R for Rabbit Ringa Ringa Baby Walker The Rocking Antifall Baby Walker

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The R for Rabbit ringa ringa baby walker – The rocking anti fall baby walker will help your baby to practice and learn the walking. It’s anti fall system is safe for the little ones to step into the walker and explore the surroundings on their feet. It also holds all the features to conclude […]

The R for Rabbit ringa ringa baby walker - The rocking anti fall baby walker will help your baby to practice and learn the walking. It’s anti fall system is safe for the little ones to step into the walker and explore the surroundings on their feet. It also holds all the features to conclude as the best walker.


  • Safety certified: The walker is certified with EN - 71. It means the walker is certified for european standards of safety for the baby walkers. Be it the material, colors and design the walker is safe for the babies to use.
  • Walker to rocker: The walker helps your littleone to learn the first steps. You can convert into rocker to rock your baby in a sitting position.
  • Anti fall system: It comes with safety stoppers. There are 6 stoppers on all 4 sides of the walker to prevent falling and tipping of the walker on the staircase and uneven surfaces.
  • Height adjustment: standard height walkers are not helpful for growing babies. This walker comes with height adjustment facility for the comfort of growing babies.
  • Cushioned seat: The colourful seat of the walker is well cushioned and has more leg space for the babies to sit and relax.
  • Detachable footrest: It also comes with a footrest to protect babies feet. You can remove and wash the footrest to maintain hygiene.
  • Toy tray: The toy tray has a rotating wheel and rattlers to entertain the little one with music and lights.


  • Age: 6 to 12 months
  • Carrying capacity: Upto 20 Kg
  • Batteries required for toy tray
  • No of wheels:  4
  • Height adjustment: 3 levels
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Removable seat
  • Foldable

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generates interest to walk


provides balance


prevents falling


improves cognitive development





provides artificial assistance


inadvisable for prolonged use


delays muscle development


unsafe without supervision



Sunita Rani approves this product

Worthy purchase

R for rabbit ringa ringa baby walker is one of its own kind. It has too good yet an attractive design. I love its colours theme that makes it a unique piece for my baby. I have bought it afte so much of research on internet and found it safest baby walker. It can be convertible to racker also.


Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Bestest and safest baby walker

This R for Rabbit ringa rings baby walker is an amazing product.. it is certified by European standards with its quality , design , colours and safety features.. this walker helps our baby to take his initial steps with more comfort and confidence.. it is very safe with its 6 breaks on all sides of the walker..


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Safe walker

This ringa ringa baby walker from rabbit had all safety features to keep baby safe and avoid from tipping on stairs and uneven surfaces. It comes with footmat and toy tray. It provides great balance and had cushioned seat for comfort of child. Its height can be adjusted and it can also be used as rocker.


Shehnaz Naz approves this product

I quality good n sturdy.

Baby walker is very nice product . I bought it for my daughter. Use it for her when ever i do household chores i put her in walker.Its safe n the wheels are so sturdy it anti skid. N baby can wasily walk with it. It has cushioned seat which very comfortable for babies. It also has stopper when ever u want u can restrict the movement. This walker can be adjustabke to a dezired size.The walker has toys n music which makes baby happy.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Amazing product

This is an amazing baby walker with numerous features. It is very light in weight so very easy to carry around somewhere in house. It can be folded very easily with its easy foldable design. It can be convertible to rocker also . It has a musical system too which entertains the baby while baby tries to master the learning skill.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Safe learning experience

The colorful and playful designed Ringa Ringa Baby Walker from R for Rabbit will fascinate kids and will enhance their learning experience. Also, it does the job of a rocker for babies to relax. It has soft cushiined seat and removable foot mat. Super safe for kids as it comes with safety stoppers. The walker height can be adjusted as needed and has interesting toys for the baby's entertainment.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Superb Walker

A friend of mine has this R for Rabbit ringa ringa baby walker, and its a great product. She said her baby loves playing and walking in that and also enjoys the music in that. Great in design and features, superb cushioning, with adjustable heights and lovely colors. Its defintely proven safe.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Recommend product

I was searching for a walker for my daughter since a long time. And finaly i got this walker. Its comfortable seat makes my baby sit on it for a longer time without getting hurt. The color of the walker is very attractive. The sound and music is so calming that she just want to sit on it is made in such a good quality and the saftey issue are all resolves once you get this walker. I m very much satisfied with product and will surely recommend it to other moms.


