New Natraj Comfy Cradle With Mosquito Net

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This cradle provides ample space for the baby. Due to its size, the baby can roll inside it liberally and feel pretty comfortable. This compact cradle provides good ventilation and comes with a mosquito net, mattress, and swing lock. Features Foldable: Can be easily folded Portable: Can be easily moved from place to place Swing […]

This cradle provides ample space for the baby. Due to its size, the baby can roll inside it liberally and feel pretty comfortable. This compact cradle provides good ventilation and comes with a mosquito net, mattress, and swing lock.


  • Foldable: Can be easily folded
  • Portable: Can be easily moved from place to place
  • Swing lock: Can be used to stop the cradle from swinging as per the baby's requirement
  • Ventilation: Airy insides
  • Bug protection: Mosquito net helps to keep mosquitoes at bay
  • Toys: Can be attached to the cradle
  • Mattress: Child-safe PVC mattress


  • Age: 0 to 12 Months
  • Swing function: Yes
  • Swing Lock: Yes
  • Mosquito net: Yes
  • Safety Harness: Yes
  • Overall dimension: 91.5 x 60.5 x 68 cm
  • Cradle dimension: 75.5 x 46.5 x 19.5 cm
  • Cradle inner dimension: 74 x 43.5 x 19 cm
  • Matters dimension: 74 x 43.5 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 15 kg
  • Net weight: 4.44kg

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attractive design


nontoxic eco-friendly material


secure sidewalls


sturdy and durable wood


teething rails



scarce spares


time-consuming assembly




premium price





Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Pretty good

Natraj comfy swing cum cot was a basic model for all to has reasonable low prices only. We can hang musical toy on the upper handle. Four wheels are attached to move somewhere. Medium height of swing. Quality of material was good .it has a strong card board under the cushion so it can weighs upto 8 kgs.

Keerthika Sivasubramaniam approves this product

Cozy cradle..

This type of cradle we bought for our one month baby.. this is cozy and comfortable... It can accomodate baby till 5 months.. its not too heavy in Weight.. it is movable and adjustable.. the net provided to cover the cradle is good material.. u have more designs and colours.. overall a good cradle to buy.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Nataraj cradle with matress

This comfy cradle from nataraj had Beautiful design and color. It comes with a matress which is soft and cushioned for comfort of the baby. It had swing lock for safety of child. It had attached toy bar to attract baby and mosquito net. It is strong and highly durable.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Economically beneficial

This baby cradle by new natraj is very useful and very simple in its looks. It is very light in weight yet has a robust and sturdy base frame. It thad got hanging toys for my baby’s amusement, my baby laughs when i move those toys with my hand. For baby safety it has mosquito net also.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

nest craddle

It is best craddle. it comes with mosquito net, padded mattress, swing lock and music. baby can get peaceful sleep inside it. it can be safest place for baby to sleep. it is very compact and it can be moved easily. it's mattress is machine washable which easy to wash.


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Nice and Comfy

I gifted this Natraj Comfy cradle with mosqutio net to a friend of mine. It has a nice and cute print. Very Sturdy and easily movable. Good quality of mattress and swings well. Its easily foldable , and durable. She really loved the product and very much eco-friendly. Babies love watching the toys from inside. Totally worth the price.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Good colour and comfort

Baby cradle are of different types, different brands, various color etc. but this cradle I found for my little princess very much helpful to me and felt comfortable while using it. It gives us the idea as a gift to others. Its quality attracted color of the material has just amazed me. Its fine mosquito net around the cradle kept my princess let sleep for hours with all my work get finished in house. It is very light weight and portable to carry and can be assemble in few minutes with the help of manual.


Cute and colorful

I brought this baby cradle by New Natraj for my niece; you can see that this cradle is nice in design and style. As a mom making your child go to sleep is sometimes a difficult task, so I always prefer to buy comfortable and beautiful cradles that the baby will love(As they are the one that has to sleep in it) . This cradle has very nice and comfortable cushion which helps the baby to have a better sleep. My friend loved the design of the mosquito net, it also has cute little shapes that your baby can see and enjoy.


Value for money

This product is highly recommended from my side for new born will easily carry baby weight upto 10-12 kg... product delivered in good condition and on time delivered... lovely color delivered as expected...cusion and material inside the cradle is so soft comfortable for baby... easily detached andd quickly rearranged...not take much space in the room... easily movable as wheels are so smooth ...we are happy that we ordered the right product for our new born...thank you so much to understand our needs...value for money product..


Quality issues

I gifted New Natraj comfy cradle with mosquito net to my cousin on her baby shower. After using it for around two months she discarded the cradle. On asking, she told me the issues with the cradle- the cradle tilted to the side the baby roll which I also noticed. Even though her baby was not very healthy, so I concluded that the cradle could not handle normal weight babies also. This is something which makes baby uncomfortable. Then, the alignment of mosquito net was not proper and it got very difficult for her to put it on the cradle.


Good quality cradle

got this cradle from New Natraj for my little one. very strong and sturdy cradle with good base and bedding. mosquito net on the top with zipping is easy to put and unzip easily according to your requirement. even the bedding is very comfrotable for the baby to sleep peacefully. my kiddo loves to sleep in this and have a look at the attached toys on the top. convenient thing is I can detach whenever required and also fold into compact position and place where ever required. I really liked this product from New Natraj. I am also planning to get one for my sister's kid too. hope she and her baby also loves this.


Nice and Cute

My friend gifted me this New Natraj Comfy cradle when I had my baby; it is a stable and durable cradle. It also has a mosquito net which is very useful in keeping the baby safe from mosquito. My baby used to love the toys above the cradle. It is suitable for young babies, as the height is a little short of the cradle. If your baby is just few months old then you can opt for this cradle. It has a very nice design, easy to move from one place to another, easy to clean and it is easily foldable. Even if something comes as a gift, I always double check everything before putting my baby in it.


A good cradle for newborns at a decent price

It is a basic cradle with mosquito net and is quite sturdy. As per me this is a value for money product, simple but effective for its purpose. It will work best for newborns and infants. It is very easy to carry and is foldable . It is mad of easy to clean material. Also has some basic hanging toys on top which can keep young babies entertained for some time. The height is a little short and I would suggest using a separate baby bed and not making your baby lie directly. Since the product comes at a very low price, you can easily opt for it for the initial few months for baby. May not be very suitable once baby starts to turn.


This is such an amazing cradle

This baby cradle from New Natraj is so good to see. Three of us pooled in to gift this cradle to a friend on her baby shower. I am sure she is going to love it. This cradle can be used until the baby is a year old. The cradle is small and can be easily moved around in the house. It has a mosquito net to prevent the baby from insects. The swinging feature will definitely make the baby comfortable. I am glad that we decided to gift our friend this amazing cradle.

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