R for Rabbit Ringa Ringa Baby Walker

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R for Rabbit ringa ringa baby walkers are the safest walkers for your baby to learn walking. The walker is designed and certified to the European standards EN – 71 of safety. It’s attractive look will encourage your toddler to spend quality time in the walker. Soon your little one will start exploring the surroundings […]

R for Rabbit ringa ringa baby walkers are the safest walkers for your baby to learn walking. The walker is designed and certified to the European standards EN - 71 of safety. It’s attractive look will encourage your toddler to spend quality time in the walker. Soon your little one will start exploring the surroundings in a whole new way.


  • Anti fall and anti knock: As we said safety first the walker comes with anti fall and anti knock system. It has 6 brake pads to control the movement on uneven surfaces. This prevents tipping and falling of the walkers. It stops the walker near the staircases which is safe for your little one.
  • Multipurpose: The walker can also be used as a rocker when needed. Use the knobs on the lower frame to convert the walker into rocker. This mode is useful to relax your tired baby.
  • Comfort first: As comes the safety first also comes the comfort. The walker has a well cushioned seat and ample space to sit, relax, stroll and walk for the baby without any discomfort.
  • Entertaining toys: The walker comes with toys, music and lights to keep your little one occupied. This will provide activity and fun to the munchkins.
  • Leg rest mat: The leg rest mat is removable and washable. You can use the mat to avoid any damage to your babies feet when you are rocking the chair.
  • 3 level height adjustment: It is easy to adjust the height of the walker to 3 different points depending on your babies age.
  • Easy folding: It is also easy to fold the walker to its compact size. This will allow you to carry the walker with you on your trips.


  • Age: 6 to 12 months
  • Carrying capacity: Upto 20 kg
  • Batteries required for the toy tray
  • Removable seat
  • No of wheels: 4
  • Material: Plastic and metal

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generates interest to walk


provides balance


prevents falling


improves cognitive development



unsafe without supervision


inadvisable for prolonged use


provides artificial assistance


delays muscle development



Sumi Manoj approves this product

Cool walk

R for Rabbit Ringa Ringa Baby Walker comes With 3 Level Height Adjustment. It has very attractive design and color combination. The musical play tray on the front entertains the baby along with their first step learning. It has soft padded seat, removable foot rest mat and high back rest for baby's comfort. The walker is made of sturdy and durable plastic and the wheels aids smooth movement. It can be folded as well for compact storage.


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Ringa ringa baby walker for toddlers

This baby walker is designed according to European standards and has added multiple features to the walker. R for rabbit has carefully designed anti fall breaks installed in this product to make baby safe from staircase .it has rocking function for baby to sleep comfortably on soft cushion. This walker can be folded easily and stored when not in use.


Sunita Rani approves this product

Highly recommended

R for rabbit ringa ringa baby walker is worthy to buy. I highly recommend this baby walker personally as per my experience with this product. It has been made according to the European safety standards and hence it is the safest one for babies. Its cushioned seat gives comfort to baby. It is easily convertible to rocker also.


Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Reliable and comfortable baby walker

This R for Rabbit ringa ringa baby walker is made of very good quality.. it encourage baby to walk with its very comfortable and colourful seat.. it has 6 break pads which prevents from falling .. it is easily foldable and even convertible into rocker which relax the tired Baby.. worth buying and very useful product.. it is certified by European standards..


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Safe and comfortable

This ringa ringa walker is very nice. It keeps in mind safety as well as comfort of child. Its design, built and color is very attractive and unique. It had foot rest and padded cushioned seat. It had safety stopper on wheels. Ut comes with toys music and light to keep baby engaged.its height can also be adjusted.


Shehnaz Naz approves this product

Good product

Baby walker is very nice product . I bought it for my daughter. Use it for her when ever i do household chores i put her in walker. Its safe n the wheels are so sturdy it anti skid. N baby can wasily walk with it. It has cushioned seat which very comfortable for babies. It also has stopper when ever u want u can restrict the movement. This walker can be adjustabke to a dezired size.The walker has toys n music which makes baby happy.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Highly recommended

I didn’t researched about baby walker because i knew it exactly that what i need to buy. I bought this baby walker for my baby of six months. It has very nice cushioned seat for baby’s comfort. The fronts toys and musical system keeps baby busy with them. Its is very light in weight and hence portable too. Highly recommended baby walker.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Safest and Defintely Recommeded

This is a Multi Purpose walker cum rocker. Very Very helpful ,and comfortable for the toddlers, It has anti lock system as well which is great and safe, entertaining toys which keep them busy. It has attractive looks and great brakes, Comfortable Cushioning seat , has ample of space to sit and relax. Its defintely recommended to all toddlers.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product


Ringa ringa baby walker is really a superb product. I have researched a lot before buying this product and comes to conclusion that its the best among all. My baby loves to sit in walker and try to put tiny steps by own , it has no any harmful material used in it and very comfortable.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Walker cum Rocker

This 2 in 1 walker cum rocker from R for Rabbit is of reasonably good quality make. But the rocker doesn't work well for my baby. It has 6 brake pads to ensure safety, well padded seat, high back rest and adjustable height to ensure comfort for the baby. It is easy to fold and store in limited space after usage. Overall look is stylish and cozy.


