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The LuvLap baby stroller sunshine features a sturdy and strong body plus a beautiful and adorable look with the bright colors it comes in. It also has safety features like safety harness and swivel wheels with brakes, etc., which makes it an excellent product.


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padded harness


washable cushion


front safety bar


reversible handle



less carrying capacity


non rocking


small wheels


no parent cup holder


non covered pinch areas


LuvLap Sunshine Stroller Features

  • Safety harness: Three-point safety harness for the complete security of the baby.
  • Folding mechanism: One-hand fold mechanism makes it easy to fold the stroller.
  • Reversible handle: The reversible handle bar helps the baby face the parent while strolling.
  • Recline: The three-position recline system allows the baby to rest, sleep, and sit with ease.
  • Brakes: The front and rear wheels have brakes for the safety of the baby.
  • Canopy: The big canopy protects the baby from sun and rain while out on a stroll.
  • Food tray: The detachable food tray is easy to clean.
  • Leg rest: It helps the baby rest his foot while sleeping or eating.
  • Storage basket: There is a big storage basket for keeping the baby essentials like feeding bottles, napkins, or bibs.
  • Rear pocket: The back pocket lets parents keep their valuables.
  • Seat: A double-padded cushion seat for extra comfort of the baby.

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller Specifications

  • Product measurements: 63 x 52 x 94 cm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 0 to 36 months
  • Carrying capacity: 20 kg

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller Assembly / Installation

Follow these simple steps to install the user-friendly stroller.

  • Unlock the hook and gently grasp the stroller handlebar and stroller frame to open the stroller completely.
  • Next, attach the seat pad to the seat tightly using a belt.
  • Now secure the harness to the front rod and seat front with the buttons.
  • Then you can insert the front wheel into the provided sockets by pulling the lever up.
  • Next, insert the rear wheels into the sockets and lock them firmly.
  • The seat bottom comes with sockets that help in attaching the footrest rod.
  • Now, you can attach the cloth basket to the rods provided beneath the seat.
  • Finally, the mosquito net can be attached to the stroller with the help of poles attached to it.

How to Use LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

Here, we provide you with the essential functions to be known while using the stroller.

  • Safety measures: It is advisable to check all attachments thoroughly after installation. Ensure the safety belts are locked properly after placing your baby. Never leave your baby alone. Take care that your baby never stands or climbs on the stroller. Apply breaks when you are placing your baby in and out of the stroller. The rear-wheel breaks must be applied when the stroller is not in use.
  • Stopping the stroller: The stroller stops when you apply brakes to the rear wheels.
  • Reversible handlebar: The stroller’s handlebar can be adjusted either to the front or back. You can change the position by adjusting the handlebar and lifting the wire provided beneath the handlebar.
  • Backrest adjustment: Adjust the backrest by lifting the control wire behind the seat.
  • Footrest adjustment: Now, you can adjust the footrest to three different positions by pressing either side of the footrest rod.

How to fold LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

  • Slide the LuvLap Sunshine stroller canopy.
  • Hold the Sunshine parent handle.
  • Step on the thin rod located behind the backrest and gently push the stroller forward.
  • Close the stroller entirely by bringing the front support handle and the parent support handle together.
  • To pack the LuvLap Sunshine Stroller, kindly remove the cloth basket along with the footrest rod. Next, the canopy needs to be folded in a backward direction. Now, pull the backrest to the lowest position. Then, gently push down the locking bar by releasing the foot. Finally, before attaching the hook, push the stroller gently so that it automatically folds. Store it safely for future use.
  • The LuvLap Sunshine Stroller can recline in three different positions for comfortable sitting and sleeping positions. You can adjust it to different positions by lifting the thin control rod provided at the back of the backrest.

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller Reviews


Rimjhim | 2 years ago

5 / 5

Rimjhim approves this product

Worth every penny



Washable cushion

Padded harness

Front safety bar

Reversible handle

As a mother I look for comfort and price point, it was recommended to me by a family friend and after using it for the first six month after delivery I can surely say its a very good decision to buy this stroller, in fact it is worth of every penny I have spend, for a new born baby it is extremely comfortable , you can watch baby from behind as the seats are adjustable and when baby asleep we can adjust the seat at sleeping position, one con though it can have extra cushions otherwise all the fixtures and wheels are of superior quality and easy to clean.

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Bhanupriya | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Bhanupriya approves this product

Luv Lap Baby Stroller

An amazing product to gift a new mother is the LuvLap Baby Sunshine Stroller. I bought the stroller for my niece. Her baby is now 6 months old. The stroller is very safe and secure. The 3 positions reclining seat keep the baby in a comfort zone. The stroller has a canopy with a window through which we can see our baby. The large basket helps to carry all the important items for her baby. The harness keeps the baby in comfort position and holds her tight in one position. The stroller also has a mosquito net which keeps the files away from baby. My niece is very happy using the LuvLap baby sunshine Stoller.

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