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Toyshine Rocking Chair comes at an affordable price and keeps your baby entertained. Moms can happily place their little one in the rocking chair and can feed them. The chair is made of perfect balance so that the baby will never fall from it. Toyshine Rocking Chair comes in various models. It is useful for kids who have a minimum of 2 years of age.
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soothing features


washable seat pad


adjustable swing speeds


bouncy seat





non reclining


no safety straps




no safety strapsthis basketball set i first saw at my cousins place. it is so sturdy and the parts are all so strong and easy to assemble. you can let the basket stay at a desired height as the height of your child. you can easily place the net anywhere you want it is portable. you can play with it inside the comfort of your house or outside in a park. there’s a pump also in the kit to blow up the ball.


difficult to assemble


Toyshine Rocking Chair Features

  • The rocking chair is made of high-quality plastic and is non-toxic for the little ones.
  • The rocker can be easily cleaned.
  • It is very easy to assemble the rocking chair.
  • The rocking chair is made with perfect balance, so as it prevents the baby from falling down. It is highly secure for the kids.


  • Perfect balance
  • Good locking mechanism
  • Premium quality plastic is used

Toyshine Rocking Chair Assembly / Installation

  • Place the side frames of the Toyshine Rocking Chair facing each other.
  • Connect the frames with the front and rear bars.
  • Attach the backrest and seat using plastic screws provided by the package.
  • Securely tighten all the plastic screws.

Toyshine Rocking Chair Reviews

Riczeena Jose

Riczeena Jose | 10 months ago

4.3 / 5

Riczeena Jose approves this product

The cute Swing on Chair


The chair looks great and shinning in color, light in weight. But it doesn't appear so unbending sufficient to carry more weight. Moreover the security bar is as well tall and subsequently it is unsafe to utilize for little kids as well. In spite of the fact that It is exceptionally basic and open. The fabric utilized to create the chair is exceptionally great and smooth. My girl keeps shaking the chair. The back-rest is adequate for their age. The security bar within the front is solid and keeps my child secure amid quick rocks. It is light-weight so we move it each where around the house.

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Insiya Hussain

Insiya Hussain | 4 hours ago

4.8 / 5

Insiya Hussain approves this product

A Colourful rocking chair


We bought this rocking chair from Toyshine for my toddler .The chair is made of durable quality plastic and has a nice rocking soothing motions which the kids will enjoy.My daughter loves to read story books on her rocking chair she also loves the rings that are there on the front handle.It has been designed in such a way that the child can be seated comfortably in it with backrest and can grip the font bar while rocking . A very nice reasonably priced product.

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Saranya Dhilipan Raj

Saranya Dhilipan Raj | 11 months ago

4.3 / 5

Saranya Dhilipan Raj approves this product

Rocking chair


Toyshine rocking chair is good rocking chair.Toyshine rocking chair is having safety bar that is the speciality of this rocking chair.Toyshine rocking chair is madeup of good plastic and its easy to wash and cleaning.Everyone can assemble the toyshine rocking chair its very easy.Toyshine rocking chair is light in weight so we can carry easily

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Shreya S

Shreya S | 11 months ago

4.3 / 5

Shreya S approves this product

Cute little piece of furniture


I got this when my little girl was able to sit by herself and support her back. The chair has a bright yellow color and is made of plastic - no cushioning on the base but it is fine for a few minutes to a half-hour. It was really helpful in soothing when my girl got all cranky and would cry. The handle in the front would help her practice grip and the footrest too is comfortable. Just that she outgrew it too fast.

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Kashmi  Shah

Kashmi Shah | 12 months ago

4 / 5

Kashmi Shah approves this product

Toyshine Rocking Chair


This is very good product for small children to sit into. It is very attractive and comfortable. Material is very good and finishing is accurate such that your child can enjoy the feel and rock the chair. In this chair, baby feel safe and enjoy this very much for few years.

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sowjanya | 9 months ago

4 / 5

sowjanya approves this product

Fun rocker


Washable seat pad

Soothing features

I remember that when I was a kid I had a rocking chair similar to this one. So when I saw this chair by Toyshine, I just purchased. The material used to make the chair is very good and smooth. My daughter keeps rocking the chair. The back-rest is sufficient for their age. The safety bar in the front is strong and keeps my baby safe during fast rocks. It is light-weight so we move it every where around the house. The shape and color are also pleasing.

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Nidhi Mehta

Nidhi Mehta | 11 months ago

4 / 5

Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Relax in rocking chair


Bouncy seat

Toyshine rocking chair is a very cute product.. it is made of a durable plastic and helps the baby to relax .. my neice used to love sitting on it and playing with it .. it is completely safe and babies to balance properly.. it is lightweight and can be carried easily..

Toyshine Rocking Chair-Relax in rocking chair-By nidsrids
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Shafiqua Tahseen

Shafiqua Tahseen | 12 months ago

4.9 / 5

Shafiqua Tahseen approves this product

Nice and sturdy


My friend brought this lovely rocking chair for my daughter, it has got a nice and sturdy design that you will love. My daughter loves to sit on it and have fun , it is smooth and has an excellent finish so that your kid can enjoy with safety. As it is lightweight, you can easily carry it from one place to another without any difficulty. The back support is also nice, so that your kid have have longer duration of uninterrupted fun.

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Devika Sujith

Devika Sujith | 12 months ago

4.2 / 5

Swing on the chair


My husband bought this Toyshine Rocking Chair for his neice who is 7 years old. The chair looks good and bright in color, light in weight. But it doesn't seem so rigid enough to carry more weight. Also the safety bar is too high and hence it is risky to use for small kids as well. Although It is very simple and spacious.

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