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Ever thought of a technology that will tell when your baby needs a diaper change? A diaper that will allow your little one to actually sleep like a baby? These revolutionary Merries diapers are not just gentle on the skin but are packed with lots of other features to keep your baby happy. These diapers […]

Ever thought of a technology that will tell when your baby needs a diaper change? A diaper that will allow your little one to actually sleep like a baby? These revolutionary Merries diapers are not just gentle on the skin but are packed with lots of other features to keep your baby happy.

  • These diapers have a triple layer air through system ensuring your baby’s skin remains dry.
  • They are clinically proven to be rash free as the diapers are extra soft, fluffy, and they absorb quickly.
  • They also come with a revolutionary wetness indicator. When the diaper strip changes from yellow to dark blue, it is time to change the diaper.
  • The micro air channels release the heat from the diaper’s outer sheet and allow ventilation.
    The diaper’s snug fit ensures there is no leakage from any side.
  • It can easily fit the baby as it stretches 2.5 times more. This makes it easy to put the diaper and remove it.
  • A flexible elastic around the tummy allows for comfortable feeding and sitting experience for the baby.
  • There is an adorable bunny print on each Merries diaper.
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fresh cotton feel


good absorption


rash free


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


elastic wears off


leakage sides


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night



vaishnavi rupawala approves this product

Diper With Japanese technology

It is a great product from japan.Material of diaper inner layer is soft so no rashes. Its very gentle for babies dedicated skin. It locks wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness so my baby can sleep for whole night without disturbance.. The unique product design enables a comfortable fit. Flexible waist band which can stretch upto 2.5 times so it won't give rashes on tammy also that adapts to baby’s movements for a comfortable fit. My opinion to all new mom to use this diaper once.. you definitely love it.. m very satisfied with quality.. love it..


Parveen Neha approves this product

Best diapers

I was in search of such diapers which are rash free,soft,super absorb-able power,no leakage problem,comfortable,best quality for my baby,which sticks my babies waist...and thus I got these super duper diapers from merries😍After starting using this diapers to my baby it is correct size,sticks my babies waist,it is light weight and got good absorbing power,it is easy to use and it's strips color changes to blue as an indicator to change them..I would recommend this to every baby..making babyhood awesome


Laxmi Budhapa approves this product

It is amazing product because my baby is always sleeping because your credit and then finally cool Diapers from merries are the best for babies available in India. Quick absorbing power, no leakage😁These diapers are fantastic! I was recommended Japanese diapers Merries by a friend , very high quality. These are great!! There was not irritation on


S Afrid Azmathulla approves this product

After usages am feeling very happy to use this diapers are better than other company products. Quality and usage of the diapers to kid is very comfortable and easy to handle. Baby can't feel any other distractions during usage of the diaper.very good and nice way to use for our lovable kids.thank you for your great product.


Dp Cl approves this product

Best quality diaper

Merries diaper is made out of best quality material and good absorption capacity so it is comfortable to baby and make them sleep very well and also size is perfect as age group but it leaves marks on weist otherwise fantastic product I suggest this Japanese merries diaper to my friends


Prachi Masurkar approves this product

Good. Just perfect in size. Long lasting.

Good. Long lasting. I can say that it is really long lasting. And the size was also perfect for her which was expected from the product. Really satisfied me and I will surely purchase from you from now for my baby. It is good to use at night time also.


Sandya Kohli approves this product

Quality of the product

A awesome product from momjunction received on Monday. The packing of product was good and the quality of diaper is super From last 1 year I used many diapers for the baby but this product is good from other one. I also advice to other people to bring this diapers home. As this would not cause any rashes to the baby and also comfortable for the baby.


Mohit Bantia approves this product

Soft as Cotton

Merries, was recommended by my cousin. Very comfortable for my baby. Elastic does not leave mark and very much suitable at night time. The colour indicator is very much useful. Absorption capacity is very fast and there is no leakage. No irritation. No wonder it's Japan's no. 1 brand. I am very thankful to my cousin for recommending me Merries.


