Ultra Elephant Soft Toy

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This cute and attractive looking toy makes a great choice for the parents to gift to their kids. The toy, with its plush and beautiful looks, makes it a great toy for the babies to play with. Due to the soft and cushioned nature of the toy, the babies would love to hug, cuddle and […]

This cute and attractive looking toy makes a great choice for the parents to gift to their kids. The toy, with its plush and beautiful looks, makes it a great toy for the babies to play with. Due to the soft and cushioned nature of the toy, the babies would love to hug, cuddle and play with it all the time


  • Safety: This toy is made from non-toxic which ensures the safety of the baby
  • Compact: The compact size of the toy enables the baby to cuddle and hug it easily. Also, it is easy to carry around
  • Lovely features: The toy with its innocent looks and attractive ears, eyes and trunk makes it look lovely and cute


  • Age: 18 months to 4 years
  • Weight: 240 grams
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: High-quality conjugate fiber
  • Dimensions: Length 23 cm x Width 17.1 cm x Height 16.5 cm

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soft huggable body


silky, plush fabric




machine washable


detachable cover



easily rippable seams


quality is average


cheap fur


made of polyvinyl chlorate


deformed body



Garima Kakkar approves this product

Elephant soft toy best friend of baby

When it comes to soft toy or any toy the toys are the best friends for babies they use them to play sometimes they used them as a teether also because they are so soft that babies loves to play with them and ultra elephant soft toy is very soft easily washable also but make sure you wash your bAby toys because generally many baby take the toys in mouth my baby also love his elephant and all the day he play and even sleep with him only


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Huggable Elephant toy

My sister gifted this toy to my elder daughter. She loves animals. My daughter had many animals soft toy and this Elephant soft toy is her favorite one. It is made from premium quality fabric and fiber, that is completely safe for my daughter. This Elephant toy looks very innocent and my daughter loves it very much.


Syeda approves this product

Toy review

One of my baby favorite toy which is always with her while playing sleeping eating its soft easy to carry for babies she love pampering the toy with different snacks and it doesn't leave any marks as its easily washable my baby loves the softness and always hugs this product as soon as she sees it


Kirti Hundia approves this product


Don't know about others but this product is my kiddo favourite. We bought this after we took our kiddo to watch movie dumbo and he instantly fall in love with baby elephants. It's so soft, mushy, hugable and a good sleep friend. We can easily wash this in washing machine. If ur looking for a soft toy than this is a must buy .


Vidushi Goyal approves this product

Super Huggable Toy

Its very huggable and has a soft texture. Good size to be played by small children. The soft toy form is good and doesnt look out if shape like some stuff toys do. Color is soothing and fur quality is also good. The fur sometimes comes out but overall a good product


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Soft friend

This soft toy is given to me by my brother's friend at the time of baby naamkaran function. This toys is very soft and furry. My baby is playing alot. This is light weight toy and easily move to any where. My baby loves this toy. This easy to wAsh and clean.


Vatsla Verma approves this product

Ultra Elephant Soft Toy

Ultra Elephant Soft Toy - this cute cute soft toy is my baby's best friend cum soft toy cum pillow. the fabric of this elephant toy is very soft. my baby just loves it. she even sleeps with her toy. it is soft to touch and light weight. my kid can carry it easily.


khyati13naramg approves this product

Attractive and cozy toy

The material of this toy is very nice. My kid loves to play with it. He loves to make this elephant eat and sleep with it. This toy is easily washable. Playing with soft tous gives a cozy and developes a caring attitude in kids. This elephant is light weighted and can be easily carried over while travelling.


Kalyani Lakshmanan approves this product

Elephant soft toy

It is compact for my baby to play. It is so soft and looks lovely so my baby love it. He used to keep this wit him always. He smiles cutely while sees this. I bought this for my baby. It is non toxic so it is safe for my baby


Asiya Nasreen approves this product

Cute soft toy

I bought this cute little soft toy when my baby was 8 months of age .She just loved this silky plush little elephant.She explores all the parts of the elephant.The material is of high quality and my baby carries it everywhere. It helps to improve your baby's mental development. I would recommend this product to others.


Siddiqa Shaikh approves this product

Quality is good

It's a very good gift for all little ones.... it's very soft and easy to hold and play with. Aby can easily hold n play with the same and enjoy too. Its non toxic and no sharpest edges or parts which is dangerous for babies. I would've to recommend this for all the little ones there


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Superb quality

Playing with soft toys gives a separate happiness to my kid and their cousins. ..elephant soft toy had made very special becz they role plays with the toys ... Finishing was very good .. nice fur materials.. No zip fixed at the back... Very soft and not fade easily. ... I could remove dust easily.


priyanka approves this product

cute cute soft toy

very soft and cute elephant toy by ultra. my kids love it and sleep with it. it is huggable and nice. also u can wash it when it gets dirty. overall a thumbs up for this plush toy and my kid's bestie. it is not toxic and doesn't have choking effect.


vanaja mk approves this product

cute soft elephant

I have bought this cute baby elephant for my cute daughter ,she loves animal toys as she watches cartoons ,she pretends these animals are part of her stories and have named each of them.this toy is very soft and washable.it is far more better than any plastic toys for all kids.


Urvi Shah approves this product

Play friend

Ultra elephant is one of my little one friend .. he has also named him appu ... He talks and play with him ... The fabric used Is of high quality as well as it's very soft ... My little one makes all his friends sleep wit him in his craddle ... And even talks to them and plays wit them


Vandana Ajith approves this product

Cuddle little baby elephant

Role plays are plays an important part in a child's life by improving the imagination and mental development. Keeping these in mind I bought this baby elephant calf to our kid and she absolutely adores it. It's a plush huggable funny calf with attractive ears and eyes. Baby loves to keep on touching the nose and mouth of the toy and lots of giggles while doing so. It helps to learn and recognise them about the different pattern of facial parts of elephants. Will recommend it to all.


Poonam Thapa approves this product

Cute Elephant soft toy

My baby like to play with elephant soft toy. Its very cute looking and its like natural ears and trunk. My Baby always hugs and carry to move and play with elephant toy. Toy was made with silky fabric. its was easy to washable. Toy was bade with non toxic material.


Asha Pun approves this product

Cute Elephant Toy

This ultra Elephant soft toy is very adorable. It looks very cute. It is made of non toxic material. The fabric of this toy is heigh quality. It is easy to carry anywhere and washable also. It has large ears,attractive eyes and cute trunk which makes it beautiful. It is very soft and comfortable. It's finishing is very good. My baby loved it.


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Lovable soft toy

Elephant toy is really very cute. I bought it as a birthday gift for my nephew. But I felt like keeping it for myself. It is so huggable. It looks exactly the same as shown in the picture. Kids really love it. It is worth the price and is the best gift you can gift a little one.


Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product

Cuddly Elly!

This cute, little ,cuddly Elephant plush soft toy was gifted to my son by his friend. He just loves to play with it. It's non toxic, safe for kids and made up of soft fabric. It's washable, can be washed in washing machine. The stitches and hems are really fine and not visible.

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