Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker

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The best way to entertain the toddlers is the push toy. The Mothertouch bear rider activity walker is the best toy to help your little one learn the walking. It is fun and provides best activity for the toddlers to push the toy and walk around in the house. The bear rider is available in a wide variety of colors to choose from.


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generates interest to walk


provides balance


improves cognitive development


prevents falling





provides artificial assistance


inadvisable for prolonged use


delays muscle development


unsafe without supervision


Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker Features

  • Walk around: The toy has a push handle for the babies to have a better grip. The four wheeled toy vehicle helps the baby to balance, stand and walk. The smooth movement of the wheels will allow easy movement for the toddlers. The height of the toy is perfect for toddlers to walk around.
  • Sit and play: Your baby can also sit and play with the toy. It is designed with bright and attractive colours. The bear mounted vehicle will excite the little one to play for longer time
  • Music system: The toy will play ting tong music when the little one push the toy and walk around. This will entertain and motivate the toddlers to walk.
  • Sturdy and durable: It is designed with high quality plastic for durability. It is strongly built to withstand the weight of the toddlers.

Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker Specifications

  • Age: 9 to 18 months
  • Batteries required for sound
  • Material: Plastic and metal

How to use Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker

Insert batteries in the battery compartment.
Stand and Walk:

  • Train your little one to hold the handle of the Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker in a position.
  • Under adult supervision, ask him to take his first few steps.
  • The bear produces sound when the walker moves forward or backward.

Sit and Play:

  • Your little one can lift the peekaboo door.
  • Play with the bear toy.

Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker Reviews


Anne | 1 year ago

4.8 / 5

Good product

I keep on encouraging my baby by using different kind of walkers so that he won't get bored. This Activity walker is good, it has a great design that my baby loves. He finds it really entertaining to play with this walker, he loves the ting tong sound that the bear makes(he just cant stop laughing). It has a nice and stable handle shaped like a wheel, which is comfortable for my baby. He can easily stand up and walk with this Activity walker as it's very stable.He holds it as if he is driving his own car. Seeing him happy makes me happy.

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Divya Karthikeyan

Divya Karthikeyan | 1 year ago

4.4 / 5

Bear rider for my tiny bear baby

My husband got this bear rider walker as a first vehicle for my baby. He enjoys riding this one. He uses it all day and night. It is so cute. Anyone who comes to my house likes it too. A lot of my friends asked me to book it for their babies too. It is durable, adorable, and perfect for any small kid, be it a girl or a boy. Gift it to your baby and see them all smiles.

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Bhanupriya | 11 months ago

4.5 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Mothertouch Walker

My neighbor bought the Mothertouch bear rider activity walker for her daughter. The baby walker is so colorful which makes it attractive and is long lasting. The wheels of the walker is smooth with better grip which helps the baby to move with the walker on the floor. The walker has a bear infront which goes up and down and make some sounds which keeps the baby engaged and entertained. The walker also has a handle which helps the baby to stand and balance with a comfortable grip. The Mothertouch walker is a different product which helps the baby to keep up the first step on the floor.

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Sreenithi Sajith

Sreenithi Sajith | 11 months ago

4.2 / 5

Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

Loved the bear...

My baby loves to use this walker and play. She finds fun when the bear moves up and down along with her steps. It is strong enough for my baby to play. Strong and sturdy. A very good walker at a fantastic price. It is the best product to gift to someone you love. Babies are gonna love it

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supriya rayala

supriya rayala | 12 months ago

4.5 / 5

supriya rayala approves this product

Nice color and unique design

I brought this activity walker few days back, my baby girl loves to play with it. My baby girl is using this activity walker for one week now, to my surprise I haven’t found any problem with the walker till now. As it is stable, she can easily use it to stand and walk. My baby girl loves the Ting Tong sound that the bear makes, when she walks with this activity walker. It has a nice and comfortable grip, which makes it more safer for the baby. I also love the color combination of the activity walker. It is a nice and durable product.

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Talat Jehan

Talat Jehan | 11 months ago

4 / 5

Talat Jehan approves this product

Ok product

I got this walker as a gift for my niece... it is a cute looking walker which is colourful and has different features to it... for the price, it is an ok product but the weight of this product is very light which we didnt expected it to be... this creates a risk for the baby of falling while holding it... the material used for the product is an okay one... she does love playing with it but it is of no much use as a walker for her... not much satisfied with it...

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Mariyum Aaquib

Mariyum Aaquib | 1 year ago

4.3 / 5

Mariyum Aaquib approves this product

Activity walker with a bear rider

This is a very sturdy and high quality plastic body. My nephew had this one. This is an open walker wherein the child can stand and walk. The handle that the child holds is very blunt on edges making it an easy grip. The bear rider ahead move up and down. As the bear moves it makes a Ting-tong sound. The wheels used is large and hence can be used in travelling on bumpy roads . This is a hands-down great product for your baby to grow.

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Siri S

Siri S | 1 year ago

4.6 / 5

Siri S approves this product

lovely walker

this walker is so cute to look at with a bear at the front. this bear moves up and down with ding dong music creating interest for the baby to move forward. even the colour combinations are quite attractive to my baby, he loves to walk using this. its very string model from motherhood, which can be handled very easily. its very durable and heavy plastic, that can bear all the wall and floor hits my baby does during the movement. wheels are designed to smooth to ensure easy travelling and no troublesome actions during the baby play. its available in many more colours, but we all loved this combo the most.

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