Paramount Double Sided Play Mat Animal Print

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The Paramount double-sided play mat with animal print will provide your child with a safe place to learn and play. It is a perfect play mat for indoor and outdoor use, as it is made up of waterproof material. It is printed on both sides, which make it a reversible play mat. Features Safe material: […]

The Paramount double-sided play mat with animal print will provide your child with a safe place to learn and play. It is a perfect play mat for indoor and outdoor use, as it is made up of waterproof material. It is printed on both sides, which make it a reversible play mat.


  • Safe material: The play mat is made up of child-friendly non-toxic foam material. The thick foam will provide safe cushioning, and its anti-skid nature will provide a safe play zone for your little one to play.
  • Multiuse: The playmat can be used in multiple ways as your baby grows. Your little one can play on this mat during tummy time. It is also perfect to learn to crawl and walking, avoiding the hard surface.
  • Fun time: The playmat is printed with cute animals and cartoon pictures with bright colors. You can interact and can have a fun time with your child by finding the hidden characters.
  • Washable mat: The playmat is washable and is very easy to maintain.
  • Carry bag: Fold the mat and take along the play mat in the portable carry bag.


  • Age: 1 to 5 years
  • Material: EPE foam
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mat dimensions: 182.8 × 91.4 cm

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machine washable


special features


multi-sensory toys


baby melodies


includes prop pillow



weak foam support


thin material


musical attachments lack durability


color fades easily


cheap toys



Shweta Toor bhatt approves this product

Good mat for babies

We bought this waterproof mat for our baby when he was just 3 months old and basically for the tummy time and as babies loves to see colorful objects and gets attracted to colors so i ordered this. Trust me this is so good. We use to keep our baby on the floor instead of bed just to ensure his safety and preventing him from falling from bed. Made of high quality and easy to maintain. So really this is worth buying product and will help my baby growing by his learning from the print on the mat.


Large play area

Play mats are available in so many varieties nowadays. The Double-sided waterproof Baby Crawl Mat by Paramount is created to make a cool, safe, funny and playful time for littile ones. This crawl and play mat has attractive and colorful designs on both sides and can be used both indoor and outdoor baby time. It can be folded easily and is portable with a carry bag.


Sakshi Sharma approves this product

Nice mat

This mat is super awsome. I am satisfied with the product. My little one is very happy when he is on this. She enjoy alot. Product quality is thick and water proof. Colors are nice which attracts my little one towards it. She has learned almost the animals which is printed on it. It is value for money.


Sonali Polekar approves this product

Waterproof Mat highly recommended

My husband order this double sided play mat for my son. The best thing of this mat is it’s waterproof. Material of this playmat is harmless safe for babies. I also use this mat in gardens. Due to its bright colours and various animals on it babies love to play on this mat.This playmat comes with a bag just have to rolled it and put it in a bag and can go anywhere with this mat. Worth buying.


Shyaghrutha Bandari approves this product

Nice mat !

Kids throw toys everywhere and it’s pretty hard to find them all . Ever since I bought this lovely Paramount Double Sided Play Mat Animal Print it has become a new world of fun for my little one! It really relieved me. My kid throws away the toys all the time and I find it irritating to fetch those toys every day! This lovely mat had beautiful pictures which grab the kids attention instantly and it is so soft and requires comparatively less space than other mats in the market. Your little one can have his meal and you need not to worry about all the spilling and leftovers . I’d definitely recommend this lovely product to all the mothers out there!