Rishita Rishu approves this product

Happy with product

What else does a mom wants if a product is fully assured to provide baby with safety gears. This baby walker is safety certified and have anti falling design. I liked its quality and material. It has very comfortable cushioned seat. It keeps baby happy with music and toys. It has lovely maroon colour this is bright and baby loves it a lot.


Shilpa Kalra approves this product

Very comfortable and unique design

i highly recommend this product as it is very unique walker. This is anti skid, very safe and sturdy. Has a comfortable coushioning on seat. It comes with melodious music to keep the baby happy and busy. Quality is too good and the design is super cute. My baby enjoys sitting on this.


Strongly recomanded.

I was searching for a walker for my daughter since a long time. And finaly i got this walker. Its comfortable seat makes my baby sit on it for a longer time without getting hurt. The color of the walker is very attractive. The sound and music is so calming that she just want to sit on it is made in such a good quality and the saftey issue are all resolves once you get this walker. I m very much satisfied with product and will surely recommend it to other moms.


Good quality and attractive colour for baby

My niece has this walker and she enjoys being on it a lot. I guess children love walkers because with this they can reach wherever they want. It has very good music and light panel and can be folded to just sit and play too. Also, this can be converted into a rocker but she barely uses it as a rocker. She just loves her playtime on this walker. R for Rabbit is a great quality no doubt. She has a high chair too of the same brand and its very good.



Excellent baby product. The walker is combo of rocker. The product delivers a great look and features. The walker has inbuilt brakes and it has anti fall feature. The best feature indeed. I am so satisfied with this product because it gives me the safety of my baby. I can use this walker and rocker also, you can press the button to turn it as rocker. The sitting area maintain soft padded cushion which is very comfortable for my baby. My baby loves this product, and I can do my things keeping my baby on her walker with no worries. A great delight indeed.


Amazing anti fall walker

I got this product for my baby as suggested by one of my friends and fortunately this was loved by me and by my son. It comes with a leg mat which helps my baby to rest his legs when he is not walking. It has inbuilt brakes which prevents by baby from falling and that's what I liked the most about this product. My son started walking soon after I got him this walker.


A great walker at this price range

I gave this walker to my niece on her half birthday and she has been using since she turned 7.5 months. My sister tells me that my niece absolutely loves it and has a lot of fun , running around the house in it. It looks very stylish, and its anti fall features make it a very safe product. The material quality is great and the toy tray with battery operated musical play buttons is a favourite of my niece. It also has a steering wheel which she just loves to rotate and it also gives the walker a very cool appearance. It can also be easily converted from a walker to a rocker.


a nice walker with a different design

We bought this walker as it showed a unique design... the colour and quality is far better than what we searched for earlier... the most striking feature of this walker is anti fall and safe walker, as we stay on the first floor i was looking for something like this in all the baby products.. the fabric quality is good and washable.. it has also good musical toys which required batteries.. when my daughter was taking first litter steps i was very happy and satisfied,, i will definitely recommend this walker.


Cutiest and comfortable walker

loved it to the core at the first look itself. after using it I feel in head over heels in love with this prettiest walker from R for Rabbit. coolest colourful walker and my baby looks amazingly cute just like a rabbit on this. very good features like anti-break pads, anti-fall settings, no knock on walls, comfortable cushion seating etc ate inbuilt in this walker. I just fold it easily without even anyone help and carry anywhere in the car. it occupies minimal space in my car and eay to use anywhere. musical toys at the front are very entertaining to my little one. this one is the safety walker that can be turned into a rocker.


sonali approves this product

Antifall walker

I gifted this walker to a friend’s son when he turned eight months. The kid was super naughty at this age only. So, I had to choose something that has loads of safety features. I came across this product. It has all the safety features that I was searching for. Especially the “anti-fall,” often when the babies get familiar with the walker, they start to run with it and believe me my daughter has also fallen many times doing so. So, I was searching for something which has mainly this feature. All other features like music, detachable seat, etc. are excellent. The seat is soft, and the walker is very strong. The product is very smart looking and vibrant.

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