Mamaearth Berry Blast Toothpaste For Kids

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Infused with yummy strawberry extracts this natural berry blast toothpaste from Mamaearth is perfect for babies. It tastes so good that babies would never run away from brushing their teeth. This toothpaste is not just delicious but cleanses the teeth and gums perfectly while also removing plaque, if any.    Features Mamaearth is Asia’s First Made […]

Infused with yummy strawberry extracts this natural berry blast toothpaste from Mamaearth is perfect for babies. It tastes so good that babies would never run away from brushing their teeth. This toothpaste is not just delicious but cleanses the teeth and gums perfectly while also removing plaque, if any. 


  • Mamaearth is Asia's First Made Safe-certified toxin-free brand.
  • A pea-sized amount is enough for a single-use.
  • It is made of high-quality natural ingredients like xylitol, aloe vera gel, strawberry, and stevia. 
  • This toothpaste is free of fluoride and SLS ensuring it is safe for babies.
  • Mamaearth products are clinically tested in QACS Labs in Europe to ensure stringent testing standards.


Net wt. 50g 

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natural formulation




tastes good









pungent taste


spicy flavor


chemical formulation





sneha vyas approves this product

Not sure

Though my baby just have one teeth but still putting him practice to brush everyday My baby loves its taste he gets very excited when I bring him near basin he knows it brush time have used many other brands to but was very excited to use mamaearth for it's natural ingredients I have also personally trusted this brand and so was confident to use it on my baby too

Sindhu Vinod Narayan approves this product

Best choice for toddler brushing

I've been using this paste for my toddler for the past one year and I'm.completely satisfied. The ingredients are carefully chosen to be natural each having its own significance, is a major plus. Using Stevia to enhance the taste instead of sugary substance is a great way to make sure the toddler enjoys brushing.


Sammiya Saduf approves this product

Taste might be strong for some kids

PRODUCT:- Mamaearth Berry Blast Toothpaste For Kids REVIEW:- This tooth paste is fluoride and SLS free. It has all natural ingredients that are good for the baby's oral health. This toothpaste is amber colored. The consistency is gel like and only a little is required for every use. As it has the delicious strawberry formula, children no more say no to brushing.


Priya Sethi approves this product

Chemical free

Best toothpaste for kids as it is floride and chemical free. 100%natural and totally safe for kids. My son only likes mamaearth toothpaste. Taste is good and very reasonable price according to quality of the product. I only use this toothpaste for my kids and highly recommend this to all mother .


Saraswathi Subbu approves this product

Brush with berry berry

The flavour makes the kids to love to brush, strawberry flavours create a interest in brushing for kids. My nephew and niece daily enjoy brushing because of this refreshing flavour of strawberry. Good formulation which is natural and good for tooth. I highly recommend this toothpaste to all the kids.


Sandhya Vinodh approves this product

Toothpaste with a good tadte

This berry blast tooth paste is really good. My daughter likes this flavor and she has started to brush on her own now. Initially there was a bad odor coming from her mouth but after started using this I can see a big difference now and also here teeth is whiter than before.


Shruti Dadhwal approves this product

Great for Kids

It is recommended for moms as i have tried it myself. My elder daughter is good with her brushing routine now, it has very good falvour of strawberry which the kids will enjoy. It is flouride free toothpaste and is not at all dangerous for the milk teeths of kids.


payal_garg approves this product

I found this a very nice product for my kiddo

🌈Since my baby got his first tooth, I introduced brushing to him. Though initial days were like walking on a cake and quite difficult to make him habitual of it, I had to talk a lot about how and why we should brush our teeth.. . . 🌈I even tried new flavors of many kinds of toothpaste, but let me tell you the one I get hands-on from proved to be the one right product that finally convinced my munchkin. And now, it has been our daily routine to ask for a brush and paste. . . 🌈So, thought to review some key benefits of Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste from @mamaearth_india 1️⃣It is a 100% natural product free from fluoride and sulphate. 2️⃣It comes in a handy 50g tube, that can be carried easily while traveling. 3️⃣The natural berry blast flavor fascinates kids' taste buds, so they enjoy brushing. 4️⃣It offers good dental and oral hygiene. .


