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Mothertouch 2 In 1 Swing With Safety Harness Teddy Print is manufactured using premium quality material, and it helps your little one to relax. The adjustable backrest ensures comfort for your little one. Two-point safety harness and compact folding are the other features of this swing.


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adjustable swing speeds




washable seat pad


soothing features


bouncy seat



no ac adapter


non reclining


no safety straps




difficult to assemble


Mothertouch 2 In 1 Swing Features

  • The two-position adjustable backrest gives much comfort to your baby while sitting and sleeping.
  • Two-point safety harness keeps your baby in a secure position.
  • The rope is strong, and it provides safety for the kid while swinging.
  • The printed seat is made of high-quality fabric and suits all skin types.
  • The compact folding of the swing makes it travel-friendly.
  • Safety belts have to be fastened, and they ensure the safety of the kid
  • Recommended age: 6 months to 2 years
  • Weight: 1 kg

Mothertouch 2 In 1 Swing Assembly / Installation

  • Mothertouch 2-in-1 swing comes with sturdy belts.
  • Unfold the swing base.
  • Connect the belts with the support of ‘s’ hook to the swing frame.
  • Now, attach the swing to the ceiling using ‘s’ hooks.
  • Recline the seat. The swing provides two recline positions sleeping and sitting.
  • Adjust the metal anchors behind the swing to recline the swing backrest.
  • Place your baby and secure with safety harness belts.

Mothertouch 2 In 1 Swing Reviews

Siri S

Siri S | 2 years ago

4.6 / 5

Siri S approves this product

Safe home swing


Adjustable swing speeds

Washable seat pad


Got this MotherTouch swing online for my daughter when she is one year old. she loved this to the core. she enjoys her meal, drinks, watches rhymes and even sleep on this. it's easy to maintain, clean and wash. very easy to attach and detach. we can adjust the height as needed. quality is very good.

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Nupur Gupta

Nupur Gupta | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Nupur Gupta approves this product

2 in 1 sitting and sleeping

This swing from mothertouch is very good. Baby can sit and even sleep on it while swinging. This has very nice print of teddy which looks very cute. It had 2 position adjustable backrest for sitting and sleeeping and 2 point safety harness which keeps my baby safe in place. Made of fine quality fabric and light weight. I really love this one.

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Shreya Agarwal

Shreya Agarwal | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Shreya Agarwal approves this product

A good investment

Mothertouch 2 in 1 Swing with safety Harness Teddy print is really a simple elegant swing. I just got attracted by it's look classy. It's soft cushion like seat gives great comfort to my baby. It's soft smooth vibrations make my baby fall asleep very fast. It has three way safety harness which gives best protection to baby which I likes a lot. It can be folded easily, and can be stored without occupying much space.

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Aakanksha | 2 years ago

4.2 / 5

Sooooooo good and comfortable


Adjustable swing speeds

Bouncy seat

Washable seat pad

Soothing features


Highly recommended to all . it is durable and easy to assemble and wash. It comes with adjustable straps and can be adjusted it's length according to our needs. It is safe for kids and can be easily folded and keep when not in use. I am happy with the product. My princess likes it very much and smiles when she swings in it.

Mothertouch 2 In 1 Swing-Sooooooo good and comfortable-By aakanksha_
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Madhuri Iyengar

Madhuri Iyengar | 2 years ago

4.8 / 5

Safety first!


Priority to safety

Safety is the product's priority. As much as we want the baby to sit in this, the safety comes first and this product does just that!

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