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This is an ideal cradle with ample inner space which does not restrict the baby’s movement while asleep. It also provides good ventilation. It comes with mosquito net, swing, swing lock, and a safety harness Features Body: Made from tough and long-lasting materials Mosquito net: helps in keeping away insects away from the baby Swing: […]

This is an ideal cradle with ample inner space which does not restrict the baby's movement while asleep. It also provides good ventilation. It comes with mosquito net, swing, swing lock, and a safety harness


  • Body: Made from tough and long-lasting materials
  • Mosquito net: helps in keeping away insects away from the baby
  • Swing: Helps to put the baby to sleep sooner
  • Swing lock: Can stop swinging as per the requirement
  • Safety Harness: 2 point harness keeps your active baby safely fastened & comfortable at all times
  • Transportable: It is lightweight and is easily movable
  • Convertible: Cradle can be converted into bassinet using swing lock
  • Assembly: Easy to assemble


  • Age:0 to 12 Months
  • Swing: Yes
  • Swing Lock: Yes
  • Mosquito net: Yes
  • Safety Harness: Yes
  • Overall dimension: 100.5 x 55.5 x 26.5 cm
  • Cradle dimension: 81.5 x 45 x 20.5 cm
  • Cradle inner dimension: 67.5 x 33 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 15 kg
  • Net weight: 4.32 kg

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attractive design


secure sidewalls


convertible cots


nontoxic eco-friendly material


removable sidewalls





time-consuming assembly


scarce spares




premium price



Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Ideal cradle

This cradle is very unique model. It has an ample inside the swing. Baby comfort is most encourages to make this can move their body because of more spacious in it. We can lock the swing while it is not in use.cradle can be converted into bassinets for other use of baby to carry.mosquito net is fully protected.2 point safety harness and non toxic material are used.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Lovely baby cradle

What an soothing baby pink colour cradle. I simply love this baby cradle especially made for girls as its pink colour make it more girlish. The frame of this cradle is very fine in quality and very light in weight. It can be easily taken from one place to another due to its light has a lockable swing and can be locked when not in use.


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Cocoon baby

This is the cradle used for my niece and it's very high quality..the Mattresses used in it is durable and long lasting. The swing is lockable and it's very safe and sturdy. It has two level of safety measures and it's comes with a mosquito net in it. Cheap and best


Insiya Hussain approves this product

Durable and light weight

When we looking out to buy furniture to set up the baby nursery we came across this product that serves the purpose of cradle ,swing and bassinet.It was a nice buy , has a nice and elegant design ,comes with a mosquito net that keeps the baby protected.You can use it as a swing and later lock it to use it a bassinet. It is lightweight and easily movable. A very Good product.


Kashmi Shah approves this product

Nice Baby Cradle

This is one of the products that I have been looking for long time. It is very particularly build such that baby feels comfortable and enjoy sleeping inside it. Also it has mosquito net to provide protection from mosquito and save them from many problems like fever and getting sick.


Sakshi Sharma approves this product

Cute baby cradle

This simple and cute baby cradle is very comfortable for new born baby. The color is very nice. The quality is good and hard to break. It has mosquito net which helps in keeping away insects from the baby It has a swing feature which helps to put the baby to sleep sooner and make him calm when cranky and you can stop swinging as per the requirement It is lightweight and is easily movable.


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Comfortable cradle

This is a very cute and also useful product that I purchased for my Baby. new Natraj cocoon baby cradle is made of good quality material, and it can be assembled and dismantled as per your convenience. It comes with a mosquito net. Also it swings smoothly. My baby likes the color and comfort of this cradle.


Rishita Rishu approves this product

Girlish colour

This pink baby cradle is especially made up for baby girls and i have purchased one for my 3 months old baby girl. The cushioned bedding seat is very comfortable and my baby sleeps very comfortably for hours. I liked its non toxic material as it make it best as a child friendly product. Lovely product and quality is amazing.


