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Weaning abreastfeeding baby and making them adapt to bottle-feeding is not always easy. Some babies may be unwilling to accept the transition

Weaning abreastfeeding baby and making them adapt to bottle-feeding is not always easy. Some babies may be unwilling to accept the transition. MAM anti-colic baby bottle tries to make this transition a tad easy by making the nipple feel as natural as possible. The SkinSoft nipples feel like breasts, thus making them more acceptable for the baby.


  • Anti-colic design: The colic venting mechanism creates a vacuum effect to avoid bubbles inside the bottle, thus reducing gas and reflux symptoms.
  • Easy to use: The bottles have a wide opening and bottom to make it easy to feed as well as clean.
  • Dries quickly: The broad top and bottom ensure maximum airflow and help the bottle dry quickly.


  • Item weight: 136g
  • Product dimensions: 21 x 7.2 x 8.1cm

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easy to clean


nipple controls air flow


smooth flow of contents


easy to hold





the mouth of the bottle is narrow


air flow leads to colic


easily breakable




nipple gets torn



Bhumika Daryani approves this product

Excellent product

I recently bought the mam anti- colic baby bottle n I quite liked the quality of the product. It has a special nipple that prevents the flow of air in to my baby's stomach thus preventing stomach pain afterwards. The plastic is BPA free too that makes it easy to clean by boiling


Vandana Ajith approves this product

Good anti colic bottle

I bought this bottle for my daughter to encourage her to drink juices and soups. This bottle is perfect is size and easy for the baby to latching on. The anti-colic valves minimizer the air intake while feeding so the baby won't swallow excess air bubbles with the milk. So with this bottle get to introduce new fluids for the baby. Will recommend it to all.


vanaja mk approves this product

mam anticolic bottle

Mam feeding bottle was given to me by my sister she bought two extra bottles. It has very elegant design with no slippery surface and provide good grip for my baby to hold.nipples are also wide with good flow of milk so he sucks nicely. Easy to sterilise and assemble. I recommend it to all moms .value for money.


priyanka approves this product

love these bottles

I really love the prints on Mam bottles and their designs. these are really cute and I love to flaunt these. Moreover, as they are anti-colic it is really useful for my colic baby. I also love its self-sterilizing feature, no need for the sterilizer. overall must buy for your baby.


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

feel like mother feeds

I was worried about to make my baby feed in a bottle. it was such a frustrating period that I am suffering from fever so I am not able to feed my baby, fortunately, mam anti-colic baby bottle helps me to feed my baby in a very short time. Easily accept the bottle feed. the nipples are very soft so the baby can feel like mother feed.BPa free anti-colic bottle.


Sumi Manoj approves this product

Stomach full feed

Bought this mam anti-colic baby bottle two months back. The one thing that attracted me at first is the cute prints on the bottle. The bottle is made of good quality, BPA free plastic and has an anti-colic system and soft silicone nipples for providing natural feeling and atmost comfort to the baby. It comes in 250ml capacity which is sufficient for one time feed of the baby.


Disha Jain approves this product

Nice bottle

It is a-ok type of baby bottle. But according to the price, it is a good bottle. I am using this bottle for my baby and it is made up of bpa free material with a teat which is anti-colic. So it is a value for money product. You can go for it

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