R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycle

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R for Rabbit brings you this excellent tiny toes Sportz Tricycle, Designed with care to satisfy your need for an excellent quality Tricycle with stylish matt finishing. It comes with all the features that your child wants, a wonderful gift to buy for your little one. Let your child have an immense amount of fun with this amazing tricycle.

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push bars


comfortable seat




it is easy to use


quality was good



R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycle Features

  • Easy to carry: It is lightweight, so you can carry it from one place to another without any discomfort.
  • Push bar: It has a nice push bar so that you can easily give directions to your little ones when they have immense fun.
  • Comfortable: The seat is made with soft material to let your child have a great amount of fun with safety and comfort.
  • Canopy: It features a beautiful foldable canopy that will provide shade to your little one when they play outside.
  • Easy installation: It can be installed quickly, your child will start having fun in no time.
  • Eye-catching design: Made with an incredible design and brilliant color combination which you will surely love.

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycle Specifications

  • Recommended age: 1.5 to 3 years
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Insert rear wheels to R for Rabbit Sportz Tricycle wheelbase.
  • Fix the fender to the front wheel rod with screws and join the rod to the wheelbase.
  • Now, insert the front handle to the front wheel rod. Tighten with the screw.
  • Attach rotating rod connecting the front rod and rear wheelbase with the nuts.
  • Insert the front wheel to the front wheel legs and secure them with the nuts and bolts.
  • Fix the storage basket and tighten it with the screw knob.
  • Next, insert a support bar, backrest, and fix them securely.
  • Tighten the seat with nuts and bolts.
  • Place the fabric seat and secure it with the safety harness belts.
  • Attach canopy to the backrest and latch it in a position.

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycle Reviews

Mariyum Aaquib

Mariyum Aaquib | 2 years ago

4.3 / 5

Mariyum Aaquib approves this product

A comfortable tricycle for kids.


Push bars

Comfortable seat


My nephew has this tricycle and he throughly enjoyed riding on this. It seems made up of nice quality material. The colour is also very attractive. It can go for a long run. It was very helpful for him as it has push bars that makes it easy to monitor the direction and speed any elder. It has a nice canopy on the top that makes it easy to be used in the sun. It protects him from direct sunlight and dust.

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Suma Mohith

Suma Mohith | 2 years ago

4.9 / 5

Suma Mohith approves this product



It is easy to use

Quality was good



R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycle is one of the best product when I traveling outside my baby was not comfortable he was always crying and then I purchased this product it is very cool because my baby come with me so happily it is easy to use it helps me a lot

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Siri S

Siri S | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Siri S approves this product

Best brand tricycle

R for Rabbit is the best baby product brand. I prefer to buy R for Rabbit products for my baby and also while gifting other kids. I gave this tri-cycle for my brother's son on his second birthday. He was very much excited to get this tri-cycle and he learned very well easily. Even it is safe to learn on this cycle for all the safety standards it is meeting. Very attractive colour and design are also likely to all the kids.

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Sreenithi Sajith

Sreenithi Sajith | 2 years ago

4.7 / 5

Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

Happy baby

I got this trycyle as a gift from my brother. It is very comfortable to keep and carry our baby in it. I loved it once i started using it. It has a canopy which protects baby from sunlight and dust. It is light weight so that we can carry it wherever we want. The seating position is also very comfortable and the seat material is also soft and smooth which comforts baby. It has strong and sturdy wheels to protect baby

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