Saraswathi Valliappan approves this product

Rock rock rocker

A great product from r for rabbit and this product helps my kid to learn walking. The colors and the style is awesome and it is very cheap and best. Children love to walk using this walker. It has hieght adjustments also which is a added benefit of this product


Rishita Rishu approves this product

Amazing walker

R for rabbit always gives amazing quality products to its consumers. This baby walker has very good quality and very comfortable for baby. It has cushioned seat for sitting comfort. Its height can be adjusted according to requirements, it has lovely design, its toy tray keeps baby entertained and musical system too have entertaining feature. I loved it.



Ringa ringa baby walker is really a superb product. I have researched a lot before buying this product and comes to conclusion that its the best among all. My baby loves to sit in walker and try to put tiny steps by own , it has no any harmful material used in it and very comfortable.


Completely secure

First thing we thought before searching for walker is security of the baby..as I always heard walker makes kid fall very frequently...and we are confused whether to by or not buy walker ..but again we make mid to check something which is serves our perpose of security and take care about childs first step..and we are really got this amezing product which is so secure ..very good in design ..robust... durable .. attractive in color and in affordable to our pockets...now no need to worry about baby falls..she is even happy to drive her self very fastly...we are happy to play hide and seek with her from now itself...I am really happy for this...thank you..worth product


Mom feel better

It is very good product and colour combination is also too good. Baby enjoys the game which was attached and easy to assemble. They r breaks which is easy to mom to get relax n it also avoids baby to fall.


Babys first step

To watch baby walks is the best feeling a mom can have, if your little munchkin can sit then this is a right time to buy. R for rabbit product are of International standards and this one serves the purpose, the wheels are rotating easily, very colorful. I have heard lot of complains about the baby falls off from walker but this has no such complains . Very safe and reliable, the toys are engaging. My little baby used to spend hours in this, I recommended the product to family and friends, many of them bought this and highly satisfied.


Ringa Ringa

Moment of extreme happiness does not stop when babies start for walking. R for rabbit Ringa walker is especially designed for urs babies to walk independent. Bright colorful appearance appearance with safety precautions is amazing which gives surprise to ur baby it is certified by europium co. gives the features like foot mat cushion seat, toy tray, music etc. money spent on this product is worth


Amazing Walker Cum Rocker

I saw a mother using baby walker with rocking facility in the garden. It was looking so good that I asked the mother about the product. R for Rabbit bought the ringa ringa baby walker for the babies to enjoy their first walk of their own. It can be easily fold and store in less space and also can carry along while travelling. The musical toy keeps the baby busy and entertained. The height of the walker is adjustable. The walker can be easily converted into rocker when the baby does not want to walk. The cushion seat gives the maximum comfort to the baby. It is really an amazing product just loved its features.


Anti fall best feature

Definitely recommended for the parents who are looking for a comfortable walker cum rockwr as the usp is anti fall feature of thia walker which makes it unique. Bought this for my baby and loving the experience as due to space crunch in my house my baby was often falling from older walker this one was a solution to all that.


This Walker by R for Rabbit is full of amazing features

This walker by R for Rabbit is super cute looking. I saw it on a playdate and I couldn’t stop asking the mother about it. It can be converted into a rocker easily. It has toys that engage the kids. But the best feature is the super brakes that make sure that your child doesn’t fall down the stairs or on a rough surface. This walker can be easily folded and carried while you are on the go. Loved how compact it becomes once it is folded.

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