philips avent anti-colic bottle with airfree vent

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Most feeding bottles may make the baby ingest air and result in colic. You can avoid that problem with Philips Avent anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent. Its unique venting system avoids bubble formation and results in less air ingestion.

Most feeding bottles may make the baby ingest air and result in colic. You can avoid that problem with Philips Avent anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent. Its unique venting system avoids bubble formation and results in less air ingestion. Made of BPA-free material, the bottle is safe for your baby to use.


  • Teat stays full: The AirFree vent allows the teat to be full with milk, even when the bottle is held horizontally, leaving little space for air.
  • Reduces reflux: The unique system not only reduces reflux and gas, but also supports digestion.
  • Uninterrupted feeding: The teat is designed to provide a secure latch and prevent teat collapse for uninterrupted flow of milk.
  • Easy to clean: The wide neck of the bottle makes it easy to clean.


  • Item weight: 109g
  • Product dimensions: 7 x 7 x 16.6cm
  • Manufacturer's minimum suggested age: 3 months

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easy to clean


smooth flow of contents


easy to hold


nipple controls air flow


no leakage





the mouth of the bottle is narrow


nipple gets torn


easily breakable


difficult to latch



Shefali Tripathi approves this product

Good Quality comes with a good brand

Philips bottles are BPA free. I have been using for about 6months and found its better than the other bottles available in the market .It is anti colic,so no more stomach problems due to bottle. Easy latch and easy to clean. Air bubbles under control so no gas formation plus its durable. I will definitely recommend this.


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Best baby bottle

Phillps by it's name is a very trusted brand.... I used this phillps avent anti colic bottle for my elder daughter... Before using this I used 2 3 more brands but never satisfied but one day my friend suggested me about phillps avent and this brand has really fulfilled my demand..... Best bottle ever. Now my lill one is 5 months old and I am again using this for him also... Best product


Raksha approves this product

The only feeding bottle I trust

My son is 3 years old now , I still have these bottles with me. These are the best feeding bottles ever. He had issues with feeding with all other options but this one he completely fell in tune with. The bottles are easy to hold by the baby. And very very easy to clean


kulsum approves this product

The quality product

A product i will surely feel is safe for recommend for every infant to child who is on feeding.Its safe , hygenic and excellent product which let child to feed on easily the air passage let them inhale easily.The plastic material is also madeup of excellent quality. I think its the best bottle i have been looking for till now.happy with its usage since a year


mrunal28 approves this product

Best Feeding Bottle Must buy

Dear mom's, I am using Philip Avent bottle for my son from he was 16 day old. He was premature baby, due some reason I couldn't breast feed to my son.. But yes the Philip Avent bottle ( natural) gave same feeling my son is 2.5 but using same brand bottle. Bottle quality is too good, it's anti colic..and very easy to handle. Best feeding bottle like breast feeding...


Mubashira Ghadialy approves this product

Best product

This is nice product to use. Best for every baby from newborn to any age. Best latch easy to switch from nipple to bottle. Free from colic. My baby is suffering from colic and my friend suggested me this now she is happy and enjoy her milk. I found this bottle little expensive but worth taking for my baby.


shhaily approves this product

Good product

As I joined work I had to use feeding bottle for my son. I was worried if he will take bottle or not. I used Avent bottles and he took them easily. It felt as a natural latch. Cleaning these was very easy due to its wide mouth... Highly recommended.


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Anti colic

Initially I was a little apprehensive on bottle feeding my kiddo but since I m working and can't be around my baby all the time had to bottle feed. One of my friend suggested this amazing product and trust me it is so good it does not let the baby colic and at the same time gives him that motherly feeling as the the nipple is soft and supple. Highly recommended


Sandhya Singh approves this product

Easy to feed child

Best feeding bottle for kids my child refused to take bottle but after trying so many bottles my friend suggested me to try Philips avent bottle and my child started take feeeding thru bottle I am very happy easy to carry and clean in traveling or home best bottle for working mothers.


Priyadarshini Pathak approves this product

Awesome purchase

My friend suggested me to use this normal bottle is not just like mom's have nipple just like mother that baby can easily relate this baby is now drinking milk from this bottle...thank you philips for creating such a good product for is very use full when you go for outing as well...


Gouraja Parelkar approves this product

Excellent bottle available

My son had been suffering from colic, and therefore my friend suggested to use this bottle. This is has been the best find. The nozzles are age-specific and age-appropriate. My son's colic reduced considerably thanks to this bottle. The plastic quality is very good and is durable and heat resistant. The nozzles can be easily replaced to suit the age.


raina approves this product

Extremely good product

This product is quite good for babies. It helps reducing the colic and discomfort. Also it makes baby feel same as natural latch. Hence breast feeding issue won’t be there. It’s wide neck is helpful for easy cleaning and filling. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe. So we can easily carry it anywhere.


Dipika Chaubal approves this product

Best feeding bottle so far.

i have been using this bottle for more than 2 months now for my 5 months old. My baby was finding it difficult to latch on other bottles than i tried this, and it worked for me. It can also be attached directly to the philips pump, so you dont need to switch bottles. Easily sterilizable and the best part of it is that it is Anti colic so no stress at all.


Sumaiya P approves this product

Excellent botttle

My husband brought this bottle for my little one..My baby has like this bottle and also one of the best bottle i notice that it feels more comfortable for my baby for easy suck and , in addition it is taking out the air is minimal compared to when we use the other bottle,


Gurvinder Kaur approves this product


Very good product and use smodaly philips avent is nice feeding bottels i use last 3 months feeding bottals is osm products. Very good, after that bottle i didnt have to use colicaid medicine. Very rarely i gave it . No leaking, easy to use, nice design, nice flow( not slow nor fast). Thank you philips... :)


shipra_saxena approves this product

Easy to use

This bottle doesn't contain any harmful element which can harm baby. Baby can easily hold it. I watched it using this bottle for my nephew when he was just 4 months old. The bottle is very easy to clean and colorless due to which it is not harmful for the children.


Priyanka Jaiswal approves this product

Best anti colic bottles in market

I was struggled with introducing bottle to my 3 mo th old when my sister recommended me to avent bottles. I would say the avent anti colic bottles are best for colicky babies. Its nipples mimic the breastlike shape which avoids nipple confusion for babies. Its a boon for office going mothers. I love it and strongly recommend to all mothers out there.


swathi rekha approves this product

Good for babies who suffered with gas

It's amazingly works for my baby who always suffer with colic pain.really very useful for me now.feeding bottle is easy to carry and easy to clean.i am using it regularly but no change.durable and excellent quality. philips is always number one considering bottles for babies.they are likely preferable by every mom.


Reshma Shenoy approves this product

Anti colic bottles

I am using Philips agent bottle for my son since birth and the quality of these bottles is just awesome and it is made up of BPA free material and its nipple is anti colic through which air passes in the bottle so easily and their is no problem of nipple collapse


Tejaashwine Karthick approves this product

Best feeding bottle

The one and only best feeding bottle and Highly recommend brand by every mom. its colic free , easy to wash and can be sterilized, BPA free as well, can chose nipple flow as per your convenience. But quite expensive when compared to other brands. Worth buying. Baby can hold by them self and drink without our assistance

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