Mee Mee Cushioned Non-Slip Potty Seat With Handles

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Mee Mee Cushioned Non-Slip Potty Seat With Handles comes in several attractive colors. The soft, cushioned seat provides comfort and convenience to the baby while on the job. The build material makes it clean and wash. This toilet seat makes it an apt choice for a baby’s toilet training

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handles on potty seat


non-skid edges


fits all toilets




detachable potty ring



unsteady ladder


short pee guard


no splash guard


slips easily


small size


Mee Mee Cushioned Non-Slip Potty Seat With Handles Features

  • Padded-seat: The soft cushioned seat keeps the baby comfortable while using this toilet seat
  • Handles: The side handles provides the baby with necessary grip and support
  • Sterile: The materials used are safe and are BPA free
  • Prints: The cushioned seat comes with attractive prints
  • Easy to fit: This toilet seat fits on almost all the western-style toilets

Mee Mee Cushioned Non-Slip Potty Seat With Handles Specifications

  • Age: 6 months to 2 years
  • Dimensions: 38 x 35 x 5.6 cm
  • Weight: 422 gms

Mee Mee Cushioned Non-Slip Potty Seat With Handles Reviews

Farha Sabreen

Farha Sabreen | 3 years ago

4.8 / 5

Farha Sabreen approves this product

Non slip potty seat ideal for small kids

We bought this after my son was not able to cover his old potty chair, this seat is very comfortable and has a tight grip. Initially I was hesitant to make my son sit on this seat with a fear of falling but to my surprise the side handles dis their perfect job and I was relieved. The quality of the seat is very nice and looks durable enough. My son also feels comfortable and doesn’t sound fussy about it.

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Siri S

Siri S | 3 years ago

4.6 / 5

Siri S approves this product

best potty seat ever

this one is the best potty seat ever. always I came across plastic potty seats which are quite baby-friendly. but this one is very convenient to use on the western commode. no separate toilet base needed for your baby. I loved the soft cushioning and beautiful print. my baby loves to sit on this and hold the handles. its very easy to maintain and clean. I and my baby both are happy to use this product without much trouble. thanks to meemee.

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Deepika Telang Telang

Deepika Telang Telang | 3 years ago

5 / 5

Deepika Telang Telang approves this product


This seat perfectly fits on my toilet and is cushiony so my kid fits well on it. It has handles that provides a nice grip to the baby. Just think about the size of your kid and the age of your kid. This cute and comfy seat immediately got her attention and now she has started holding the handles to adjust herself well on the seat. The seat is very comfortable and at the given price, it is fairly economical.

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