always crying nd they need proper sleep at night to recover from cold and cough.. I apply this ointment on chest., neck, foot, back.. ND cover Lo with warm blanket. Vapour helped to relax baby at b night nd helps in recovering from cold and cough..this has been made by natural ingredients which gives a pleasant aroma.


Reetu Madaan approves this product

Very mild

I don't believe easily on any baby product but when my baby got sick from cold i used this vicks vapour rub i was completely satisfied because it works magical. I used in night to her chest and neck and the next day she was very well recover. Good thing about that it smell not hard.


Mythili Deenadhayalan approves this product

My baby use

My baby was 7 month old.., I'm using this Vicks baby rub was very gentle no allergies. It's use full for all the baby's for running nose, cold and cough also it's make a babys deep sleep. This smell so Milled. It's one of the best one of all the baby's and mummy's..


Anamika Sharma approves this product

Helpful product

My daughter had got sever cold n nose blockage. The doc had proscribed this medication for my daughter. I used to rub it on her front n back including neck area and this did help sooth her and comfort her. The action might be slow in few cases but it is very helpful.


Puja Sanganeria approves this product

Thank you Vicks

Have been using this since my baby was 5 months old. That is ever since the first time he caught cold...I have been using Vicks for myself and I can swear by it's effectiveness... I wanted a milder version for my son and found it easily in market... It's was such a relief... It seriously ensures sound sleep for your baby when he needs it the most... And u need it all the more...


Sana Salim approves this product

Very soothing

I used this product for my baby when he was suffering from cold and cough. I found it really effective and it was so soothing. This ointment is really nice and allergic free. It is really very safe for babies and give instant releif from cold and cough. It has nice pleasant smell.


trisha_sharma approves this product

v gentle

Very -very soothing effect and gentle on my baby's skin. I was not aware of the Vicks baby rub earlier and would wonder how to get rid of baby cold but its works like magic..vicks is always trust able so do baby rub one....definitely must buy for ur little loved onces.


nisha bohra approves this product

comfort and relax my baby

Vicks babyrub is safe for baby use in fact it is made especially for our little one iam using vicks baby rub since my daughter is 3 months old it has no side effect when i massage my baby it moisturise, soothe and relax my baby to sleep helps me to comfort my baby


Roopali Pagare approves this product

Great ointment for cough and cold for babies.

Vicks has been in our family for generations. Back then there were no special products for babies of kids, we used to use the normal vicks. It used to work great then and now Vicks has got products for babies too. It's every Mom's nightmare to see her baby suffering from cough or cold, the irritability, discomfort in breathing. It breaks a mothers heart.Vicks Baby Rub Soothing Ointment sure is amazing. I've used it on my lil angel whenever even a slight sign of cold would appear. This amazing ointment not only helped her calm down and sleep peacefully, but is also gentle on her delicate skin thanks to the natural ingredients like aloe, rosemary oil and petroluem jelly. It's a great product.


Megha Dhanesh Shah approves this product

Super effective

Super effective and safe to use for your baby as its recommended by my pediatrician. The child is taken care of as when he breathes, the fragrance clears the blocked nose and the baby can sleep peacefully. I've used this product since I delivered my first child in 2007 and now with my lo.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Vicks baby rub

Vicks baby rub is specially made for children as it is safe for kids and have pleasant aroma. It is really very effective during cold and cough. It clears the congestion of nose during cold and cough and provide sound sleep to children. We can apply it over neck, chest and nose as it is totally safe and non allergic.much recommended for kids.


Dharani Rajesh approves this product

Soothing rub for babies

I use Vick’s baby rub for sneezing cold and running nose for my baby... Vick’s is always mild comparing other products... Especially this baby rub is more mild and it’s effective for babies less than a year old... it has a mild fragrance.. I rub it in my babies chest in his sleep at night and he wil be alright by morning and gives him a good night sleep


Jayasree approves this product

Good releif from cold

It contains Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and White Soft Paraffin and has the fragnance of lavender. It has good moisturising effect. It is Mild and good for babies. Provided good relief for my 1yr old who suffered with cold and stuffy nose few weeks back. It causes no rashes or any allergy.


nooriaman approves this product

Vicks for babies

very soothing effect and gentle on my baby's skin. I was not aware of the Vicks baby rub earlier and would wonder how to get rid of baby cold without using strong fragrance and other medications. Thanks to my paediatrician who recommended Vicks babyrub to our rescue. Really It has done wonders !


Nilam Patel approves this product

No Need to see even Reviews just Buy it.

Vicks is household name in India. We don’t purchase any other brand in the cold n this is Fact. Last Winter we used it for 3 months just to make our Kid little warm and cold free. N we are fully satisfied with them. Their baby Rub range are amazing and works properly. They Fragrance too less than our normal Vicks which is very important. We suggest you to buy this rather than any else


Garima Kakkar approves this product

Dermatologist recommended oilment

We do so much care for our baby that they do not feel ill but sometime they will sometimes fever cold cough these are the general disease which easily catch baby so for cold you can apply vicks baby rub on the chest of the baby or just apply on the inner of the baby which helps to clear the nose of baby it is recommended by the dermatologist also fragrance free try to apply on the clothes of the baby not directly on the skin. If is less then 6 months many times i have used the same for my baby as well


ekta1818 approves this product


When my son is down with cough and cold I apply baby rub under his feet, on his chest, nose and forehead. He sleeps well through the night comfortably. It has no burning sensation either. The rub makes the breathing comfortable. I highly recommend this product. I always make sure that I carry it while traveling as well.


Deepashree Devanand approves this product

Baby-safe rub!

I've used this on my little one after the passing of the winter season when he turned 4 months old. It was smooth on the skin and easy to smear onto the child. The delicate fragrance of lavender helps to clear any kind of congestion in the nose. Did not have any allergic reaction on the baby's skin. The size of the container is quite big, would be more travel-friendly if it was a smaller pack!


Nidhi approves this product

Really effective

I used this on my 3 month old kid as she was suffering it from cold due to weather change. It really worked for her in 2 days. Her nose blockage got better and moreover it did not have that much strong smell that can affect the baby. I will recommend this to all the mothers.

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