Merries - Exceptional Breathability Tape Diapers

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Ever thought of a technology that will tell when your baby needs a diaper change? A diaper that will allow your little one to actually sleep like a baby? These revolutionary Merries diapers are not just gentle on the skin but are packed with lots of other features to keep your baby happy. These diapers […]

Ever thought of a technology that will tell when your baby needs a diaper change? A diaper that will allow your little one to actually sleep like a baby? These revolutionary Merries diapers are not just gentle on the skin but are packed with lots of other features to keep your baby happy.

  • These diapers have a triple layer air through system ensuring your baby’s skin remains dry.
  • They are clinically proven to be rash free as the diapers are extra soft, fluffy, and they absorb quickly.
  • They also come with a revolutionary wetness indicator. When the diaper strip changes from yellow to dark blue, it is time to change the diaper.
  • The micro air channels release the heat from the diaper’s outer sheet and allow ventilation.
    The diaper’s snug fit ensures there is no leakage from any side.
  • It can easily fit the baby as it stretches 2.5 times more. This makes it easy to put the diaper and remove it.
  • A flexible elastic around the tummy allows for comfortable feeding and sitting experience for the baby.
  • There is an adorable bunny print on each Merries diaper.
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fresh cotton feel


rash free


good absorption


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night


elastic wears off


leakage sides



Shweta approves this product

Awesome diapers

Merries diapers were awesome I tried many good branded diapers but they were not as good as merries. No doubt is Japan's number one diapers, it deserves that. It was very much comfortable, rashfree, it had good absorption capacity and it was hugs baby's waist. In one word I can say it's awesome.


Suma Mohith approves this product


Merries - Exceptional Breathability Tape Diapers is very good diapers it is very fresh cotton feel and very comfort for my baby and he actually like it and play so comply , its hugs baby's waist and good observation , rash feel also and i am very happy to see this good result


Kalyani L approves this product

Best diaper

Merries tape diapers is leak proof. It won't cause diaper rashes because it has the wavy top sheet. My baby sleeps in night without any leakage issues. It has indicator so I can change the diaper easily. It is a must buy diapers for all new moms. I recommend this product for tension free night.


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Merries tape diapers for extra absorbance

merries diapers is one among the must buy diapers for young ones. It is a genuine product and has 2x more polymers for absorbing leaving the diaper dry through .the elastic is also not tight and from my experience I would recommend this as genuine product and should be tried at least once


Roma Malhotra approves this product

Best diaper ever

I don’t know about this diaper but after using this now it’s my first choice in diapers. My baby feel very comfortable and I recommend every mom for this diaper, it’s just amazing product so soft and new tape line feature. Leakproof and it’s stays overnight. I always prefer this diaper love it


Hardika approves this product


It is good product for my baby. it absorb the whole night pee from inside as well as outside. my baby feel more comfortable to wear. I m also not worried because it is not leakage after wearing baby is comfortable in happy mood to sleep in whole night. Thanks to you momjunction for lovely product...


Mital Patel approves this product

Super comfy diaper

Now a days it's our favorite diaper . One amazing features of this is tape line which change in colour so I able to understand now it's time to change a diaper. That's make my life easy. Its really light weight and round wrist elastic so baby feels comfortable . My kiddo feels so comfy when he wearing this diaper. And its made of cotton. So no harm and rash to baby. Its really nice . I would like to recommend it to all mommies.


Shiba Hassan approves this product

Best diaper yet!

It is a very good diaper. It is very soft and comfortable both from inside as well as outside. My baby felt really comfortable wearing it. She refused to wear her other diaper and choose only this one. Happy with this product. Leaked from side twice because my baby dint let me properly wear it. She kept playing comfortably in it :)


26122012 approves this product

Leak proof diapers

These are one of the best leak proof diapers i have been using for my baby. They are non allergic and completely comfortable for my kid. The material used in the diapers give a fesh cottony feel. Keeping baby dry all through the night. Comfort at home. Love using these diapers all night long.


Saradha Karuppaiah approves this product

Super soft and comfortable diapers

This has been the softest diaper I have ever used for my baby. The fresh cotton feel is just amazing I prefer these for nights or long travels. It has a good absorption and didn't face any leakage issues too. Doesn't leave any elastic marks and fits baby's hips perfectly. The price is quite expensive when compared to diapers from other brands however the quality and efficiency is worth the price.


Ujwala Dhabde approves this product

Money worth it and nice products

This diper is good for every baby it absorb whole night pee of your baby it's not leakage from the diper it is very soft for your babies when my baby wear it she sleeps very well in the day and night also thanku merrys diper I can tell to other also


Asma Tabassum approves this product

Safe Diapers

Merries Diapers are super diapers. It has triple layer system and air leakage channels which keeps the diaper for hours together fresh and comfortable. My sister-in-law has suggested me to use these diapers and It has high absorption capacity and can stay for atleast 8 hours without any leakage. Really good diapers.


ruby chaudhary approves this product

Soft and comfortable daiper......used for my 5 months baby

Merrie's daipers are really soft and comfortable for little babies. I came to know about these daipers thru Facebook and I have used this product for more than a month...while using these daipers my prince don't face any problem like rashes or any leakage from sides....Huge thanks to Merries daiper company


Roshni Trivedi approves this product

Worth buying

So recently I heard about this brand from my friends as I'm expecting mom this month so I thought of buying a small pack of this and see I can say diapers are super soft plus the material is comfortable its has colour changing technology in this turns blue jus can't wait to use on my baby


Ritu approves this product

Most trustworthy product

It is one of the most comfortable diaper.. It soaks the pea.. Mom you don't have to worry for at least 8 hours unless baby poo... My baby sleeps well in merries diaper. Baby won't get rashes when you use diaper.. It is also a rash free. You can use it freely


Fazeela Sameer approves this product


Merries diapers have natural and fresh cotton feel for Lil ones is very comfortable for babies...and very important it has very high and good absorption that's very great and last but not least is less expensive for mammas ...and of course Rashes free and I loved it for my baby!


RJ Dhana approves this product

Gentle diapers

These are gentle diaper with more specialties. it has triple layer system and air leakage channels so diaper remains fresh and dry or long hours. it has wetness indicator so easy to check has adorable prints and easy to carry them. it has snug fit and stretches easily so fits perfectly to baby.


Palak sehgal approves this product

Comfort and stay long

Merries is the best brand for diaper I almost used all the brand but no one give me satisfaction like merries. It's too comfortable and soft for babies. . Its absorption is very good and it stays longer. And its wrist fitting is like cotton. For a baby who has sensitive skin, this is the best brand of diaper.


Arpita Chandekar approves this product

Amazing diaper

It's an amazing product with the latest design. These diaper are designed very intelligently, it has a indicator which actually indicates that the diaper is full now and needs a change. This is the usp of this diaper. Other than this it's super soft, good absorber, doesn't leak from sides, very gentle on babies skin, keeps the skin rash free. I love it and recommend to all mums out there.


Sunita Ranga approves this product

Super soft

Merries tape diapers are very good baby diapers. It has a wetness indicator to tell mommy that the diaper is full and need to be change now. This feature i like the most. It is best for night use as it’s capacity is high than other ordinary brands available in market. It soaks more and still keeps baby dry.