Rana Mandal approves this product

Overall satisfied

Merries is a very reasonable brand and I like it for my little one,it's diapers are soft ,long lasting and doesn't cause any irritation to your baby .it was recommended by one of my friends and after using it for my baby I will aslo started recommending it to other mom's.


Dhiraj Dj approves this product

It was awesome, the quality of material used was totally impressive..

Need to tell its One of the best products I have ever used for my baby....The diapers are so soft and comfortable... My baby is having a nice sleep at night because there is no chance of leakage with this diapers. Love the product from Merries. A big thanks to them


Ayansh Chowdhury approves this product

Very good quality, easy to use, comfortable

Baby loves it very much. He is demanding to get that at night. Most of diapers the problem is, in the morning we see that it leaks and our bed became wet. With your product it didn't happen. You have provided 3 free diapers, experience was same with all which is very good. Quick abosrbing power, comfortable, lovable, cotton feeling in short.


aamir ansari approves this product

i got that ptoduct

i got that product and i use it for my baby .. now i wish to suggest this product to all my family members and i will continues using it one of my friend suggested me to use it now i am also a happy costumer of this product thanks marries product..


Atiya Parveen approves this product

Best diapers for babies I would recommend

Diapers from merries are best and comfortable to babies. My baby feels so comfortable and it is leakage free,soft cotton,doesn't give any rashes,quick absorbing power, it has good elastic and I would suggest to everymother for their children. It is easily disposable and has exceptional quality thankykou momsjunction and merries for bringing such pampers for my baby👌😍❤️


Sakina Gheewala approves this product


Really nice diaper my baby likes to wear it. my wife said it can hold for a long time which is the best part about this diaper.....the indicator makes ….. So i tell that this product is a good with good quality please take this pampers only child will also like so you take this pamper I have made a video of this pampers and shared with YouTube my experience is very good so I will se suggest to take this pampers


Aaditya Bhaskar approves this product

very nice One of the best products

My husband bought this Merries diapers for my baby. Since I am using this diapers life is so easy that my baby is not getting irritated with the diapers as its soft and comfortable. No chance of leakage. We are having a good sleep at night unlike before. Love Merries


Prashant Diwan approves this product

Super quality

Must buy ....very comfortable for my baby...good leakage.....very very good....Quick absorbing power..One of the best products I have ever used for my baby. these diapers is their sizes which match the Indian baby size vis a vis other brands..i like it so much...superb very comfortable for baby no problem


Ramit Kumar approves this product

Best product ever

Very best product safe for baby good quality better response fabric quality is very fine soft for baby very best product and my family is using the same thing for child i think every mom dad should try it for baby it is very comfortable for very very good product i realy like it


Mohit Tomar approves this product

This baby pamper is best

This diaper have superb absorbency and comfort fit. And every part of the diaper releases heat and moisture and the color changing indicators are very good. Airy channels is a unique technology used in merries diapers and I am very happy to use this baby diaper and thanks to momjunction to give me this nice products.


Rani dubey approves this product

very nice product i recieve

guys! i received this amazing gift from momjuction. momjuction always care indian moms i really love this product and recommend to all mom too bcoz this is soft and comfortable for baby. My baby is sleeping comfortably with this diapers...thank you so much again to sent me this nice product.


Asha Pun approves this product

Perfect diaper for my baby

Awesome diaper! After using it, I found this is the best diaper for my baby. It is very stretchable due to which it can easily fit on my baby. A flexible elastic around the tummy which makes my baby very comfortable. It has superb absorbency and it absorb quickly. It keeps my baby dry for long hours. It prevent rashes and is extra soft and fluffy. Merries diaper makes my baby's skin dry. It comes with the wetness indicator which is very useful feature for me. This diaper is very gentle on my baby's delicate skin. I'm very happy using Merries diapers for my baby. My baby feels very comfortable and loved the Merries diapers. Must buy diaper for all kids.