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The LuvLap comfy baby walker cum rocker is the safest heaven for your baby to learn walking. This super affordable walker is available in vibrant colors and offers everything that the contemporary walkers has. Additionally the walker becomes rocker whenever you wish for. And yes, it provides comfy and fun ride for your little one.


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generates interest to walk


provides balance


prevents falling


improves cognitive development


height adjustment



yes, one con is this, it is not easily available.


provides artificial assistance


inadvisable for prolonged use


delays muscle development


unsafe without supervision


LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Cum Rocker Features

  • Convertible walker cum rocker: The walker aids your little one to get the balance on feet and helps your little one to experience the first steps. Convert the walker into rocker by simply turning up the lower frame. You can calm and relax your baby in a sitting position in the rocker mode
  • Designed for babies safety: The overall design is conceived with safety. The safety stoppers will stop the movement. The wide base will avoid tipping and toppling of walker. The curved edges avoid any possible damage to the little one.
    Adaptable height: Height of the walker is adaptable for every individual toddler. It helps to choose the correct height and will avoid suspended feet.
  • Push bar: The push bar will help you to rock the chair in rocker mode and also to push the walker.
  • Comfy seat: The moulded seat with lite padding at the back and the depth will make the baby feel comfortable in the walker.
  • Removable foot mat: The walker comes with a removable and washable foot mat. The foot mat can be used in the rocker mode.
  • Removable toy tray: The duck shaped toy tray in the front will help you to entertain the baby with rattles, music and lights.

LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Cum Rocker Specifications

  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 6 to 24 months
  • Carrying capacity: Upto 15kg
  • Product Measurment: 68 x 60 x 88 cm

LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Cum Rocker Assembly / Installation

  • Unfold the LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Cum Rocker by pulling the walker panel upwards. Ensure the walker is locked in a position.
  • Now, insert the padded walker seat bolts into the walker to attach the seat of the walker.
  • Attach wheels to the walker frame by fixing them into the slots provided underneath.
  • Next, fix the walker stopper using screws. Ensure the walker is securely tightened.
  • Insert batteries into the battery slot to enjoy the musical toy.
  • Attach the musical toy to the front of the baby walker.
  • Now, attach the detachable attachable foot mat. Fix the foot mat using the plastic hooks.
  • Finally, insert the parent push handle into the socket by pressing the metal button. Ensure the parent push handle is securely locked.


  • Remove wheels from the LuvLap Comfy Walker Cum Rocker frame.
  • Unlock the knob connecting the mainframe.
  • Press the red buttons on either side and ensure the button is up.
  • Now, twist the mainframe to activate rocker mode.

LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Cum Rocker Reviews

Siri S

Siri S | 2 years ago

4.8 / 5

very comfortable baby walker

this cute luvlap stroller is added to baby things recently. our total family loved this product to the core. I feel really happy, looking at our baby roaming around the house. many of my relatives commented that my baby started walking late as she is already 12 months old. but using this walker she learned walking with support very easily. we hope we would soon see her walking without support. this luvlap stroller has comfortable seating and plays items at the front. even I can convert this into a rocker with a small adjustment. he loves this both the ways. no worries about the safety of the baby as the walker is very strong with secure wheels.

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Jyoti Dixit

Jyoti Dixit | 2 years ago

4.7 / 5

Safe and rock


It's is safe

Mom wants safety for their kids it is just not only safe but also full of amusement for the baby due to its rocking features.

LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker Cum Rocker-Safe and rock-By jyoti_dixit
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Riddhi Deorah

Riddhi Deorah | 2 years ago

5 / 5

This is definitely a great walker

Initially I was very confused whether I should use a walker at all. Then a friend of mine gifted me this walker by Luvlap. This walker also serves as a rocker. My baby loved the walker and I think it is because of this that he started to walk a week before his first birthday. The walker has good back support and is a super engaging musical tray. I have now passed on this walker to my sister who just gave birth to my beautiful niece.

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Sutapa Aich

Sutapa Aich | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Perfect Buy

As a new mommy I was badly need a walker, and here I go. I made a perfect choice by purchasing this product. The best part of this walker is the balance. The wheels of the walker is extremely smooth and clear, which is helpful for the toddlers. The walker can be used for couple of years by adjusting the height. It got the dis attachable foot mat. I can use the walker as stroller as it got you a back push stick, by which you can direct the walker.

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