Pranita Kaur approves this product

Awesome Product

My son just loved the taste of the paste and is happily brushing his teeth now. Thanks Mamaearth for such wonderful product and thanks Momjunction for creating awareness of such good products amongst moms. Thanks once again!!!! The taste of the paste is too good with good fragrance. Must try product...


maniprasad approves this product

Loves brushing

My daughter loves to brush her teeth everyday just because of the Mamaearth Berry Blast. She loves the smell of it and she really enjoys brushing her teeth. It is free of fluoride and SLS and it is safe for babies. It is highly recommended too. Mamaearth products are really good.


Mumtaz Surani approves this product

The ultimate toothpaste

I have been using Mamaearth berry blast Toothpaste since a year and a half. I have always used mamaearth toothpaste for her since i have started brushing for Zaa. Reason being, it's fluoride free , safe when gulped in and oh so flavourful. I was damn worried about zaa(my lil one) gulping down the toothpaste and it's effects on her body. But these features helped me relax and she loves the flavour too, to the extent that she quickly finishes it and says "aur chahiye mamma" 🙈


Swati approves this product

Great flavour, loved by kiddos

Brushing, as we know is a very important regime in our life. Just like other moms, I'm also particular about daughters brushing their teeth properly. For both of them, I introduced proper brushing at 12+ months. The brush must have super soft bristles and just a pea-sized quantity is enough for them. I got introduced to the berry blast toothpaste by @mom_junction through the babybox they sent me few days back. We used this paste and the kids liked it well. The tube isnt very hard and is easily squeezable unlike some other brands in the market where it us difficult to squeeze the tube sometimes. The flavour of strawberries is good and most importantly it is fluoride free and SLS free. Most of the times kids end up swallowing the paste 🤷‍♀️ Good product and moms can try this out.


Shayana asharaf approves this product

Good product

This tooth paste is very natural is very nice is very good to use.this give freshness for mouth and very clean.the smell of this product is very good.this product is pocket friendly and it is not too much expensive.the quality of this product is also very good.I like this product very is very natural


Shalaka Patil approves this product

Now kids can never say no to brushing

The most tough job of a mom is making her child brush her teeth. Toddlers these days dont like brushing their teeth so many moms are worried. Here comes the saviour Mamaearth toothpaste . It is non toxic plus fluoride free. Also has a great taste . My toddler is definitely enjoying brushing her teeth. I am surely suggesting it to all my friends. Truely #mamaearthcares.♥️


Sigy Joy approves this product

Best organic toothpaste

Recently bought the toothpaste for my baby boy. What made me buy this toothpaste is coz of it's all natural ingredients and it is fluoride free which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the purchase and I am happy I made this. It tastes good and I am not worried much as there is no toxins getting in to his body. Happy baby and happy mother during brush time.


Aaroo approves this product

Wonderful toothpaste

Mamaearth berry blast toothpaste for kids: now my kiddo enjoys his toothbrush time a lot. The flavour of the tooth paste is kids friendly and there is no harm even if they swallow as it is completely flouride and SLS free. it is formulated with high quality ingredients like xylitol,alie and stevia which also helps in strenghten gums (bingo)


Harinder Kaur approves this product

Keeping Cavities at bay naturally

This is one of the best toothpastes I have come across. Fully natural, toxin and fluoride free males it stand out among others. My daughter really loves this particular berry blast flavor as this is her favorite. The flavor is nice. :) I am happy with the fact that even if it gets swallowed then it's not gonna harm my child in any way. Its just perfect in every way and very economical too.


Saraswathi Valliappan approves this product

Good product

I gifted this to my niece and she is using it. Very great product it gives good fragnance and it's very refreshing paste . And my niece love the smell of this paste. It's formula is very good for the kids tooth and I recommend this to all the new moms


Samidha Mathur approves this product

Nice Product

My daughter has started using toothpaste because she does not like using fluoride-based toothpaste. Although she spits and rinses her mouth very nicely, still she loves using fluoride-free toothpaste. This toothpaste is good in taste, somewhere fruity, and capable enough to stop bad breath. It gives a feel of freshness as well. It is colourless, so I love it the most. Overall, it is nice toothpaste, but it has a chemical formulation too. But it does not have any harmful chemicals in it. So I will recommend it.


Nida Khan approves this product

Yummy toothpaste for kids

Mamaearth Natural berry blast toothpaste is a veey good product for babies of 1 year. It taste so good n smells good and sweet. Good thing abt this product is its floride free and chemical free. Don't worry if your baby eats it by mistakenly. It is made up of natural fruit flavor. I would recommend all mommies to start their babies teething habit by this product.

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