Peppa Pig George Pig Soft Toy

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This soft toy is a miniature version of George pig inspired from the Peppa pig series. The baby will be excited and delighted to get such an adorable gift. Made from plush, soft boa material, it is cuddly and child safe. Features Material: Made from plush, soft boa material, it has eye-catching and charming features. […]

This soft toy is a miniature version of George pig inspired from the Peppa pig series. The baby will be excited and delighted to get such an adorable gift. Made from plush, soft boa material, it is cuddly and child safe.


Material: Made from plush, soft boa material, it has eye-catching and charming features. It is cuddly and child safe
Playtime: This cuddly toy gives the baby endless hours of playtime by becoming their play buddy


Age: 3 to 10 Years
Height: 30 cm

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soft huggable body


silky, plush fabric




machine washable


detachable cover



easily rippable seams


cheap fur


made of polyvinyl chlorate


deformed body


poor quality



Poonam Thapa approves this product

So soft Peppa Pig George

I'm the big fan of Peppa pig series and my son too.So we bought this cute George pig from our near toy store. It's very soft,my kids love to cuddling it. I have no worries about the stuff because its made from plush soft material which is safe for my children. My both kids keep playing with this George pig for long hours. When I wash this toy , it doesn't fade.


Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product

Peppa pig has a brother too

This one's yet another favourite among kids now a days. My nephew owns this toy for a most 7 months now, and trust me it looks as if we just bought it. We have washed it umpteen times in the washing machine, it doesn't bleed colour at all. It's made of real good quality plush fabric. My nephew plays with it almost each and every day. He adores this Little George


Jayasree approves this product

Huggable Toy

Peppa pig George is always a favorite character for kids. It is made with a very decent and good quality of material which is very soft and squeezy. My baby Ameya sleeps with it hugging it. She enjoys playing with it. It is a very good product in bright colours that attract the kids towards it. It is easy to carry around for kids


George soft toy

This plushy George is a nice toy for toddlers. My nephew has this one. It is well designed and looks exactly like George. George is Peppa’s brother in the cartoon peppa pig. Almost all kids recognise him. It’s a nice soft toy that helps kids to imagine and play with it. The material used for making this is very good quality fabric. The stuffing is done very neatly. The colour used are exactly what George wears. It is a nice toy for kids who love George.


Pretty peppa pig

Pretty pink Peppa pig is really cute for the kids to play. My kids love to watch Peppa pig show on tv. after watching that show they started liking Peppa pig very much. so I got them this pretty toy. It's very soft and huggable material. My baby loves to hug and sleep.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

Cute Peppa pig

We bought this cute Peppa pig 3 months back for our kids and they love it. It is made from high quality ultra soft material which is machine washable, it is non toxic, eco friendly and child safe. It's color is so cute and eye catching so our kids love it a lot.


Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Gorgeous George Peppa pig soft toy

Peppa pig is kids favourite these days.. this soft toy is made from cartoon character George from Peppa pig .. it is designed really well and look exactly like it.. the material used is soft boa which is very safe for babies.. kids love to play with it and it becomes their best companion also..


Peppa pig frim cartoon

This peppa pig is made of extremely soft high quality material. It looks like the pig in cartoon shown on tv. It is well sewn and is highly durable. My daughter loves this soft toy and play with it for hours. It is machine washable and it is easy to carry.


sonali approves this product

Handsome George

Peppa pig is my daughters’ favorite cartoon. She has collected the entire Peppa family and Peppa’s loving brother George is also there. George is super cute, soft and huggable. She loves the toy and I think this is a perfect gift for any kid who loves Peppa pig. The color and quality of the product is very good and can be washed easily. I received the product exactly the same as shown in the picture. It is perfectly priced. We both are happy with the purchase.


sowjanyas approves this product

Very soft

My daughter loves to watch Pegga Pig. So I gifted this to her on her birthday. I must say she loves Pegga even more now. The fabric is very soft. The seams could be improved a little bit. My baby finds it easy to carry around the house due to its small size. It looks like a replica of the actual pegga pig. This toy has been very helpful in improving role-play skills in my kid. She has fun with it and is occupied even when I’m not around.


Shreya S approves this product

Love this toy!

Definitely my baby's favorite considering peppa is also her fav cartoon - she watches it at lunch and dinner! The toy is plush, very soft and comes in a pleasant pink and blue combination, giving it a soothing appeal. The toy's eyes are stitched by thread, so no beads to pose choking hazard. And the hands of the toy are so cute and tiny enough for the baby to hold and drag around wherever she wants to take it - to her playroom, or the living room, or even her bed.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Cute george peppa pig toy

Peppa pig George is a very famous character and popular among kids, they watch their cartoon on tv all the time , having this character in person was really exciting for them. We got this for our son and he loves to play with his George.It is made of good material, super soft and cuddly, is durable and can be machine washed too. Easy to maintain and fun to play.


Swati approves this product

peppa pig soft toy

My kids watched a lot of peppa pig growing up. So it was no brianer to get the soft toy version of the same as they are growing up. the best part about soft toys is you are never too old to play with them or to have them. It is made of soft material and is easy to wash and carry anywhere.


Deepali approves this product

For all Peppa fans

My baby doesn’t watch Peppa pig, but I like it, so got this cute soft toy online. The color is soothing and it’s tiny hands can be held by a baby easily. The quality of the toy is very good – it feels really soft and the fabric doesn’t get rough after use. I washed it in the machine and the quality remained good. Boy or girl, this can be a great play mate and also a cute gifting option for toddlers.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Softest peppa pig toy

A peppa pig soft toy in pretty pink and blue. This one looks so cute and plush. I gifted this one to my relatives daughter. It’s a very cute looking pink peppa pig. It is made of high quality fabric. It is easy to handle and carry by a baby also. This one is extremely huggable. The kid can easily squeeze, cuddle and hug this peppa pig goodnight. It is a good toy to have for your kids and to gift as well.


Devika Sujith approves this product

Peppa Huggie

Peppa pig is made of velvety soft cloth that has soft material stuffing inside, making it fluffy and cushiony soft with good stitching. The color is too good and also the size of the toy is just perfect for the kids to handle. My baby loves playing with the cute peppe even he is all alone.

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