LuvLap Electric Breast Pump

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This eco-friendly and comfortable LuvLap electric breast pump will surpass your expectations. Featuring an extra milk container, this breast pump has a lot of benefits.

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LuvLap Electric Breast Pump Features

  • Use: It can help you store your milk while you nurse your little one.
  • 3 phase operation: This breast pump has 3 phase operations: Massage, Stimulation, and Expression. First, pump massages your bosom before it stimulates and expresses the milk.
  • Smart Memory : This feature allows the breast pump to remember the last used frequency settings. Talk about being hassle-free.
  • Dual Power Option : This breast pump comes with inbuilt Rechargable battery and you can connect it to power source as well.

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump Specifications

  • Product Weight: 948 g
  • Product Dimension: 27.9 x 10.2 x 22.9 cm


  • Clean and also sterilize all parts of the breast pump before use.

  • Allow the parts to cool down.

  • Now, insert a valve to the pumping body.

  • Attach a massage cushion and diaphragm to the pumping body.

  • Connect the pumping body to the feeding bottle.

  • Attach a tube to the diaphragm and pumping unit.


  • Connect the adapter to the pumping unit.

  • Position the breast flange in a manner areola centered.

  • Switch ON the red button to start the device.

  • The device automatically starts in massage mode.

  • After two minutes, the device switches to simulation mode, or manually you can switch to stimulation mode by pressing the mode button.

  • Press the mode button for switching to expression mode.

  • Adjust the suction by either pressing a button labeled with plus and minus symbols.

  • Switch OFF the device when desired milk expressed.

  • Close the massage cushion with a dustproof cap.

  • Feed your baby by connecting the bottle to a teat.

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump Reviews

Kalyani L

Kalyani L | 2 years ago

4.4 / 5

Kalyani L approves this product

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump is convenient to carry and allows one-hand operation. So I use this easily. It can be charged and used any where at any time. It provides the atmost comfort to the me and satisfied feed to my baby. So I use this for long time. I use very convenient for me

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump-LuvLap Electric Breast Pump-By kalyanilkesavan
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priyanka | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

priyanka approves this product

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump

I bought LuvLap Electric Breast Pump to express milk and store for my baby when i go out to work. It is really wonderful. And expressing is pain free experience with this pump. It works with battery or fixing it to an electrical socket. Expressing with this pump is quite fast as compared to manual pumps.

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Jayasree | 2 years ago

4.2 / 5

Jayasree approves this product

Good buy

The LuvLap Electric Breast Pump has natural expression is pain free. I feel it great and easy to use. I was going to work from the time my baby was just 3 months old and use Luvlap to express my milk for my little one. Its design is great. I truly recommend it. Value for money.

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump-Good buy-By jayasree0806
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Sumi Manoj

Sumi Manoj | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Sumi Manoj approves this product

Worth the money..

Breast milk is often referred to as the elixir of life and provides optimal nutrients to the babies. Luvlap has various types of breast pumps as per an individual’s requirement, I got the electric model for myself. It was easy to use, fast, lightweight, convenient to carry and allows one-hand operation. It can be charged and he used any where at any time. It provides the atmost comfort to the mom and satisfied feed to the baby. It can be used as a manual one as well. Cheaper compared to other brands.

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump-Worth the money..-By sumi2020
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