NUK First Choice + Silicone Teat Large Hole

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Product Description

NUK Bottle nipples are specially designed to provide maximum comfort to your baby. It’s unique design helps reduce intake of air and allows the baby to control its flow, thus leading to easy feed and making your little getting adapted to drinking liquids.


  • Smooth flow: NUK bottle nipples enable the baby to control the flow of the milk without causing colic.
  • Natural feed: Its unique design helps mimic the natural breastfeeding phenomenon, thus leading to easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.
  • Easy To Maintain: These nipples are easy to clean and sterilise.
  • BPA Free: NUK Bottle nipples are BPA Free and safe for use by your little one.


  • Contents: Pack of 2

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leak proof


easy flow


high grade silicone


broader neck


chemicals free



extra care


narrow neck


not anti-colic


looses elasticity


not leak proof


NUK First Choice + Silicone Teat Large Hole Reviews

Sreenithi Sajith

Sreenithi Sajith | 2 years ago

4.1 / 5

Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

Silicone nipples

BPA free nipples are easy to clean and sterilize. I bought this when I thought to introduce my baby to nipples. This nipples are softer like breast and the transformation from breast to nipple became very easy for me. It helped me alot in bottle feeding without any interruption. It is very soft to suck on and does not cause any colic in babies as it has air passage way on nipple itself. It is made of high quality silicone

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Ayesha Jawad

Ayesha Jawad | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Ayesha Jawad approves this product

NUK Bottle nipple

Basically unique & latest designed anything any material attracts the buyer soon. Similarly this was impressed by me to buy for my kids. Less intake of air & more the free flow of milk etc for feeding. It reduced the risk of colic pain in my kids. I did not bothered from getting rid of breast feed to bottle feed as NUK nipples has done a great work.

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Shruti Raghav

Shruti Raghav | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Shruti Raghav approves this product

Easy Transition to bottle feed!


Leak Proof

Easy Flow

My colleague was very worried about beginning her daughter on her first bottle feed. I suggested she start with the NUK First Choice + Silicone Teat. She called me to thank me for saying her daughter is very comfortable with it. The nipples, made out of very smooth silicone material, along with a smooth flow gave her a very mother-like feeling. She adapted very quickly to it. Its unique design ensured there was no room for any air to be sucked in by mistake during the feed. Thus, any chances of colic problems were immediately removed. She told me it’s very easy to clean and maintain too. Being BPA free, it was no hassles!

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Bhanupriya | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

NUK Teat

I saw my neighbor was using nuk bottle nipples for her baby and the baby was also comfortably having milk from the bottle. The nipples of the nuk are very soft and made from the BPA free material which is safe for the baby. The baby was easy controlling the flow of the milk. My neighbor suggested me to have the nuk nipples for my baby. The nipple of nuk is very easy to clean and sterilize. My baby also switched from breast feeding to bottle feeding very easily.

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