philips avent anti-colic bottle with airfree vent

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Most feeding bottles may make the baby ingest air and result in colic. You can avoid that problem with Philips Avent anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent. Its unique venting system avoids bubble formation and results in less air ingestion.

Most feeding bottles may make the baby ingest air and result in colic. You can avoid that problem with Philips Avent anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent. Its unique venting system avoids bubble formation and results in less air ingestion. Made of BPA-free material, the bottle is safe for your baby to use.


  • Teat stays full: The AirFree vent allows the teat to be full with milk, even when the bottle is held horizontally, leaving little space for air.
  • Reduces reflux: The unique system not only reduces reflux and gas, but also supports digestion.
  • Uninterrupted feeding: The teat is designed to provide a secure latch and prevent teat collapse for uninterrupted flow of milk.
  • Easy to clean: The wide neck of the bottle makes it easy to clean.


  • Item weight: 109g
  • Product dimensions: 7 x 7 x 16.6cm
  • Manufacturer's minimum suggested age: 3 months

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easy to clean


smooth flow of contents


easy to hold


nipple controls air flow


no leakage





the mouth of the bottle is narrow


nipple gets torn


easily breakable


difficult to latch



Kalyani Lakshmanan approves this product

BPA free

I bought it for my sister's daughter. She used it easily as it anti colic. It is suitable for little baby as it the flow is convenient. It is easy to clean. My sister used it for her daughter every time without worry because it is bpa free. It is non leakage so easily takes for traveling


Urvi Shah approves this product

Anti colic bottle

Philips avent bottle is anti colic and design in such a way that it statisfies my baby's need as well as it's easy to clean ... It's anti leakage so easy to carry too... It's designed in a way that it's gives my kid the statisfaction of breast feeding .... Thank u Philip for such amazing product....


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Good Quality

My dream is to buy a Philip Avent bottle for my baby because it is quite costly. I bought it for a year. I am proud to have it when going out. The quality of bottle was too good to use. I am really happy to own it. It consumes more. The flow of milk was slow.


Vandana Ajith approves this product

Fist choice for feeding bottle

I brought it 5 years back and the experience is amazing. It's made of BPA and phthalate-free. It's safe and easy for the baby. Anti-colic valves reduce the gas and supports uninterrupted feeding time thus makes it a happy time for baby and baby mamma. Its durable and is of superior quality. I'll recommend it to all.


Zeenat Khan approves this product

Feel like mom breast

The philips avent anti colic bottles are best for moms whos child only want mom's breast feeding. The shape of bottleis like mom's breast and it has ultra soft nipples. It is easy to carry, long lasting and has smooth flow. My baby is very much comfortable with it. Thanks phillips for such a unique product.


ameena23 approves this product

Awesome product

Awesome product... Gud for babies of any age. No leakage and quality of bottle is also toooo gud. I think every mother should opt for dis bottle. We tried many bottles but search came to an end wid Avent bottles.. use even Avent bottle steriliser it's really a gud one. It's a must have product


Tejal Chavan approves this product


Loved this bottle. The quality is good. The baby takes feeding very easily. Cleaning is also very easy. Use it with Philips steam sterilizer so there is no chance of infection for baby. Cost is a little on higher side but worth the buy. If you r looking to buy, it's the perfect option.


esther approves this product

Very good product I use philips agent bottle very hygienic

Very good product I use philips agent bottle very nice very hygienic no leakage and I suggest my friend also she also enjoy the bottle Very good product I use this and Philips product is very nice


sahiba approves this product

Best feeding bottle

Hello...It is very good and safe for babies..very nice design and nipple is so soft..i can wash it very easily and very good quality product I am very happy with this bottle and I can recommend this product to others and I will give 10 out of 10 for this product


yamunaraghuarna approves this product

Very gud products

Very good bottle. No leakage, nice design,nice baby is 10 months now she has enjoyed while using tis bottle problem is nipple has large flow not recommended for new borns but can use after 6 months ...otherwise it is best product and easy to sterlized in sterlizer. Philips provide nice quality feeding bottles and i must say it is awsome product.


sidra approves this product

Love Avent products

I love this product it is very nice and affordable the nipples are most similar to breast nipples So that 0 months baby can also suck the nipples easily. And very easy to clean the bottles. the design are also good my 10th months old baby love the product and can easily hold the bottle and I'm very satisfied with the product and the price also


srujana approves this product

It is really the best product.

