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Sebamed Baby Shampoo is perfectly suited for your child’s delicate scalp. This one has a pH value of 5.5 and is made from a sugar-based cleanser. Suited for the fine hair of babies, this product can be used through adolescence.

Sebamed Baby Shampoo is perfectly suited for your child’s delicate scalp. This one has a pH value of 5.5 and is made from a sugar-based cleanser. Suited for the fine hair of babies, this product can be used through adolescence. The alkali-free formula gently cleanses without causing dryness or irritation. It contains herbal extracts of fennel, melissa, mistletoe, camomile, and yarrow. These ingredients help to alleviate irritation and soothe the skin. It leaves behind a mild fragrance and leaves the hair silky and easy to comb. The product is free of colorants, nitro-mochus compounds, and dioxin. Take 1–2ml of the shampoo and massage on scalp.


  • pH value of 5.5
  • Free of colorants
  • Soap-free


  • Age: 0+ months
  • Weight: 500ml

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gentle on hair


no-tear formula


mild fragrance


ph balanced formula


no parabens preservative-free





chemical-based formula


strong fragrance


causes irritation


leaves hair dry



Mizbha Ameena approves this product

Good shampoo!

I have been using Sebamed shampoo for a few months now and suits my little one's skin well while cleansing his hair without any irritation to his skin or his eyes, I've never seen him or his eyes irritated while using the shampoo and thus he enjoys bath time, the only thing is it is on the expensive side.


The lovely gift range from Baby Sebamed

Baby Sebamed Children Shampoo is 100% natural and safe for baby's delicate hair care. It is recommended even to use for new borns and is well suited for sensitive and irritated skin types. It leaves the baby hair shiny and smooth post wash. This shampoo is completely free from any harmful chemicals and thus, it is an ideal choice for my baby for everyday use.


A sebamed bath

When i chose among shampoos i choose sebamed not only shampoo all the other products of sebamed and baby safe. When our baby was born i went for sebamed products for my baby. My decision was right. It is chemical free and very gentle and soft on babies scalp. It protects babies hair. It's ph level is 5.5 so that there is no dryness and itchiness cause for babies. It has a mild smell which is good for babies.


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Mild baby shampoo

Sebamed shampoo is gentle to use daily shampoo for babies. It cleanses the hair and helps in cleaning clogged pores and helps in growth of new hair. It's alkaline free formula with natural extracts has sugar based formula. Hence there is no fear of allergies. The no tears doesn't cause any irritation and it is all in one product.


Baby shampoo

I loved it , & believe me sebamed baby shampoo was used by me for my little dude. Was very much tensed which shampoo to prefer & which best suits on them. But sebamed shampoo really worked it, I was amazed by its results after washed it can be easily comb . Has a mild fragrance, & the alkali free formula helps to deep cleanses from roots & does not cause irritation or dryness in eyes. This can be used from newborn to grown up kids. Free of chemicals. Thanx to mom junction for being a part of my parenthood.


Best baby shampoo

Sebamed is the most trusted brand by many mothers regarding baby needs. Taking my sister's recommendation I started using this sebamed shampoo for my little one. Its really soft and mild on delicate baby skin and hair. happy with the amazing results after using the shampoo. No added parabens and preservatives.


Pooja Agraharkar approves this product

Chemical free shampoo

My nephew has high volume of hairs on his head and it becomes difficult for my sister in law to clean them every time as he was getting irritated. Later my family doctor suggested us this sebamed baby shampoo. Now he enjoys while taking a head bath. It is chemical free. It has herbal extracts of fennel, melissa, mistletoe, camomile, and yarrow which helps to reduce irritation and smooths the skin. Though he has become infant now but still we are using Same shampoo for him. A good buy for mild fragrance and chemical free shampoo lovers.


Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product

Mild Hair Cleanser

I received this shampoo after I delivered my baby girl at hospital, it was a gift pack given by hospital. I swear from packaging to the product ingredients the quality is superb. This shampoo is really mild, have used it for my baby girl. This shampoo contains natural ingredients. This shampoo has just 5.5 ph value , which is there USP and makes them stand apart from other brands.


