R for Rabbit Marshmallow Smart High Chair

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The comfortable and easy to assemble R for Rabbit Marshmallow The Smart High Chair is one of the coolest picks for your growing kids. It helps the moms to feed their kids and on another hand, may also improve their eating habits. The adjustable height and backrest positions of this smart high chair make it […]

The comfortable and easy to assemble R for Rabbit Marshmallow The Smart High Chair is one of the coolest picks for your growing kids. It helps the moms to feed their kids and on another hand, may also improve their eating habits. The adjustable height and backrest positions of this smart high chair make it more lovable by the moms. The attractive high chair is easy to clean and fits anywhere in the home. 


  • Compact folding: Folding of the high chair is a simpler task, and it occupies very less space.
  • Safety check: The Marshmallow high chair is tested and has passed through the toughest certification defined by European Standards for baby high chairs. The quality and colors used are highly safe for the kids.
  • Adjustable food tray: The food tray can be adjusted up to three positions and can be washed easily. The upper tray can be removed and washed in a dishwasher.
  • Height adjustment: The height of this high chair can be adjusted to up to seven positions. The chair can even attain a height that allows the child to eat directly from the dining table.
  • Adjustable footrest: The footrest is adjustable for maximum comfort of the child.
  • Five-point safety harness: The five-point safety harness keeps the child secure on the high chair.
  • Optimal backrest: The Marshmallow high chair is provided with a backrest that can recline up to three positions.
  • Storage basket: One can keep the kid's useful items in this storage basket.


Detachable food tray

Five-point safety harness

Storage basket

Height adjustment

Reclining position

Easy to fold

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washable cushion


easy to feed


safety harness



no cons


none so far


heavy weight


small wheels


weak frame



Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Multi use kids chair

This multo use kids chair has comes in variety of designs.we can adjust the height based on our child height. Food tray is attached .baby can able to feed alone or else we can feed them. Reclining position makes relax. Stronger legs and storage baskets are detachable. Safety harness. Good quality of steel body. Very satisfied product.


Umadevi G approves this product

Very smart High CHair

IT is a very smart high chair which can be easily folded and occupies less space when not in use. it has 5 point safety harness and has storage basket to keep baby stuff handy. it has detachable food tray so it is easy to clean also.its height can be adjusted and has good back rest for baby.i just loved this.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Smart high chair

This high chair comes in two attractive colours and have five levels of safety harness that allure me most to buy it. It has got a cushioned seat for baby’s comfort and can be removed and washed easily in machines. Its food tray is adjustable and can be removed too for washing. I too like its bottom compartment that is for keeping baby belongings.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Marshmallow seater

Very easy and comfortable way to feed my little one. Very good quality and very nice high chair great quality and I love the design. The high chair had adjustable height and it's very good in quality mi recommend this to all the parents and kids it is very good buy


Devika Sujith approves this product

Smart option

My baby is 8 months old and I purchased this R for Rabbit Marshmallow Smart High Chair to feed him safely. It ensures comfort and safety in every way as my baby fits in perfectly well. The food tray comes off quickly hene it is super easy to get my baby in and out of the chair, the straps lock my baby safely. It canbe folded and takes very less space for storage.


Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Cute and comfortable high chair

This R for rabbit marshmallows high chair is a very smart product.. it is very easy to assemble it and its can be adjusted also.. it has a removable food tray helps to ease the cleaning process.. best part is babies learn eating on their own very easily.. quality e of the product is just superb and colour combination is also very cute..it is safe to use child feels comfortable inside..


Outstanding high chair

Feeding a meal to a baby can be a messy affair. Since the time I was pregnant I started looking for an high chair as I really wanted my baby to develop table manners from an early age. And I finally chose this one and This is a great buy. Seat is adjustable, it is reclinable, has wheels. So all in all it’s a great high chair. Happy with this


A saviour

If you have a hyper active kid like my son, you have to go with this product. My son keeps jumping around while having food. Since I started using this chair now I can strap him comfortably and feed. Since the seat is confortable the baby does not get irritated.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

High quality chair

This smart high chair helped my baby to learn and grow at his comfort zone. My sister and my friend get this product to their babies. With best review, I got this chair for my daughter. It is easy to adjust the chair as per the convenience of the baby.


