Pigeon Breast Pump Pro

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The Pigeon Breast Pump Pro has natural suction is pain-free and facilitates easy collection of milk. The breast pump is made from BPA-free materials and is safe for use. It is ideal for working women who are always on the go.

The Pigeon Breast Pump Pro has natural suction is pain-free and facilitates easy collection of milk. The breast pump is made from BPA-free materials and is safe for use. It is ideal for working women who are always on the go.


  • Easy: The pump is easy to install and makes it easy to collect the milk from mothers breast.
  • 2 Phase expression: The initial phase simulates the breast and the last phase expresses the milk and collects the milk in the bottle.
  • Natural suction: The pump is designed in such a way that the suction has the natural rhythm effect of a baby sucking.
  • Washable: The pump can be dismantled and can be cleaned and washed in boiling water.


  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 14.2 x 20.3cm
  • Weight: 771g
  • Age: 0 months

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extra comfort


elegant design


easy to clean


great build


affordable price



too expensive


uneven design


not durable


ineffective use


poor build



Revathi Nagaraj approves this product


I started to using pegion breast pump pro in a few days I could look a better result from my baby growth. He could not consumed more milk from my breast feed.i pumped out my milk and stores in a bottle ready before he cries. It was satisfied fully to my baby tummy.


Asra Shait approves this product

Breast Pump a must product

Pigeon breast pump is amazing and must needed for all new moms, i was gifted by my sister and trust me it made my breastfeeding journey easy and comfortable, as its electronic pump nkt the manual so it was easy to use, it is use to store breast milk for baby and help leakage issue, just pump and store the milk and even someone else can feed ur baby while u resting so its a must product, BM doesnt get wasted as u can store it and give it to baby later also, i love this product and it also helps in increase bm flow... I highly recommed to new moms!!!


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

Pigeon Breast Pump Pro

If you are someone who wants to work soon after delivery Pigeon Breast Pump Pro is a great option. I bought this after my daughter was born as I had to rejoin work soon after...and I think .it is a great buy as it helps to feed your child the natural way without using supplementary diet!


vanaja mk approves this product

pigeon breast pump

after my delivery i was suffering from poor latching by baby and doctors advised me to try using breast pump. i pumped every 2 hours and stored and keep it when i go for work.pigeon breast pump is very soft and easy to clean and hence i recommend this all new moms


Jayasree approves this product

Pigeon pain free pumping

I was going to work from the time my baby was just 3 months old and use this breast pump to express my milk for my little one. The Pigeon Breast Pump Pro has natural expression is pain free. I feel it great and easy to use. Its design is great. I truly recommend it. Value for money.


Indu Kharb approves this product

Useful Product

Breast pumps are very useful especially when you are working mother. You like to leave home without worrying about feeding your baby. I used the Pigeon breast pump and found it very useful. Now even my husband can feed the baby. Its design is good and is easy to use and handle. I have been using Pigeon breast pump pro from the past more than six months and really helped me a lot.


shravani approves this product

Good product best brand for healthy baby

It is boon for working mother's and with no pain it exacts milk and ensures milk with full of nutrition in it.can assemble it easily.i love the product and I trust the brand.am very happy now there is no wastage of milk .my baby get sufficient milk with no worries.


Suma Mohith approves this product

Breast pump

Pigeon Brest pump is very good product I used it in one year and its design was very nice and I comfort a lot and when I go out side brest pump will help a lot and my baby have a sufficient milk I love to use this my Brest milk increase a lot


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

A boon for working moms

Pigeon breast pump is a great way to express milk and ensure your baby gets proper nutrition. I started using this since my baby was 2 months old to make her used to sip from a bottle. Since I have to rejoin work after she turns 6 months old, I have started early. This pump helps me capable of providing my baby with my milk. As there is no substitute for mother's milk, this is a safe and great option. It mimics the child's sucking motion to draw milk and is super easy to clean!


Vaishali Upadhyay approves this product

Very efficient

I am using pigeon breast pump pro for expressing milk for my baby since my baby was 1 month old. This pump has natural suction and is pain free. The plastic is BPA free. I love the design of it. It efficiently pumps the milk without giving any pain. Recommended to new moms.


Disha Jain approves this product

Nice pump

I have been using this breast pump since my baby was born and it is an amazing breast pump. It works on electricity and it extract the milk very fast. I am a working lady and do not have enough time to feed my baby. This pump helps me a lot


Kavya GADHAVI approves this product


Pigeon breast pump pro was perfect for new mom. Suction is pain free and that was good. this material was BPA free that was safe for milk. The breath pump pro design was elegant milk was easy to collect .the breath pump was easy to install and collect milk for mother breast mainly working woman must use the breast pump easily mother milk collect .the pump was easily clean pump is dismited and clean a boiled water and reused the suction. I recommend to my friends and new mom this product was genially good and this pump was extra comfort to collect milk.


rajir approves this product

Good brand

I trust the brand n bought it and happy with the product can assemble it easily less painful than other brand #first time mom 🙂 Best thing it has two year warranty no stress to purchase again and again. The electric part is made in Korea and other parts assembled in INDIA.


Poonam Thapa approves this product

Baby Pump Pro

I have bought this breast Pump Pro for my baby to drink my breast milk easily. Its design was an awesome and smooth finished pump. Its was natural suction and pain free pump.Baby Pump easy to wash and assemble and dissemble. When need to finish work home first used this pump for my baby drink and sleep. I am recommend to all working women used this Pigeon baby Breast Pump pro.


dhriti approves this product

Easy to use and very efficient

This breast pump is comfortable to use and while pumping doesn’t pain much the grip is smooth and tight and it’s efficient in pumping. It enhances the supply of milk and I would recommend this to all new mommies who are having low milk supply and having issues in breastfeeding as it will boost the supply and help them for sure. It’s worth the money


supzz approves this product

Best pump

This is a excellent pump with a nominal price! As a second time mom, it was a tedious task to manage first one and expenses too! I was looking for a better and economical option. I was hesitant in buying the pump, but this is the one! Must buy mommies !


winple approves this product


The Pigeon Breast Pump Pro has natural suction is pain-free. My experience with this pump was great and easy. Cause like working mother it's useful cause u can store milk and keep. So an awesome product and very useful. Its design is great. Just working mothers should try this pump. I especially recommend it

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