Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker

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Product Description

Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker is designed uniquely for giving your child a good playtime and comfortable sitting. The ride-on has a detailed center console seat with high backrest. The rocker comes with a wide footrest. And the backrest provides good support to your little one’s back. The ride-on has graspable handles to hold the toy.


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soothing features


washable seat pad


adjustable swing speeds


bouncy seat





no safety straps


non reclining


difficult to assemble




no ac adapter


Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker Features

  • This rocker is made up of premium quality material using modern techniques so as to meet the requirements of the children.
  • It is easy to ride.
  • It comes with an attractive and stylish design.

Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker Specifications

  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 2 to 5 years
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Measurements: 71.1 x 30.5 x 50.8 cm

Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker Reviews


Bhanupriya | 3 years ago

4.4 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Nice Rocker

My friend bought a different and an innovative rocker by playgro toys for her daughter. The playgro toys rocker is horse shaped comes with a handle and the kids have fun riding it. The quality of the rocker is very good and long lasting. Her daughter gets attracted towards the innovative design of the rocker. The kid can easily ride on the playgro toys horse shaped rocker. The kid loves to be on the rocker and keep themselves busy and entertained.

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sonali | 3 years ago

4.4 / 5

sonali approves this product

Rocking on horse back


Adjustable swing speeds

Washable seat pad

Soothing features

It is fun to play on the rocker and the fun doubles if the rocker looks like a horse. There is a play area in the clinic of my daughter’s pediatrician. Every time I take her for vaccination or whenever she is unwell, she forgets every pain and loves to play on this Playgro rocker horseback. I find the product very good and the quality of the plastic is awesome. It is not only my daughter but all the kids visiting the doctor loves to play with the rocker.

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Nidhi Mehta

Nidhi Mehta | 3 years ago

4.3 / 5

Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Fun filled rocker


Bouncy seat

This playgro toys colt shaped rocker is an attractive looking rocker.. kids enjoy playing with it.. this horse type look make baby feel like he is riding a horse .. my baby keep making house sounds while playing on it.. it also looks great in the kids room and is also good gifting option..

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Saraswathi Subbu

Saraswathi Subbu | 3 years ago

3.8 / 5

Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Cute horse

This is very cute little horse and this is made up of good plastic and this is best in class. I love this tiny horse it gives interested to kids to ride on it like a king. This horse helps them to do some physical activity which strengthening the muscles

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Nupur Gupta

Nupur Gupta | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Nupur Gupta approves this product

Colorful and attractive

This rocker from playgro toys is very attractive and bright coloured. It is in colt shaped. It is made of good quality plastic and had no sharp edges nd is safe for children. It had proper back rest and two handles like ears on sides so baby can hold it while rocking.

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Talat Jehan

Talat Jehan | 3 years ago

3.9 / 5

Talat Jehan approves this product

Good one

This palygro colt shaped rocker is an amazing product that you can gift your baby. My baby enjoys riding this rocker with all the excitement. It is very strong and comes with a handle too. The material of this rocker is great. It has bright colours which naturally attracts baby. He spends much of his time playing with this. I am really very happy with the product and would suggest it to all. I loved having it for my baby.

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Riczeena Jose

Riczeena Jose | 3 years ago

5 / 5

Riczeena Jose approves this product

Rocker with grace

It is made of great quality plastic , non poisonous and completely secure for kids. it features a nice plan and great color combination, it encompasses a comfortable situate and shaking position which makes play fun for the small ones. My child cherishes shaking on it .Its great for indoor open air use.

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Siri S

Siri S | 3 years ago

4.7 / 5

Best gift to small kids

Gifted this one to my neighbour on his first birthday. He liked to sit and swing on it. it's available at a reasonable price so it got it. but no safety while sitting on this. even though the quality is strong and good, its not comfortable to sit for a long duration. not much satisfied.

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Kashmi  Shah

Kashmi Shah | 3 years ago

4 / 5

Kashmi Shah approves this product

best rocker

It is made up of very high quality material. it comes with attractive colors and best designs. baby can love this product because of it's cute shape and cute color schemes. it is very light weight. it is very easy to wash, it is easy to use. babby can seat on it can enjoy it.

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Shreya S

Shreya S | 3 years ago

4.3 / 5

Shreya S approves this product

Adorable Horse rocker


Soothing features

Tiny adorable horse rocker for the cowboys in your house. My little one completely adorable this horse and can not get enough it. And calls it her ride and loves playing with it all the time. The product quality is very good, and the built is very durable and sturdy. The toy is very safe no sharp edges and no chance of leg getting stuck under the horse. I highly recommend this to young moms if your kid loves horses and riding.

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sowjanya | 3 years ago

3.6 / 5

sowjanya approves this product

Perfect rocker


Washable seat pad

Soothing features

The best indoor toy for a growing kid. I remember having one of these during my childhood. The material used to make the rocker is very good and smooth. My daughter keeps rocking on it. The safety handle in the front is strong and keeps my baby safe during fast rocks. It is light-weight so we move it every where around the house. The shape and color are also pleasing. If it had a bigger back-rest it would have been even better. It is well balanced on both ends which makes this rocker perfect for little kids.

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Insiya Hussain

Insiya Hussain | 3 years ago

4.8 / 5

Insiya Hussain approves this product

fun time with rocking horse

This Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker is made of good quality plastic , non toxic and absolutely safe for kids. it has a nice design and good color combination, it has a comfortable seat and rocking position which makes play fun for the little ones. My son loves rocking on it .Its good for indoor outdoor use.

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Deepali | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Deepali approves this product

Ideal rocker for babies

I got this for my son from toy store where he loved playing with it. ideal for kids under age of 5 years. Both my sons 2 year and 5 year old loves playing with this, in fact they take turns to get on the horse. The product is very sturdy and of good quality, and I believe the plastic is toxic free as well. And very safe for kids, there are proper handles for kids to hold to while getting on and off

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Devika Sujith

Devika Sujith | 3 years ago

3.1 / 5


I bought this Playgro Toys Colt Shaped Rocker as a gift for my neighbour's daughter in her first birthday. She simply loved this colt in yellow. It has comfortable seat with front and back support. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is made of good quality plastic and has no sharp edges to hurt kids. Seeing her riding on the rocker gives me immense pleasure.

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Shafiqua Tahseen

Shafiqua Tahseen | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Shafiqua Tahseen approves this product

Wonderful Rocker

Kids love to spend their time on Rockers, that is the reason I brought this wonderful Rocker by Playgro toys for my friend’s son, he loves it very much. Seeing him enjoy with this rocker gives me immense happiness, it has got a sturdy and eye catching design that your kid will love. It has an excellent color combination and comfort which will keep your lovely child occupied for longer duration's. Overall it’s a wonderful toy, an excellent thing to buy for your lovely child.

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