Asma Tabassum approves this product

Super shampoo for infants

I was really worried about which shampoo to use for my little one and I went to doctor and he prescribed me to use this Sebamed Baby Shampoo which is perfect for my baby. It has a pH value of 5.5 and is made from a sugar-based cleanser. Must try for your little one.


Vinaya Naik approves this product

Very good product

Very satisfied with the shampoo . Now I can apply shampoo on kids without thinking more . Because this product is very comfortable. I mean no tear or strong ingredients . Also it has balanced ph formula . And feeling so free from using soaps . Soaps used to hurt my babies eyes . Now I'm happy


veera_duvey approves this product

Really good and safe

Sebamed children's shampoo is best for our child.I have been using these product since my daughter's been a baby.I love it honestly , very good consistency ,soft and safe.It is mild and tear free.Gentle shampoo made from sugar based cleanser.The pH value of 5.5 is the natural pH value of the skin. Highly recommended .


Kanika Bansal approves this product

Shampoo for the most delicate skin

I have been using this on my daughter pediatrician's recommendation for her cradle cap problem. She had the most delicate scalp at that time. When nothing else worked this shampoo came to rescue since then I don't want to switch to another product because of the quality. A bit pricey so 4.5 rating.


sheebanancy90 approves this product

Really good for skin

It's too good. I've been using. For my 2 month old daughter. It's mild and tear free. Ph balanced is one good thing that retains moisture of the skin and thus eliminates dryness of the skin. I use it every alternative day and so far the baby soft skin retained as it is


Devika Tripathi approves this product

Awesome product for baby, skin friendly for newborns too. I am using baby lotion, baby wash and protective facial cream and I am totally satisfied with these products. Love this brand

The awesome baby care brand I have ever came across. Would definitely recommend this brand to all my family and friends. I have been using these products from more than 6 moths and totally satisfied with each product. This brand seems like a boon for us. Thankyou sebamed for making such baby care range for which we can blindly trust for our little one without any guilt or worries. Thankyou Sebamed


kiranwankhade approves this product

Very nice product for babies less than 6 month

I am using this shampoo for my son when he was 4 months old and this is the product which shows what it says it's a mild formula shampoo for babies this is my 2nd bottle. Small quantity is required for good lather and it lasts so long I am in love with this product.


Jayasree approves this product

Worthy and Safe

I'm using Sebamed Baby (Children) Shampoo from the time my little one is born. It is really good and safe for even new borns. It has very soothing and mild smell, causes zero irritation to baby eyes. Very small quantity of shampoo is only required for each bath and can be even used on daily. Eventhough a bit costly compared to other brands, it is worth buying.


Latisha Kaushik approves this product

Safe and secure product

I love sebamed products. I m using this sebamed shampoo from birth itself. It's totally safe as this is so light for delicate skin of our babies. It's pH balance is 5.5. No added colors. Totally Organic for our babies. I can for sure recommend this brand to my circle without thinking twice.


tejaravva approves this product

Good product

I used this from the day 1 for my baby girl. It is mild and tear free. I love using this as it maintain perfect ph value for baby skin and very good for delicate skin. I suggest to use this. No issues until now as sebamed maintain same quality from starting


Vandana N Moorthy approves this product

Sugar based shampoo

Gentle shampoo made from sugar based cleanser,Completely alkali free . Cleanses scalp as well as hair,tear free formula .Doesnt make hair/scalp dry,having ph balanced formula.Totally paraben free and nice shampoo for both kids and babies. I felt it is Safe to use to my baby from day 1. Contains herbal extracts of chamomile. Controls craddle cap and conditions hair.


anushree shirke approves this product

Nice and mild product for sensitive baby skin.

I started using Sebamed after my son suffered from rashes. He was one month old and those rashes use to irritate him while bathing. My son's pediatrician suggested and I started using it. I am happy with this product since then. The Sebamed Children's Shampoo is gentle with mild fragrance. Cleanses deeply without flaky scalp. It's a must try if you're seeking for baby's hair maintenance.

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