Saduf approves this product

Absolutely non skid

This play mat is easy to wash on hand or in a machine. It is absolutely non skid. Has animal prints on both the sides. It can be used in the play area for the kid or as a decorative mat for older kids. The color doesn't fade off easily. It keeps the child engaged for several hours with the beautiful animal prints.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Good product

I bought this mat for my baby. We always put her on floor because of fear of falling from bed. The design on the mat is very colourful and interesting. My daughter crawls and and sit on it by herself. She really likes bright colors. I can make her sleep on it. And it is waterproof so can be used to change diapers also


Nice product

I purchased this mat when my baby was just 5 months old.. its a very nice mat specially because of prints of different colurs and shape.. my baby loves to play on this mat .. also as it is two sided it gives doble benefit bt the only problem is its very foam is sensitive to scratches my baby is making scratches with nails.. otherwise ball features are good


Asfia Fatima approves this product

Good for kids to play

My son got this as a gift from my friend and since the time I have unwrapped it ,it has became his personal favourite.The mat can be used on both sides so I dont need to bother even if one side is made untidy.My son arranges all his toys on it and comfortably plays .Due to the printing on it he has learnt about many other things so its kind of way of educational tool for him.It is foldable and requires less space so I do carry it even when we go to picnics so that my Loo lies on it.Lovely product .


Khushboo approves this product

excellent product!

This double sided play mat was gifted to my son as a return gift. I was apprehensive in opening it but eventually I had to when two of his friends came home to play. Since I didn’t have a rug in his room, I decided to give this mat a shot and to my pleasant surprise, it was absolutely brilliant. It is quite a big size and could fit three kids. They built blocks, sat to colour and also ate snacks together.


Deepika Telang Telang approves this product

Love the blue color and different colored pattern

My girl is a year and half old and I ordered this play mat for her few days back. It is reasonably priced and does its job. Her day starts with this mat and sometimes, she also falls asleep while playing on it. I feed her on the mat, she plays with her toys on it and she also naps on it! It is waterproof, occupies very little storage space and is super easy to clean. I have cleaned it twice and the quality remains the same. It is a safe and broad play mat worth trying.


Saves during falls

Amazing product for babies who are going to reach milestone of son used fall back and direct hurt on head. I have tried everything possible helmets, baby seats this is one product which helped me a lot.i could leave him upon that and he used to play. Even if he falls he was crying because he was not getting hurt.


best for comfortable seating of children. ..

I ve been using this since my baby started to lie on his stomach.'s colour attracts my baby attention which involves him sitting on one place..that a new mom needo the most ...and most importantly it's educational as shapes colours and animals...and also it is easy to carry


Nice Mat

I use this mat for my daughter as she get extensions his by her grandmother on her first birthday.. it's really nice with colourful print and I remember she was asking me what is this and that all time..but one drawback is my daughter used to scrap it with pencil and slowly it was of no use otherwise product is really useful as it has multiple use like my daughter slept on it,she ate on it and I place it in kitchen while working and my baby easily play on it with toys.go for it..


Good one to buy

My kid loves in living with the playmate all the time and all the day. Even they love to sleep on it. It's soft and fun loving bright coloured. Easy to fold and carried anywhere. You can play outdoors during at parks, picnics. Easy maintenance and quick dried. Super Cool..


This product is wonderful as my child often sits on ground while colouring and playing and this may helps her to sit comfortably and safe being hygiene

Attractive colour for kids and pictures that give good attraction, also less fear of falling as they are playing on may, they can sit, play crawl and do all fun they want with their friends be it playing, studying or even enjoying tier snacks whil colouring. Will further test for durability sldo.


Shilpa Shiv approves this product

Best buy at this budget

Very nice and good quality,i liked the print especially animals even my baby likes it alot and also he identifies some of them.and itsvery smooth for kids to play.easily i can buy.totally buy at this love to play with attracts with its vibrantvicolours.makinbudget.user friendly .i recommend to all moms


Good playmat

This playmat has different print on both sides and the prints are very attractive and if I talk about the material of the mat then that's awsome non toxic material used and thick playmat .. My baby loves to play on it.. Dimensions of the playmat is also good enough for play


Tintu approves this product


my daughter started to say names of things on this mat, she loves it. thank you for introducing a variety of products. The size of this mat is absolutely correct for my daughter


Amazing product

I just love this product. This play mat is very beneficial for my baby as it is non toxic and comes with an educational print. My baby has known the things printed on the mat with ultimately helped him in his brain development. The structure of this mat is so smooth and give no harm to your baby. 100% recommended product by PARAMOUNT.

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