I would give this bottle 100 star rating if could!! Keep in mind, every baby is different so you might not have the same results. My newborn was a prince for the first 2 weeks and then one day he starts having cry fits for 3+ hours a day. I spent hours researching tips for colicky baby for hours online and tried about everything with no change. I ran across a mom blog talking about how good this bottle is so I went to shop and picked one up. With one use the endless crying stopped!!! He still fusses a little but the difference is night and day!! To any stressed mom out there dealing with the same issue, you will not regret this purchase!! Avent Anti-Colic Bottle with AirFree Vent


Mitali sutar approves this product

Good bottle

Very good bottle. No leakage, nice design,nice problem is nipple has large flow not recommended for new borns...otherwise it is best product and easy to sterlized in sterlizer. Philips provide nice quality feeding bottles .as i use this bottle from last three months .and i must say it is awsome product.


Roma Malhotra approves this product

Good bottle

These bottles have been our first homerun! We have tried many different bottles on the market. When My son was 2 months and has had gas and colic issues as well as the fact that he is very picky when it comes to nipples. He also sometimes has a hard time with latching. He does so well with these bottles! I love how the vent piece works to keep the nipple full of formula! It honestly does a much better job at helping him to not swallow air than any other of the MANY bottles we have tried! They are a little pricey, but not the most expensive bottles out there. They are well worth the price though for how perfectly they work! The pieces are also super easy to clean unlike Other bottles with extra pieces as well. These have been a definite success for our son and we love them.


kutty approves this product

It is really a hygenic one....and useful tooo

I am happy with this.. mother's friendly is very easy to clean and hygienic son was very pleased with this one.even though in tough time also carrying is very easy and to use is a good rapport between a mother and a child..good crib to hold and to drink


rutuchetan2011 approves this product

Superb product for kiddo

I had use this bottle for my twins daughters from the 1st month of their birth. As they are twins, we have to give them formula milk which is hectic to give with spoon so I prefer Philip avent bottle. It works great, nipples shape and the material is so good that children easily drink it from it and even washing of the bottle is too easy which I feel relax. Baby also happy with it. I have nearly use it for 2 years for my daughters. Thanks Phillips avent for such bottle. I also suggested many moms.


Anuja Goyal approves this product

Best quality

Hi I am mother of 2 year kid I am very selective for choosing any products for my baby. But when I bought Avent bottle find it very easy to handle for baby . It is a worth buying product, easily available online in very good price. It's hundred percent safe for baby to use


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

A must buy!

I have been using Philips Avent bottle for my little one for almost a month now. Philips is a brand that never disappoints. The anti colic nipple is actually effective, you can see bubbles of air passing into the bottle as your baby sucks from the bottle. It is easy to clean too ! The only drawback is that it's a bit expensive....but when it comes to your baby's comfort this can be overlooked.....


reeticarana approves this product

Superubb product

Hi..I am mother of 1 yr old baby boy..he is on bottle feeding since day 1..I always prefer Avent for my baby..Quality of bottle is very good..easy to use and hold by baby..must buy product if your baby is bottle freek..5/5 rating for quality of the product from Avent..loved this bottle


afshakazi approves this product

Good product

Hi I am new mother I am very selective for choosing any products for my baby . I want to buy baby bottle for feeding there is so many options in market before buying Philips Avent anti colic bottle I also use other products which available in market after switching to this product I love it.

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