Sunbaby Potty Seat

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This toilet seat comes in a wide range of colors. The toilet seat should be placed on an adult toilet to use it. The light-weight of this toilet seat makes it easy to carry it on the go. This toilet seat would be an apt choice for the parents to toilet train their babies. Features […]

This toilet seat comes in a wide range of colors. The toilet seat should be placed on an adult toilet to use it. The light-weight of this toilet seat makes it easy to carry it on the go. This toilet seat would be an apt choice for the parents to toilet train their babies.


  • Washable: The toilet seat is washable, and so it can be kept clean after the usage
  • Smooth Edges: The soft edges of this toilet seat keeps the baby’s skin away from scatches
  • Back-rest: The high backrest provides the baby with a comfortable position when using the toilet seat
  • Anti-spill: The toilet design does not allow the urine to spill over the toilet
  • Easy fit: The toilet seat is compatible with most of the western toilets and fits nicely on adult toilet seats


  • Colors: Green, Blue, Pink, Red, White
  • Dimensions: Length 36 x Width 31 x Height 10.9cm
  • Weight: 458gms
  • Age: 6 months to 2 years
  • Material: Plastic

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fits all toilets




detachable potty ring


non-skid edges


universal design



small size


slips easily


unsteady ladder


short pee guard


no splash guard



Swati approves this product

Potty seat

This toilet seat is made of good quality plastic that is strong and durable. It is also very easy to clean. Very portable as well. The seats have handles on the side for better holding when the child is on the toilet. The seat itself is very wide and easily fits all types of toilets. There is urine splash guard as well. The back side is raised for more comfortable seating. It comes in multiple colours so you can choose the one that your child likes.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Sunbaby potty seat with back support

This toilet seat is available in various colors and easily fits on most of the toilet seat. It had back support for comfort of child and had smooth edges. Made of good quality plastic and is durable. It is light weight and easy to carry along. It can be washed after every use.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

Best baby potty

It is best potty seat for my baby. it is designed so well that it can be fitted into my regular commode. it is light weight potty seat that it would be very easy to carry it anywhere from my home to my mom's home. baby can be potty trained easily using this potty. best potty seat for my baby


Shruti Raghav approves this product

Good looking and removable potty seat for my 8 months old kid!

I recently bought a potty seat for him. It is very convenient to use it and one can easily move it from one toilet to another. My baby always loves to go with this seat only. Even, it is a learning part for new kids when they find a comfort zone. It is very easy to clean it with water and even productive enough to use it for 6 months and more. Some of the ladies of my society have also bought the same seat after my recommendation.


Red potty seat

I had seen this potty seat in one of my friends house. It is made of good quality plastic. The colour red is very attractive. The edges of the seat are rounded making it easy for the baby to sit and have a firm grip while sitting on it. It is designed such way that the seat can be easily washed. The edges of the seat are non-skid. You can easily carry the potty seat wherever you want to as it is light in weight.


Bhanupriya approves this product

Good Potty Seat

Training our growing kids for going potty is very important. My neighbor bought the sunbaby potty seat for her son. The potty seat comes with attractive colors. The design of the sunbaby potty seat is very good and is very comfortable. Her son is very much comfortable while sitting on it. The edge of the potty seat is very smooth and fits easily. The quality of the sunbaby potty seat is very good and is also very easy to clean to maintain hygiene.


sonali approves this product

simple yet durable potty seat

Choosing a perfect potty seat and convincing the child to use it can be a tough task. But I feel instead of going for a fancy product using a simple one is better. As the transition from potty trainer to WC becomes easy. My friend also believes in this idea and bought this simple one and yes, her daughter is using this comfortably. The plastic quality is good and can fit into any WC. It is light and can be taken with you for the holidays.


Umadevi G approves this product

best potty seat

Sunbaby potty seat is best suited for all standard toilets. it is easy to carry outside and it is easy to clean also. Babies love this to sit on this and they can also play with comes in attractive colors and designs. it also costs very less and it makes parents job easy.


Shreya S approves this product

small and comfortable, portable too

this is not the potty seat i would buy to keep in my toilet or in my baby's room, but i would certainly keep it in the car. The small potty seat has a minimalist design - comfortable for the baby to sit on and the bowl can be removed fro easy cleaning. That is all i look for in a portable seat - it can be wrapped up in a news paper and carried when you are going by train too, but ensure you clean it thoroughly for hygiene.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Comfortable one

Potty training is the most important part when kids start growing up. This is one brand of potty seat definitely recommended.. It's very comfortable, edges are smooth, fits easily, very easy to clean. My son found it very comfortable and that's more important for a mother to find the comfort for his son. It's very good in quality, with nice and attractive colors.


Talat Jehan approves this product

Good Seat

Initially when you start with potty training your little one its very difficult firstly to convince your baby and secondly to have a comfortable potty seat. I have had used other potty seats too which my refuses to use, I saw this product online and thought of giving it a try. This seat is good to use and does not slip. It's still taking time for him to use it but slowly getting use to it. I got a good quality of this product. Overall it is a good product.


Siri S approves this product

easy to potty train

best potty easy that fits into any size toilet seat. my baby is happy to do potty on this seat comfortably. she loves to use this. very easy to clean and maintain. a simple plastic seat at reasonable pricing. I would recommend mommies to get this for their babies. Thanks to sunbaby for an amazing product.


sowjanyas approves this product

A perfect little potty seat

I would suggest this product for parents who want to potty train their kids. It has kid-friendly design. The edges are smooth and doesn’t cause pain to kids during the process. It is easy clean because of its smooth finish. It can be clamped with any adult toilet and removed as pleased. My daughter is very comfortable on it. It is also reasonable in price. I've been using for a month and haven't found anything to complaint about. Though it says it can be used until the baby is 2 years, my baby is two and a half and still sits comfortably. Very much satisfied.


Deepali approves this product

Comfortable with a backrest

Very economically priced product and easy to use. We can easily place the seats because my little one likes being adventurous and goes to different different bathroom in the house as per his wish :P. The plastic is of good quality no issue with that and the seat is very sturdy which is very important because my little ones gets very restless on these. The potty seats sits perfectly on the western toilets. Comes in different colors selected bright green because my little one is obsessed with green color. :)


Devika Sujith approves this product

Worry free Baby potty

Recently started using the potty seat for my 2yrs old nephew who was using the potty chair till now. This potty seat is perfect for training toddlers. It fits perfectly to any regular toilet seat to make the opening smaller. This helps kids to get comfortable and prevents the fear of falling in.


Shafiqua Tahseen approves this product

Nice and sturdy

I brought this bright colour potty seat for my niece when she first started her potty training. It can be easily attached to any toilet seat so that your baby can start their potty training in no time. As we know how important potty training is for a kid, this potty seat can be easily cleaned by just wiping down, which is really incredible. It has a comfortable design so that your baby can sit on it with comfort. A nice and cute potty seat for your cute baby.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Good quality

We bought this for our niece who is just 10 months old .Sunbaby Potty Seat is easy to clean.Made of good quality material and highly durable.The high back rest provides support and perfect posture for the little one while pooping.The design and the colour is attractive.Its portable and easy to carry while travelling.Though it fits the toilet seat it slips at times so care must be taken while seating the baby.Also its little bit small in size when compared to other toilet seats.

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