Shilpa Kalra approves this product

Cute and sturdy cradle

This is such a cute cradle with sufficient inner space. Very nice colour and design. This is Made up of excellent quality. It comes with mosquitoes net which keeps baby safe from insect and mosquitoes. Net doesn’t stop the airflow. And also this is very safe for babies. Must have cradle


Sandhya Vinodh approves this product

My favorite cradle

This cradle is super cute for my baby. Very spacious and comfortable for the baby to sleep in. The mosquito net is my favorite thing about the cradle. The quality is good and I hope it lasts long for my baby. The edges of the cradle is also cleanly made to not harm the kids.


Shweta Toor bhatt approves this product

First thing to buy for baby

This is a must buy kind of thing for new born babies as they sleep 4-5 times a day so this makes mum’s life easy as they don’t have to carry the baby all the time in their arms once the baby fall asleep you can put the baby in it and you can swing it accordingly which really helps the baby to fall asleep quickly. Moreover, it has various features like mosquito net, swing lock safety harness and many more and it is very easy to assemble


Dhaval approves this product

best product

best product. attractive design. very secure sidewalls. sturdy and durable wood. adjustable height. secure sidewalls. Removable sidewalls. Convertible cots Very comfortable to sleep for my kid. she is so happy. Teething rails. Nontoxic eco friendly material. Premium product. My baby so happy to use it. Very best for small babies. It is very secure to work when baby is sleeping.


Priyanka approves this product

Natraj cocoon baby cradel

It is very good quality and spacious so baby does nit feel has mosquito net which is an added advantage.My baby feels very happy in it. I would recommend it to everyone. You can also carry it anywhere in the house.Easy to clean as well.Baby sleeps for long hours without any issue.



Swing is much needed till atleast 10 months for a baby because it'll be difficult for baby to put to sleep just by rocking. It's tidious because baby sleep 3-4 times for a day. And wakes up in between sleep.if u use cradle u can just rock the cradle instead of rocking.


Nupur Gupta approves this product

Good product

This cradle is one of the best. It is pink in colour which soothes the eye. It provide good ventilation. It had swing locking system so it can also be used as bassinet. It comes with mosquito net and sqfety harness too. It has wheels so it can be taken anywhere easily.



The cradle which is show here is very useful for baby... My baby used to sleep daily and it it gives a very comfortable sleep for baby... the only problem is it is manual we need to swing it with our hand at each and every minute... I used to tie lehengas on it so that my baby plays with it very nicely... It is very useful for travelling also... I used to keep it with us in my car... Adjustable height feature make it available for every type of seat. I am using it happily from last 5 months I recommended to every my friend who is new mother.


Shivani Soni approves this product

Comfort at its best

I bought this New Natraj Cocoon Cradle for my nephew as a first gift from his Bhua. This is really soft and comfortable. Quality is really good. It is spacious so which le my nephew sleep comfortable and whenever he turns or moves he doesn't wake up. It has mosquito net attached with it which helps to keep baby away from mosquitos and flies. It can be carried easily anywhere in the house. This cradle keeps air flow constant which keeps baby happy and relax.


Good product

Cradle is good and comfortable. Very spacious for the is easy to use and safe. The mosquito net keeps the temperature inside cradle warm.


Great gift option

Glad to share I have gifted this product to my brother , he has very kind comments to share . Their family loves this one, the baby enjoys the swing and relax in the cradle all night. The remarkable feature is that the cradle turned into a bassinet and very easy to carry if you go outside the house or to other room. The quality is very nice, as promised perfectly stitched and provide proper ventilation and air circulation. If you are looking for gift options then this a must buy or can be used for your daily use. The structure is strong and sturdy.



Baby cradle are of different types, different brands, various color etc. but this cradle I found for my little princess very much helpful to me and felt comfortable while using it. It gives us the idea as a gift to others. Its quality attracted color of the material has just amazed me. Its fine netting all around the cradle kept my princess let sleep for hours with all my work get finished in house. It is very light weight and portable to carry and can be assemble in few minutes with the help of manual.

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