R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat

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R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat switches easily between a baby car seat with safety belts, a baby car seat without a harness, and a booster seat. It comes with a safety harness that embraces the baby’s head, legs, hip, ensuring proper spine position. The car seat features an adjustable headrest for safe and comfortable traveling. The car seat is ergonomically designed as per European standards.

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side padding


big seats


adjustable harness


sturdy base


adjustable canopy



could have come in some bright colour


absence of any tray or front grip


not fully comfortable


synthetic cushions


synthetic canopy


R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat Features

  • Safety on the headrest and side: The seat comes with padded wings for side impact protection. There is also protection for head, hips, and legs. The backrest ensures the optimal position of the baby’s spine for a comfortable ride.
  • Five-point safety harness: It ensures the baby’s safety while on a ride.
  • One-pull adjustment: The car seat is designed to make it easy to adjust the seat belt around the car seat.
  • Adequate padding: Thick headrest, shoulder, and crotch pads given to make the baby most comfortable.
  • Bottom detachable seat: You can use the bottom seat as a booster seat, which makes the seat quite useful.
  • Three-point recline: The seat has three-position recline, which helps keep the baby comfortable in any position.

R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 45 x 45 x 65 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Carrying capacity: 25 kg

R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat Assembly / Installation

Group-1 (15 months to 5 years):

  • Pass the shoulder lap belt through the shoulder rest, and insert the belt into the slot.
  • Pass the belt behind the car seat and bring out from the slot located on the other side.
  • Pull out the belt and latch it with the vehicle's buckle.

Group-II (4 years to 6 years ):

  • Completely pull the shoulder lap belt.
  • Pass the shoulder belt through the headrest.
  • And pass the lap belt underneath the armrest.
  • Now, pass the shoulder lap belt underneath the other armrest.
  • Securely latch the buckle.

Group-III (6 years to 12 years):

  • Pull the shoulder lap belt.
  • Pass the lap belt underneath the first armrest.
  • Now, pass the shoulder and lap belt underneath the second armrest.
  • Securely buckle the latch to the vehicle's buckle.

Safety Measures:

  • R for Rabbit Jumping Jack car seats can only be installed in a forward-facing setting with the support of shoulder lap belt and safety harness.
  • The seat is not compatible to be used in passenger seats or seats with airbags.
  • Place the car seat in the vehicle's rear seat.
  • Fasten the car seat with the vehicle buckle.
  • Never place the seat under direct sunlight.
  • Each time the car seat is installed, inspect the safety harness.

Tightening the harness:

  • Unbuckle the safety harness.
  • Remove the shoulder strap from the slack.
  • Pull the extra strap located at the front.
  • Ensure the shoulder straps are tight enough but do not cause discomfort to your child.
  • Now, buckle the safety harness.

Adjusting the shoulder straps:

  • Remove the shoulder straps and pass them through the other slots located to the backrest.
  • Adjust the slots according to your kids' height.


  • R for Rabbit Jumping-Jack-car-seat is suitable for kids between 15 months and 12 years and weighs between 9 kgs and 36 kgs.

R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Forward Facing Car Seat Reviews


sonali | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

sonali approves this product

Perfect seat for a little one

Choosing the correct car seat for babies can be an overwhelming task. We have to keep so many things in mind; it should be comfortable; it should be safe, and most importantly, the baby should enjoy the ride. My brother also had all these criteria while choosing a car seat for my nice. He finally narrowed down to this product. He told me this forward-facing jumping jack car seat could be used till my nice grow 12 years old. It has got safety certification as well. For my nice accepting the seat for the first few days was a big no-no but now she is loving it and even asks us to put the seat belt while sitting in it. Last evening when we took her for a ride, she fell asleep also, which means it is comfortable as well.

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Farha Sabreen

Farha Sabreen | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Farha Sabreen approves this product

good quality seat with firm grip and hold, ideal for kids


tough as well as light weight

safety straps are firm and adjustable

easy toassemble and fold along

this car seat was gifted by my sister for my little daughter. as kids usually make driving a challenge. i could easily adjust the seat according to the height requirement of my daughter. it was fun for her to be at her own personal space in the car, she liked it and even took a small nap while riding. it was such a relief to see her sititng at one place in the moving car. happy with the product but only one drawback is i was expecting a food tray of a holder at the front of the seat but otherwise happy with the gift recieved.

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Bhanupriya | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Forward Facing Car Seat For Growing Baby

An innovative R for Rabbit Jumping Jack forward facing car seat for our growing child is a good creation I have seen in my sister-in-laws car. It is used in car for growing baby during travel for their comfort and safety. Babies aged from 15 months to 12 years can use this car seat. As the baby grows the growing baby forward facing car seat and the headrest can be adjustable in different positions accordingly. The harness comes with a side padded wings which gives the baby a comfortable and secure ride. The seat cushion can also be washable in machine. I shall get this modern creation R for Rabbit Jumping Jack the growing baby forward facing car seat for my baby comfort and safe ride.

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