NHR Puzzle Playmat With Pop Out Number Shapes Pack


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The best learning happens while playing. The NHR puzzle playmat with pop out number shapes pack will help your little one to learn, play, and enjoy all at the same time. This multicolored play mat is made up of foam material, which makes it safe for kids to play without getting hurt from the sharp […]

The best learning happens while playing. The NHR puzzle playmat with pop out number shapes pack will help your little one to learn, play, and enjoy all at the same time. This multicolored play mat is made up of foam material, which makes it safe for kids to play without getting hurt from the sharp edges.


  • Pop-out tiles: Each interlocking tile is embedded with multicolored numbers and a wide variety of shapes. These numbers and shapes are removable and replaceable for kids to play and have fun.
  • Fun to play: Your tiny tot will enjoy playing with this puzzle mat. The interlocking tiles will allow your baby to construct and create different shapes and buildings. The grooves made for colors and shapes will enhance the output of these creations as well.
  • Enhances learning experience: The puzzle mat will create interacting playtime and learning time for you and your child. Teach them colors, shapes, and alphabets and encourage your child to solve a puzzle.
  • Develops skills: This puzzle mat will develop imagination and curiosity in your child as they play and solve a puzzle. Also, they develop coordination, social, and educational skills in your child.
  • Easy maintenance: The tiles are made up of waterproof material which is washable and easy to maintain.


  • Age: 3 to 8 years
  • Material: EVA foam
  • Mat dimensions: 60 × 152 × 0.9 cm

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machine washable


special features


includes prop pillow


multi-sensory toys


baby melodies



thin material


color fades easily


cheap toys


weak foam support


musical attachments lack durability



meherk approves this product

Pop up numbers and shapes

I got this NHR Puzzle Playmat With Pop Out Number Shapes Pack for my neice. It is a really interesting stuff for little one to play and learn along. Each of these puzzle squares have pop up numbers and shapes as well. I remove all the shapes and numbers and let my little one to arrange them in the respective square that really helps improve her memory and learning skills.


Kiruthika Duraisamy approves this product

Super puzzle

I got this product as a gift from my brother and it's very nice in learning about number alphabet and animals etc...it's different colours.i am planning to buy this product to gift my brother in law daughter..the main thing is it has different colours which makes baby to play more and keep Ur kids more active.


Vatsla Verma approves this product

NHR Puzzle Playmat With Pop Out Number Shapes Pack

I appreciate that i brought NHR Puzzle Playmat With Pop Out Number Shapes Pack for my baby. It is a very good learning mat. My baby has so much fun with this mat. It makes a child learn counting.The blocks in mat can come out and child can use it as a puzzle to make different shapes.


vanaja mk approves this product

puzzle mat for learning and fun

Puzzle mat are asset for kids. They help them to think and learn and Improve their creativity and logical analysis. We bought this mat for outdoor purpose so that they can learn and play. My son and daughter both have become experts In recognising shapes and placing on correct place. It also improve their memory.


Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product

Play Learn

NHR puzzle mat has multiple uses can be used to teach kids colours, shapes, and alphabets and make them have a analytical bent of mind by solving puzzle. We have been using it for 2 years now. It's easy to maintain and clean. Can be taken outdoors and used indoors as well. Its colourful mat.


Saranya Naveen approves this product

Number play mat

A very useful gift that i got from my friend for my sons birthday... He loves it... He enjoys the different shapes and learnt counting very happily with this mat.. the pricing is also very reasonable and affordable... It helps the child to interact with the elders and play in a group without fighting


Umadevi G approves this product

NHR Puzzle Playmat is super

NHR Puzzle Playmat is very nice and made of foam material. it is easy to maintain and wash. it comes with pop out numbers shape so baby can learn the numbers while playing with this and can be used as a mat. these tiles comes in different shapes and easy to assemble also.


Sonali Sonawane approves this product

Play and learn mat

This mat was i purchased for my daughter dhruvee, when she was 1.5yrs old. She was just started to walk... She frequently she falls.. This mat was so helpful for me as it's soft... It spare dhruvee to hurts. It's blocks so she enjoyed to join and learn alphabets I teach her colors. This mat is very easy to clean. It's attractive.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Puzzle playmat

This interlocking puzzles are very helpful.to develop the eye and hand coordination of kids . It also increases the interest to learn in kids. It has shapes colors and numbers . We can teach shapes , colors , alphabets , numbers and much more using this mat. It is waterproof and easily washable. Good choice


Sandhya Vinodh approves this product

Nice puzzle mat

I have been using this puzzle play mat for quiet a long time and this very useful. This serves as both a puzzle for my kids to play and along use it for flooring when they play. It prevents them from getting hit on the floor and is of a very good quality.


Shehnaz Naz approves this product

Win win product

This puzzle pop out number n shape play mat is an amazing product. It has number with shapes which can be removed. Kids can play by puting number n shapes in the cavity. This makes them learn different shapes n numbers. My daughter loves to draw the shapes n number from the cavity also.


Shayana asharaf approves this product

Brain booster

This type of educational map is very helpful to our children.they learn and play with this type of educational map.this product is very good in quality and it is not too much expensive.babies like all this type of good product.they learn from this type of puzzle mat.it is very good product


Insiya Hussain approves this product

A Good number playmat

This NHR Puzzle Playmat is colorful and attractive.It has a very good design and non toxic and child safe.It can be joined and disassembled like a puzzle or simply make a block out of it. The curious minds know what to do they can learn colors , count numbers and a lot more by looking at the mat.A good product .


Ramya S approves this product

Awesome number play mat

It is one of useful number play mat with kids.children can play with number mat at age of 3 and above it can easily understand play mat and learn number. Children can enjoy to play mat the quality play is good and it lesser costly only we can purchase through online or shop.


Nidhi Mehta approves this product

Play and Learn together

It is a best learning tool.. this NHR colourful mat is is very easily assembled and dessembled .. it has a good material which is water proof and can be washed easily.. babies learn and play together .. it is a fun activity for kids and parents.. it is a very safe and soft product..i m happy


Vinita Gupta approves this product

Number mat

This mat enhance learning as well as can be used as play mat. Made from good quality eva material it is made tough and soft. It comes with 10 puzzle pieces which can be interlocked easily even by kids. The design had bright colors and each piece contain numbers and figure representing that no.


kanu kanu approves this product

Superb quality mat

Good educational mat. Child plays and learns and keeps busy by herself.Loved it. No smell and quality is Fab nice product for play kids and all kids i recommend to buy this esse kids ka mind bhi sharp hota h all parents plz must buy this numbers mat grt mat grt product


Numbers, Colors, Shapes - Play& Learn

NHR puzzle interlocking play mat is very entertaining, engaging and educative for kids. It has numbers, numbers in words and images with shapes. It gives lot of small things to study for toddlers. This interlocking units can be used to play by assembling to make blocks. They are made with good quality plastic and is so colorful and bright.


Sakshi Sharma approves this product

Great product

These puzzle play mat is awesome. My little one enjoys a lot on this mat. She like to count shapes. It is so colorful that it attracts kids towards it. It is the best play way mat for learning numbers. My name is little one started recognizing the numbers when she was 9 months. The quality of it is very good and thick. I must say it is value for money. Lovely mat ever.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Best playmat

It is one of the best mat i have ever used. It can be assembled and deassembled in variety of ways. Children can learn counting and numbers while playing with them. It is very colorful and unique. It had numbers printed on every part. The material is tough and safe for child.

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