R for Rabbit Jack N Jill - The Convertible Baby Car Seat

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The R for Rabbit Jack n Jill convertible baby car seat is a complete package for your baby when going for a drive with your little one. The seat is both comfortable and safe for your little one and can be used in the rear-facing position as well as in a forward-facing position according to […]

The R for Rabbit Jack n Jill convertible baby car seat is a complete package for your baby when going for a drive with your little one. The seat is both comfortable and safe for your little one and can be used in the rear-facing position as well as in a forward-facing position according to the baby’s needs.


Safety on the headrest and side: The seat comes with padded wings for side impact protection. There is also protection for head, hips, and legs. The backrest ensures the optimal position of the baby’s spine for a comfortable ride.

Five-point safety harness: It ensures the baby’s safety while on a ride.

One-pull adjustment: The car seat is designed to make it easy to adjust the seat belt around the car seat.

Adequate padding: Thick headrest, shoulder, and crotch pads given to make the baby most comfortable.

Bottom detachable seat: You can use the bottom seat as a booster seat, which makes the seat quite useful.

Three-point recline: The seat has three-position recline, which helps keep the baby comfortable in any position.


Three-point safety belt

Product dimensions: 45 x 51 x 60 cm

Product weight: 5 kg

Carrying capacity: 18 kg

Bottom detachable seat

Thick headrest, shoulder and crotch pads

One pull adjustments

Five-point safety harness

Side impact protection

Three-positions recline

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adjustable harness


side padding


big seats


adjustable canopy


sturdy base



synthetic cushions


not fully comfortable


synthetic canopy


less padding


unsuitable for long routes



Car seat cum booster seat

My little one was not very comfortable on the first car seat we had and then when he was 3 months old, I received this R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Convertible Baby Car Seat from my friend and it gives a relaxed ride and comfort to my baby. It has 5 point safety harness and 3 level seat recline. It can be used as a booster seat as well. The seat belt can be easily adjusted around the seat. It is a must-have to travel with the baby safely and comfortably.


Car seat for comfortable ride

This jack and jill car seat can be used as rear facing or forward facing. It is extremely comfortable as it is padded from all sides. It had five point safety harness and it is easy to fix on car sit. It can reclined for three positions. It is made of good quality material and keep in mind safety and comfort of child.


Riczeena Jose approves this product

Travel like a king with R for Rabbit car seat

Exceptionally valuable and I recommend this for all individuals who travel with their small ponders. Do not carry them in your lap if you figure out a seat like this . R for rabbit is the brand which give things cheaper and way better. Please go for it.great item with awesome security highlights. Exceptionally secure and comfortable


Kashmi Shah approves this product

Complete package car seat

It is complete package for a little one to go for a drive with her. it comes with extra safety features. it is very comfortable and comes with cushioned sturdy base. it is certified one. it can be used for 0 to 5 yrs age. it comes with adjustable canopy. it has big seats which makes my baby adjust really well


Umadevi G approves this product

Convertible Baby Car Seat must for parents

This Convertible Baby Car Seat brand has made this with good quality material so it last long. it is adjustable in its height as per baby growth. it has 5 harness, 3 reining positions, bottom detachable seat, adequate padding. it is ideal use while driving with babies for their safety and has also pads .


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Safest Convertible Baby Seat

Baby car seats is a must buy for kids. It's makes driving easier and provides safety for the baby. R for Rabbit brand provides good quality of padding. It's seat is adjustable and fixes well. My baby sits comfortablely in it makes driving easy. Color is good. Overall a good product.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Quality is amazing

My kids safety and security is the utmost thing I keep in my mind when ever we go out for travelling and it was not possible without r for rabbit convertible car seat. It comes with a seat belt and 5 point harness system. It comes in bright colours so my kid becomes really excited whenever we go out now. It can be cleaned easily. Such a nice product I got!


