Safe-O-Kid Portable Foldable Potty Seat Best Hygienic Sanitary Toilet Solution for Kids

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This toilet seat makes it an apt choice for the baby for toilet training. The toilet seat can be folded and carried in a bag, which is part of the package. This toilet seat comes with anti-skid pads, which makes it sit stable on the toilets. This toilet seat can be used on most of […]

This toilet seat makes it an apt choice for the baby for toilet training. The toilet seat can be folded and carried in a bag, which is part of the package. This toilet seat comes with anti-skid pads, which makes it sit stable on the toilets. This toilet seat can be used on most of the western-toilets including on airplane toilets


Light-Weight: The light-weight of this toilet seat makes it easy to carry around
Foldable: The toilet seat is foldable and can be packed in a luggage bag during travel
Quality: The toilet comes with high-quality plastic material and is of great quality
Plug and play: The toilet can be placed on any of the western-style toilets, and the size of the toilet seat makes it a perfect fit on all the adult toilets
Washable: The material of the toilet seat makes it washable


  • Age: 1 year – 4 years
  • Dimensions: Length 32.5 x Width 34.9 x Height 3cm
  • Colors: Blue, Pink
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 299gms

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fits all toilets


universal design




non-skid edges


detachable potty ring



short pee guard


no splash guard


slips easily


unsteady ladder


small size



sonali approves this product

Foldable potty trainer

It is a wonderful potty seat that I have ever come across. It becomes very difficult for a kid to use a toilet in a restaurant or in an airplane. But the makers of this product have totally taken the headache off. It can be folded and carried where ever we go. It can be cleaned easily and fits almost all the toilet including the airplane one. I came across this product in my friend’s house and have decided to buy one for my daughter as well.


Siri S approves this product

Unique folding option

Unique potty seat ever with folding option. This makes it easy to carry anywhere in our diaper bag. I feel happy as I can offer hygiene potty seat to by baby even when we are using public toilets. And a sits portable I carry it even to my family or friends house, to make her potty comfortable.


Swati approves this product

Foldable Toilet seat

Foldable toilet seat is truly fold able. The design is very nice and smart. The toilet seat fits on every type of toilet, making it very easy to use. The material is made of good and durable plastic and is very easy to clean as well. The seat can be easily folded and carried anywhere, that means, your child can use the toilet anywhere even when you are travelling. It also comes in different colours and design.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Foldable potty seat

This toilet seat from safe o kids is best. It xan folded, takes less space and can be easily taken along. It is made if high quality material and is safe for children. It fixes on adult toilet seat easily. It hd anti skid pads which make baby comfortable and it is washable too.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

Best potty seat

It is best for my baby potty training. it has detachable potty ring, so it is easy for me to clean it. it comes with non skid edges. it is best designed. it can be fitted in to any regular adult toilet. it will be easy for y baby to transfer from baby potty to toilet seat using this potty seat.


Umadevi G approves this product

Foldable Potty Seat cover best one

I bought this beautiful color potty seat cover for my sisters daughter as they have common bathroom for all. so whenever baby wants, this potty seat cover is placed on and used. it is easy to carry anywhere and clean with wipe which is very easy. best is it is foldable so takes less place. it costs less and solves many problems.


Prathibha Ajeesh approves this product

Potty trainer

Potty training is a huge hurdle and once they are it's hard getting them to use a normal toilet. There is tantrums to use it. But this potty seat is quite helpful and helped in the transition. It's smooth and has no sharp edges. Baby can easily hold on to the sides for a grip and prevent from falling.


Worth a purchase for any kid

Whenever we go outside for travel, it becomes difficult for my kid to do potty. I am worried about hygiene and safety. My husband then found this really interesting potty seat for kits. It can be folded and is travel friendly. The quality is really good and now there is no stress of my kid troubling me with potty when we are outside. It also comes with a pouch.. Means you can fold it and pack it in the bag.


Shreya S approves this product

Best portable potty seat

I travel a lot with my baby girl because of my job and handling bathroom situation always worry me, until I got this portable potty seat. Very easy to hold and take this potty seat along. It fits perfectly in my large tote bag with other essentials for the baby. Any public toilet now my baby girl is comfortable to use. And the material is very good and pretty easy to clean as well on the go. Strongly recommend to traveling moms to get this portable potty seat, total survivor!


sowjanyas approves this product

Travel Friendly

My cousin recommended this to me. My daughter was scared of regular toilets. So i had to get her a potty seat. She's comfortable on it. As it's light in weight, and foldable, I carry it when we go on long trips. Price and quality are also good. I find it easy to clean because of the smoothness in the material. The size is also suitable. Kid-friendly design. The plastic is of fine quality and durable. The seat is soft. It fits on adult toilets perfectly. Great purchase.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Nice and comfy

I brought this bright colour potty seat for my niece when she first started her potty training. It can be easily attached to any toilet seat so that your baby can start their potty training in no time. As we know how important potty training is for a kid, this potty seat can be easily cleaned by just wiping down, which is really incredible. It has a comfortable design so that your baby can sit on it with comfort. A nice and cute potty seat for your cute baby.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

A portable foldable potty seat

A clean and hygienic way to train the child is using a good quality and comfortable potty seat.This Safe-O-Kid Potty Seat has a nice attractive design and colour .They fit on top of regular potty seats, it is foldable and is easily portable for outside use as it comes with a pouch. It is comfortable to sit and can be cleaned easily after use .A good buy for training the kids.


Shafiqua Tahseen approves this product

Attractive design

I brought this potty seat for my son when he was done with his potty training on the potty chair. This potty seat has got an attractive and wonderful design. It is made with soft and comfortable material, my son loves to sit on it. It can be attached with any standard toilet with ease, it is made in such a way that you can easily take it with you when you are travelling.An really nice product for your kids daily needs.

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