Only high chair that has crumb catcher!

High chairs lets your child explore food without creating a huge mess all around the house plus also helps our kids to develop table manners, and they also leadn self feeding.. but one biggest plus point with this particular high chair is that it has crumb catcher at the bottom which really really helps once the baby is done with the eating and exploring part! u just have to wipe it off and you are good to go.. And the high chair also has height adjustments which is really helpful! one more advantage is that it is foldable unlike other high chairs which occupies quite a lot of space.



Being a mother, the baby's comlfort is the main priority. This product definitely meets that condition. The chair has three incline positions which can be used according to our requirement. The 7 level height adjustments also allows the other members of the family watch the child. The tray is adjustable so it helped me to get into a comfortable position to feed the baby. The safety measurements are also very impressive and i deem it to be safe to keep my child seated. So, indeed a great product to purchase as it is definitely price worthy.


Marshmallow Smart High Chair

Marshmallow Smart High Chair helped my baby to learn and grow at his comfort zone. The multiple reclining position helps the baby to be comfort and also helped my baby to eat, play and relax. The detachable trays helps to clean the table without any hassle. It is portable and easy to use


Siri S approves this product

reclining high chair

R for Rabbit is best known for the cutest baby products ever. me, my sister and most of my friends mostly get R for Rabbot products to our babies. we all are totally in love with them. firstly my sister got this marshmallow high chair for her daughter. with her best review, I got one for my son. this is absolutely an amazing high chair. it has reclining chair option where I can change the seating position according to the situation. while having food I put it straight while playing I bend it back a little and while relaxing I out seat head totally back. below basket is very wide to put all my baby needs while shopping.


Happy meals on her happy chair!

The main reason for us to opt for a High chair was to inculcate table manners. We always have our meals at the dining table, hence we wanted a high chair for our little one, so she enjoys her meals every day. After a lot of research, we loved the R for Rabbit Marshmallow smart high chair (Green) cause it features 7 modes of height adjustment, 3 back rest positions, meal tray positions and foot rest positions.Comfort should always come first. This chair grows with your little one. Quick folding is key. Our little one enjoys sitting in it. It has stacked trays it easily removable and washable. Our smallie eats her finger foods with excitement and at times we pour water on the top tray and allow her for some fun time with water play. We spread puffed rice all over the tray and she tries picking them , this helps hone her pincer grasp. Overall we love it and so does our munchkin!


sonali approves this product

chair with wheels

Many moms may feel they don’t need a high chair for their toddler. But high chair gives good practice for eating food for the infant. It also prevents creating a mess around the house. It teaches your baby to part of the family dinner as well. I found my co-sister using this chair. She did a lot of research before buying this product. She is delighted to use this chair as the quality of the product is excellent. She can take the chair to any room while the baby is still sitting on it as it has got wheels. The look of the product is also very nice. She is very happy with her purchase.


Farha Sabreen approves this product

perfect chair for my little one

I saw this high chair at my cousin sisters place, she bought it for her son. i saw that this high chair has got many feature which appealed even me to buy one for my daughter. it was very easy to fold it after use, i saw her son growing from a fussy eater to a disciplined one. products like these really motivate mothers to buy. although it could have been more attractive in colour. the back reclining position is also available and foot rest is what i was looking for to baby’s comfort. i will surely consider buying this one.


Indeed a smart chair for my baby

Not only me but also my baby is love with his new chair. He can eat, play, and relax in this product. There is a storage space at the bottom of the chair, the entire chair can be easily foldable, and the tray can be removed and fixed whenever in need. It is also easy to adjust the chair as per the convenience of the baby. Now I don’t have to worry about feeding my baby. We all have our meals together. Really appreciate this smart chair.

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