Saraswathi Valliappan approves this product

Go go travel

Very useful and I reccomend this for all people who travel with their little wonders. Don't carry them in your lap Get a seats like this . R for rabbit is the brand which provide things cheaper and better. Plz go for it.great product with great safety features. Very safe and comfortable


Devika Sujith approves this product

Travel like a prince.

R for Rabbit Jack N Jill - The Convertible Baby Car Seat is very cozy, stylish and sturdy, one among the best choices available in the market. My colleagues had this for their baby girl. It can be converted in rear and front facing directions. It has padded wings for side impact protection. It has an easy mechanism to install in your car. It also provide good support for head, neck and hips. It is equiped with 5 point safety harness and 3 level seat recline.


Great choice

I was quite apprehensive while buying a new brand's car seat when the old one got spoilt. But this one has not dissapointed at all. It really made my travelling easy and sometimes I also take my baby on a long road trip with car seat's help.


Sandhya Lohiya approves this product

Easy comfortable seat for baby

I wanted to buy a car seat for my 8 months old baby boy.Then my neighbour suggest me to buy this Jack n Jill baby car seat.It is quite easy to use n give very much comfort to my baby.The adjustable seat is very much easy for babies to get posture easily.As we travel a lot.I love this product.It gives very much safety for my baby.And the value of this product worth it.As my suggest u all mommies to buy it.


Comfortable baby car seat

This baby car seat was gifted to me by my sister; she is very picky when it comes to buying products for babies, as there is safety and comfort of the baby is involved. The color of this baby car seat is really nice, as far as the safety in concerned this baby car seat has a nice protective harness system which makes the baby safe from falling when they move. The cushion of the seat is nicely padded for extra comfort, you can easily put it in and out of the car without any difficulty. I really liked this baby car seat as it is a nice product and also because it is a gift with love.


Shruti Rastogi approves this product

Good and comfortable

I was searching for a car seat for my 3 year old kid online but was not sure which one to buy. Then my sister in law suggested to buy jack n jill car seat as it can be used for baby till the age of 4 years. It is quite easy to use and comfortable for my kid. He too loves it whenever we travel somewhere. It can easily be washed at your home only. It comes with both front and rear facing. It is good for safety purpose too.


A must buy

I bought the Jack N Jill convertible baby car seat for my 8 month old and I must say that it has proven to be a good investment. Travelling with a baby becomes very difficult if you don't have a car seat and so after comparing many brands and products, I went for this car seat. I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase since my baby is not giving me any hard time sitting for long durations in the car. Installing this product is a bit of work, so you need to be patient while installing this car seat. The only thing which I didn't like in this car seat is the material used for seat. Other than that the seat is soft, properly cushioned, and comfortable.


Safety and Style

My friend gifted me the R for Rabbit Jack N Jill car seat, I already had a baby car seat but I really liked this one. As it makes my baby be safe, she can sit comfortably. I especially liked the five point harness system as it takes care of the safety of my baby girl. It is really easy to remove and wash the cushion. The product is really comfortable, it is very easy to handle, easy to install and the design is really stylish. I also liked the position recline feature. As a mother I’m always concerned about the safety of my child, this product offers safety, comfort and ease of use.


Good !!

Excellent product at a very good cost.. extremely comfortable seat ...my baby can have good nap and sit very comfortably..no more jurks...we actually loved this product as it's easy to handle...very good adjustment level given ..seat material is very soft..I loved the color combination.. installation given in manual is very good..very good instruction.. overall we have satisfied with the product..value for money.. :)


Very comfortable car seat

This is the most amazing car seat. The best part is that it can be used till the baby is 4 years old. It is super easy to install the seat in the car. The seat is very comfortable, and my baby loves it. We travel a lot with our baby and have never faced any issue till date. The seat can be adjusted and reclined to three different levels according to the baby’s posture. The harness is also very safe and comfortable. The seat can be washed easily. I have washed it several times in the last 2 years. The seat can be placed in both the front and the back facing position. This is definitely my favourite feature. I am very happy with this product and so is my husband.

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