Paramount Double Sided Play Mat Animal Print

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The Paramount double-sided play mat with animal print will provide your child with a safe place to learn and play. It is a perfect play mat for indoor and outdoor use, as it is made up of waterproof material. It is printed on both sides, which make it a reversible play mat. Features Safe material: […]

The Paramount double-sided play mat with animal print will provide your child with a safe place to learn and play. It is a perfect play mat for indoor and outdoor use, as it is made up of waterproof material. It is printed on both sides, which make it a reversible play mat.


  • Safe material: The play mat is made up of child-friendly non-toxic foam material. The thick foam will provide safe cushioning, and its anti-skid nature will provide a safe play zone for your little one to play.
  • Multiuse: The playmat can be used in multiple ways as your baby grows. Your little one can play on this mat during tummy time. It is also perfect to learn to crawl and walking, avoiding the hard surface.
  • Fun time: The playmat is printed with cute animals and cartoon pictures with bright colors. You can interact and can have a fun time with your child by finding the hidden characters.
  • Washable mat: The playmat is washable and is very easy to maintain.
  • Carry bag: Fold the mat and take along the play mat in the portable carry bag.


  • Age: 1 to 5 years
  • Material: EPE foam
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mat dimensions: 182.8 × 91.4 cm

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machine washable


special features


multi-sensory toys


baby melodies


includes prop pillow



weak foam support


thin material


musical attachments lack durability


color fades easily


cheap toys



Sajiri Dhuri approves this product

Value for money

Very helpful as my baby learnt crawling on it. Normally the floors r slippery.Both sides are So colourful she is engaged in it. It prevents baby from cold floor. Easy to clean. It can be folded easily,light weighted can be easily carried. It is value for money Very much happy with the product.


ritu21 approves this product

Gud for our child learnung

This may is very soft and comfortable....My son love to sit and play with this product... it's Just very educational and enjoyable for kids. It's look and color was also too atractive. Moms love is always with these Nd Thank full for making such a beautiful Nd colourful mat.. Thank you


amita_gupta approves this product

Comfort and class hand in hand

This mat is a must buy for all the mums as it is super comfy and stylish.. the child will love to use it for its colourful and attractive looks. It is durable and lasts long so no worries with the price Nd to the topping it is presentable. So I fully recommend this


Play mats

Got this mat for my baby boy and her playmate. It's soft and easy to clean with a wet cloth. I haven't really checked it's water resistance but it’s water proof... The mat is fun for younger toddlers who are learning and are curious about everything because it has lots of pictures and things to explore on it... Very good product , comfortable for the baby and as it is water proof it is very convenient to maintain... I keep a lot of my kids toys on it and my son spends a lot of time on it safely...


Deepashree Devanand approves this product


It is a very good product for older children as it does not have antiskid features. The crawling toddlers tend to gather the mat along with them as the move. It is lively and colourful for toddlers and soft fabric is gentle on the skin. It is easy to maintain and drys up fast.


Garima Kakkar approves this product

Mat is very useful for kids

This paramount double side mat is very useful for your baby I personally used this mat for my baby it prevents from the cold floor and the animals and trees which is printed on this mat attracts my baby alot it is easily washable and waterproof also easily clean even through wipe off with clean cloth your baby can sleep on it play on it because when baby starts crawl it was difficult to keep them sit on bed so for that purpose it is best product and also you can use on the bed also for many purpose


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Play and learn with paramount mats

Paramount double sided play mat is a must buy for every toddler... I purchased this for my elder daughter when she was 8 months and from that tym she used to play in this mat. It's animal print maked it so attractive and also provide learning for kida in early age. Quality of this mat is also best .


Sumaiya P approves this product

Nice for play

I brought this mat for my brother daughter and recommended by my is of very good quality..The item is good really but only thing is that it can be easily damaged. His baby loves it and cushioning is not bad and not extra soft but it's good enough for crawling babies. Not long enough though.


Bharti Jain approves this product

Attractive playmat

Well i have gifted to one of my friend as i think bright colours improves vision of kids and its so convenient to keep , fold and wash and similarly your kids love to play with toys on it , moving on it. Just seeing the pictures of animals it improves their senses what else a mat should do.


Raksha approves this product

Very nice

The best part about the mat is that it is machine washable and it provides me a sense of relief that it's clean. We use it in my son's playroom and also when kids come over for parties. It's safe and when the kids fall they don't get hurt. It's very attractive and fun for the kids


Aden approves this product

Fun playmat

This Paramount Double Sided Play Mat is currently my daughter's favorite thing to play with. It has a fun animal prints which keeps her engaged for a very long time. The playmat is soft cushioned, so there are no worries for the baby to get hurt. The playmat is washable and free of toxicity.


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Attractive animal printed play mat

I have purchased this attractive play mat for my kids. I first saw it my son's play school and liked it so much to buy it for my kids too. Its colorful and has attractive animal print on which also encourages my kids to make stories on them. Its totally kids friendly material made with soft cushion base. Value of money product.


Sunitha Behura Rastogi approves this product

Play mat

I had gifted this play Mat for my niece who is now 3 yrs old, she loved this Mat, she still loves playing, sleeping, eating etc on this Mat even now, she likes the print of the Mat., ., this Mat is totally useful, babies don’t get hurt, now I have a daughter hu is a month old n I have already got it, I would recommend this to everyone who are thinking to buy.


Syeda approves this product

Easy peasy play mat

Using this mat since a year for my lil munchkin easy to fold, easy to wash, occupies less space, affordable, easily foldable,best part is kids can carry easily. Helps in picnics too. I recommend this for all moms for easy play set up for our little cutie pies for their comfortable play time


Reshma Shenoy approves this product

Double sided playing mat

Amazing product for babies who are going to reach their milestone of sitting .My son used to fall backwards and direct hurt on his head i have tried everything possible helmets baby seat etc but this is one product which helped me a lot i could even leave him upon that and he used to play .


Vyshnavi Iyer approves this product

A super play mat

This one is a super cool play mat for babies as it really helps me to place my baby and hep him to crawl and every mom will always need a super hygiene place for their babies to be placed and this is a super investment for mom looking out for a mat


khyati13naramg approves this product

Useful thing for babies, kids and toddlers

This was gifted to my son from his nani nanu on his 9 month birthday. He loves playing, eating and doing whatever he wishes on this mat. When he started walking and crawling, this mat was extremely useful at that time as it is made of thick material. Babies won't get hurt when they fall while playing. The material is durable and easily washable. He finds it interesting to explore both the sides of this attractive mat. I am extremely satisfied with it.


Shikha Shreejith approves this product

Paramount play mat

I bought this play mat for my 4 year old litle gal , she used to play from this mat she loved the cartoons in it and it's very informative for children as they can play and learn things . She use to take this mat and sleep in it wen feeling sleepy aftr playing


Anuradha Giridharan approves this product

safe mat

Paramount Double Sided Play Mat Animal Print my dad gifted to me my baby was very happy to this and he was very excited to play and she always intended in playing on it. sometimes she falls down the mat helps in preventing getting hurt .safe for baby skin and hygine


Kalyani Lakshmanan approves this product

Play mat

The paramount double sided play mat is very convenient for playing babies. I bought this for my niece she used to play with this all Time. She loves the print designed in it. After school she use to carry this and play in this. It is washable so no worries of stains and it is very useful for her

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