Sunbaby Soft Ocean Potty Seat

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This toilet seat comes with an extended cushion seat, which makes the baby comfortable to use. This toilet seat can be placed on any adult western-style toilets. The toilet seat is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to carry it around Features Padded: The toilet seat is softly padded which keeps the baby comfortable […]

This toilet seat comes with an extended cushion seat, which makes the baby comfortable to use. This toilet seat can be placed on any adult western-style toilets. The toilet seat is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to carry it around


Padded: The toilet seat is softly padded which keeps the baby comfortable
Safe: The toilet seat does not contain any rough edges that may hurt the baby
Water-resistant: The toilet seat is water-resistant
Washable: The toilet seat can be washed after the baby’s toilet usage
Easy fit: The toilet seat fits on most of the adult western toilet seats


Dimensions: Length 29 x Width 28 x Height 6cm
Age: 6 months to 2 years
Color: Blue

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universal design


non-skid edges


fits all toilets




detachable potty ring



slips easily


unsteady ladder


no splash guard


short pee guard


small size



Sunita Rani approves this product

Very good printing

Sunbaby Soft Ocean Potty Seat Is very good quality potty seat frame. It is very helpful in baby’s transition from baby potty seat to adult potty seat. It has a very good printing over it that is the thing that has attracted my kid to sit over it otherwise he never does it. I highly recommend this product.


Siri S approves this product

Ocean theme potty seat

My daughter is really cranky to do potty every day. I used to get worried about this every time. Then I got this ocean print sunbaby soft potty seat, to make my baby comfortable while doing potty. I liked the quality, being super soft and universal design to fit in all the toilets without a problem.


Bhanupriya approves this product

Sunbaby Potty Seat

My neighbor bought the sunbaby potty seat to start training for her daughter. The potty seat cushion is very soft and is very much attractive because of the colorful print on it. But one negative point with the sunbaby potty seat is it is without handle so we need to make our baby sit on the potty seat under our supervision otherwise they may fall. The sunbaby potty seat is very easy to acrry wherever you travel and can be easily cleaned for maintaining hygiene.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Ocean potty seat

This sunbaby potty seat is lightweight and easy to carry. It is padded and so soft and comfortable to sit. It had no sharp edges and is highly durable. It easily fits on many of the toilet seats. It is water resistant and can be washed easily after every use. Its design and print attract children.


D J approves this product

Very useful potty seat for baby

It is very helpful while we are giving potty training to the baby.. It has soft cushioed cover so that baby feel comfortable while sitting on it.. It fits well on the potty seat and made according to the size of baby.. It has no handle.. Easy to carry while going out


Umadevi G approves this product

Soft Ocean Potty Seat is not bad

This Sunbaby brand launched this and it is very soft material so baby surely love to sit on this. but there are no handles so little difficult for baby. it is easy to clean and easy to carry anywhere outside also. it comes with extra colors and prints so think once before buying.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

A good comfortable cushioned seat

We bought this Sunbaby seat for our niece and it was of great help in training her.The quality of the seat is very good and it fits on top of the regular toilet seats. It's cushioned seat is comfortable for the child to sit on. It can be removed and cleaned easily. The colorful ocean design is what attracts the child the most. A worthy product.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Comfortable potty seat

It’s been few days since I have started using the potty seat for my baby and I am quite impressed. I ordered it because it is cushioned for safety reasons and because the colors are very attractive. With this seat, it was easy to potty train my kid and now she has started using it every day. I don’t have to worry about my kid falling from it as it fits properly. On the whole, it is a great product for potty training.


Great Product

Sunbaby Soft Ocean Potty Seat is such a cute looking print that my son doesn’t even need to be told to use it. He infact reminds me of it incase I just make him sit on the adult seat. What I like about this seat is that it is super simple to clean it. I use the normal toilet shower or wet wipes. It is anti-slip, therefore my son sits firmly on it without me having to worry about him falling off.


Sonali Polekar approves this product

Attractive And soft potty seat

My 2 year son loves to sit on this Sunbaby soft potty seat. Cushion used in this is very soft. Colour of potty seat attracts kids and it is very comfortable so they love to sit on it. Cleaning of this potty seat is also very easy. I surely recommend mothers to buy this product.


Best potty seat in the market!

I gifted this Sunbaby Soft Ocean Potty Seat to my sister who’s been struggling with the mess her baby is creating in the toilet for some time now. This toilet seat works fine for round and oval toilets and it is so easy to clean unlike other toilet seats out there in the market which are not that durable. I already used this product so I decided give a review as well. While using this potty seat, though my little one moved around a lot, this seat sticks to the top of the regular toilet and did the job perfectly. It’s easy to carry around and easy to wash away. Steal deal !


Asfia Fatima approves this product

Loved the colour

I have seen my friend using this Sunbaby Soft Ocean Potty Seat for her son who is 18 months old.It is really comfortable for him and the print and the colour on it is very attractive.Easy to clean and can be used for babies uptill 3 years.Fits all the toilet seats,edges are smooth and curved.Can be used even in public toilets.My friend loved this.only thing is it doesnt comes with handles and is slippery.So child cant be left unattended.Otherwise nice product with this pricing.


Deepika Telang Telang approves this product

love the color and print

The idea of a printed and colorful potty seat is great because kids are always tempted towards such vibrant stuff. I wanted to potty train my 9 months old daughter and I ordered this cute and soft potty training seat for her. She has been using it since many days now and I am pleased with the results. It’s puffy and thus offers a cushiony seat. It sets well on our elongated toilet and doesn’t slip too much. For the babies who haven’t yet learned to aim, this is a great seat with a big and broad centre hole. Great product!


Rekha Negi approves this product

A must needed product

Sunbaby Soft Ocean Potty Seat comes in different colours and designs. It is a good option when the child is potty trained. the size of the seat fits so well and provides complete safety. It comes in handle on both sides and has a cusion cover which is very comfortable. A recommended product.

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