Slackjack Single Layer Hammock

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Slackjack Single Layer Hammock is very simple to assemble, and it gives your baby a different experience. It is made of printed cotton and is a cool choice to pick when you go for an outdoor tour. It keeps your little one cozy and content. It is suitable for the kids who are in between 3 to 10 years. It looks interesting and teaches your baby to be safe and secure. The carrying capacity of this hammock is up to 50 kg.


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washable seat pad


soothing features


adjustable swing speeds


bouncy seat



no safety straps


difficult to assemble


non reclining




no ac adapter


Slackjack Single Layer Hammock Features

  • Light in weight, and it can be hung wherever you want.
  • It is made of good fabric to ensure high safety.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.

Slackjack Single Layer Hammock Specifications

  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Product measurements: 208. 28 x 139.7 x 2.54 cm

How to use Slackjack Single Layer Hammock

  • Unwrap the hammock.
  • Insert ‘s’-hooks into the metal rings located on either side of the hammock.
  • Hang the hammock with the support of hooks.

Slackjack Single Layer Hammock Reviews

Vatsla Verma

Vatsla Verma | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Vatsla Verma approves this product

Slackjack Single Layer Hammock

Cool choice for my super cool baby. I brought Slackjack Single Layer Hammock when we were going for a vacation to Goa. My baby had lot of fun and sun bath on goan beaches lying in this hammock. The cloth material is very strong and durable. It is easy to hang anywhere. I also take this hammock to his grandmother's place where there are lots of trees in garden and perfect to hang hammock.

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Sunita Rani

Sunita Rani | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Sunita Rani approves this product

Good picnic option

Slackjack Single Layer Hammock Is very good option for picnic. I have bought it for my two years old kid. She loves to have such things in her life. The quality of product is superb and will surely work for longer. The size is also fine. I highly recommend this product as per my personal experience.

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Siri S

Siri S | 2 years ago

4.7 / 5

Siri S approves this product

funtime for kids


Washable seat pad

Soothing features


Loved this single layer hammock. We tied this with the help of hooks at the out sheltered terrace. me, my husband and kids love to swing on this during evenings and early winter mornings. even I enjoy my cup of tea or coffee sitting on this. liked the quality and colour combination

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Saraswathi Subbu

Saraswathi Subbu | 3 years ago

4.5 / 5

Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Good swing

This swing is made up of good material and this the best in market and I personally love this material. It is easily washable very compact and we can take this where ever we go . Good outdoor partner kids love to play with this. Good buy cost worthy deal go for it

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Nupur Gupta

Nupur Gupta | 3 years ago

4.8 / 5

Nupur Gupta approves this product

Single layer hammock

Thia hammock from slackjack is very simple yet classy. In our childhood we make this hammock with cloth for us. It is easy to install and made of good quality cotton fabric and is very strong and durable. it is printed from both side and looks cool. It is easily washable.

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Riczeena Jose

Riczeena Jose | 3 years ago

4.4 / 5

Riczeena Jose approves this product

my son likes brushing now

what an amazing product from mamaearth to give a toothpaste that is making my son really like to brush his teeth now. the natural ingredients in this toothpaste are very nice. I want to try more products from mamaearth to make my baby happy and keep him safe from any harsh contents of other grooming products of other brands

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Insiya Hussain

Insiya Hussain | 3 years ago

4.3 / 5

Insiya Hussain approves this product

Portable and comfortable

We had gifted this to a friends son who is 8years old. This children's hammock is made of good quality durable fabric that can be tied at two ends and gives a wonderful swinging experience. With a carrying capacity of 50kgs it can be used by older kids too. There is an ultimate joy in resting on this hammock, kids can read books during their leisure time and also rest and relax on the hammock. A lovely gifting option.

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Kashmi  Shah

Kashmi Shah | 3 years ago

4.8 / 5

Kashmi Shah approves this product

portable hammock

It is very light, it is portable. it can be hang anywhere with very small space. my baby loves it. it is made up of cloth material, and stripes of attractive color makes it more attractive. it is for toddlers of age 3 plus as there is chance of falling down for small babies.

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Devika Sujith

Devika Sujith | 3 years ago

0.2 / 5

Devika Sujith approves this product

Picnic time

Saw this Slackjack Single Layer Hammock with one of my friends when we last went on a picnic with them. It is used by thier 7yrs old son and he really enjoys the swinging. Our is easy to setup. Made of light weight and durable material and is really safe for kids. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It look lovely and bright.

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Shreya Agarwal

Shreya Agarwal | 2 years ago

4.8 / 5

Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Single layer Hammock swing

I brought this Slackjack Single Layer Hammock for my friend. I loved the great color combination this product has. It is very easy to carry around and It is easy to assemble too, the fabric quality of this product is also very good.  It can be hang at any place can adjust in small area also. It is very light to hold and got a beautiful strips on the cotton fabric cloth.

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Shirisha Rani Vemula

Shirisha Rani Vemula | 3 years ago

4.4 / 5

Shirisha Rani Vemula approves this product

playful hammock



its a beautiful hammock for babies to relax it makes the baby to stay for longtime can be taken out with us and easy to assemble the surface was of cotton cloth were baby can feel comfortable it can be folded and stored requires less space it is of very light weight i bought it for my child as no safety straps were given so better to use it when the child is awake totally its a good one with fine quality can be washed also

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Bhanupriya | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Must Buy Hammock

We went to picnic with our friends there I saw one of my friend bought the slackjack single layer hammock for her son. I just liked the hammock very much. The single layer hammock is very light weighted and easy to carry along with us when we go out. The slackjack single layer hammock is very easy to fold and store. The quality of the hammock is very good and long-lasting. My baby also got attracted towards the hammock. Now I have to get the slackjack single layer hammock for my baby also.

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Shivani Soni

Shivani Soni | 3 years ago

4.9 / 5

Shivani Soni approves this product

Good product

I got this Slackjack Hammock for my sister in law's son. As he is fond of new stuff a lot. When I gave him this hammock he just got excited. He took this hammock to our farmhouse there he has applied it between two trees and just love to relax over it. He told me thanks mami it gives feeling like movie. Quality of this hammock is really good. Colour is bright and attractive. Even my sis in law liked it a lot. But it is for kids above 5 yrs keeping safety in mind.

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Ayesha Jawad

Ayesha Jawad | 2 years ago

4.3 / 5

Ayesha Jawad approves this product


My brother who stays away with his family ,had gifted this hammock to 4 years old kid on his birthday. Its printed material with carrying capacity, light weight , safety measures are fabulous . it cab be hang at any place can adjust in small area also. It is very light to hold and got a beautiful strips on the cotton fabric cloth .children’s gets bundle of joy using different play initiative things indoor , outdoor.

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Neha Agarwal

Neha Agarwal | 2 years ago

3.8 / 5

Neha Agarwal approves this product

Dual colur stripe cloth hammock

As a kid, whenever saw some shows that had a hammock, i always wanted one. While browsing when i saw this, I had indulge myself and get the hammock for my kids. The hammock is striped with yellow and dark pink color. the material looks sturdy. I cant wait to put it. My kids are already super excited. I m sure I will be wintessing fights for the time on hammock

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