Mee Mee Nursery Bag With Insulated Bottle Holder Multi Print

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This cute nursery printed bag with shoulder straps aptly fits as a utility bag to carry baby diapers and other baby essentials. Its multi-pockets provide ample space to carry all that is required for the baby. The strong build material makes the bag durable.


Bottle holder: The bag has a strongly protected bottle holder that can accommodate two bottles
Spacious: The bag with one large compartment and two pockets provides plenty of room to accommodate all the baby essentials
Shoulder straps: The strong shoulder straps make it easy to carry the loaded bag
Quality: The bag is built from PVC plastic that provides decent quality and long durability
Looks: The bag with its chic colors (Red and Blue) looks so cool and beautiful


Age: 0 to 3 years
Material: PVC Plastic
Compartments: 1 main compartment and 2 Pockets
Bag dimensions: Length 14 cm x Width 39 cm x Height 24 cm
Weight: 500 grams
Bottle holder material: Holder inside is made of plastic and outside is of Therm

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spacious compartments


multi-utility bags




adjustable shoulder straps


changing mats





premium pricing


smaller changing mats


gets damaged sooner


flimsy inner lining


Mee Mee Nursery Bag With Insulated Bottle Holder Multi Print Reviews


sonali | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

sonali approves this product

Spacious bag


Multi-utility bags

Spacious compartments


Adjustable shoulder straps

It is a very helpful product for the mom of a newborn baby. moms need diaper bags to keep all the baby essentials while visiting doctors or going out. The product is waterproof and looks beautiful when my neighbor hangs it on her shoulder to go out. The bag and the insulated bottle holder both are of good size but she finds it difficult to keep the baby file when she needs to visit the pediatrician. Overall the product is good and values for money.

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Umadevi G

Umadevi G | 2 years ago

3.6 / 5

Umadevi G approves this product

Mee Mee Nursery Bag

it is from a trusted brand Mee Mee Nursery Bag with Insulated Bottle Holder Multi Print. the bottle holder can carry two bottles. The bag has one main zippered compartment and one front pocket. Strong shoulder straps helps to carry the bag comfortably anywhere and any can also carry hot liquids easily without any leakages.

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Shreya S

Shreya S | 2 years ago

4 / 5

Shreya S approves this product

Big bag many uses


Multi-utility bags

Spacious compartments

This bag is so big that i can also carry my clothes when me and my baby go out to stay with my parents or my friends for a day. There is a separate compartment for bottles, and I am glad i do not have to put the bottles in the same space as the clothes and diapers - sometimes the bottle leaks and it is a mess then! The zippers get stuck sometimes, but otherwise it is a fairly good purchase.

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Insiya Hussain

Insiya Hussain | 2 years ago

4.4 / 5

Insiya Hussain approves this product

A nice printed spacious bag


Multi-utility bags

Spacious compartments

Adjustable shoulder straps

I got this bag for my friend who was going to be a mommy soon as a baby shower gift. It is a nice multi utility bag that can be used as baby diaper bag and to carry other essential items that we need while travelling with a baby. She is now using it after delivering her baby and is very happy with it.

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sowjanya | 2 years ago

3.4 / 5

sowjanya approves this product

Great Product


Multi-utility bags

Spacious compartments

An incredible bag for people with kids. I was given this bag by my sister. It is highly spacious. The bag is of good quality and there are separate compartments for feeding bottles and diapers. The diaper holding compartment is quite big. I would definitely suggest this bag. The insulated bottle holder is a plus. The milk stays warm for 1-2 hrs. The bag has strong strap and makes carrying it much more comfortable. It would have been great if they had few more colour combinations. Yet this is a bag that I mark essential.

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Shreya Agarwal

Shreya Agarwal | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Multi print Nursery Bag

I liked this multi print bag in red colour. Its colours make it a more girlish diaper bag to be used especially for baby girls . Its has a lovely printing over its surface which gives it more attractive look. Its spacious main compartments allows to put all needed baby care things in a segregated manner. I love this bag.

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Devika Sujith

Devika Sujith | 2 years ago

4.3 / 5

Devika Sujith approves this product

Decent Baby Bag

Mee Mee Nursery Bag with nice designs and attractive colors is a good diaper bag to opt for new moms. Very spacious and trendy. It can accomodate all the necessary baby stuffs. It has separate insulated pouch to keep milk or water warm for the baby upto 1hr. The quality is just average and is worth the money spent.

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Shafiqua Tahseen

Shafiqua Tahseen | 2 years ago

4.7 / 5

Shafiqua Tahseen approves this product

Eye catching design

I brought this Mee Mee Nursery Bag for my sister, she loved it from the very instance she saw it. It has an excellent colour combination and design that you will love. This Nursery bag has got a strong and comfortable straps so that you can carry it for longer duration. You can easily fit all the necessary requirement for your baby with ease…. It also has a nice bottle holder with it, overall it’s an incredible product to help in your daily routine.

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Anita Banger

Anita Banger | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Anita Banger approves this product



Multi-utility bags

Spacious compartments


It liked this mee mee multipurpose bag. It has a spacious zipper main compartment. Its bottle holder compartment can easily accommodate two bottles and is a leakage proof unit of bag. It is made up of Durable pvc material. It has a strong shoulder strap that allows you to carry weight easily. Overall am sure it will work longer.

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