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The well-being of a baby is any mom’s first priority. Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive.

The well-being of a baby is any mom’s first priority. Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. This baby massage oil helps in moisturizing the gentle skin of babies. It also stimulates blood circulation due to the rich content of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Enjoy some bonding time with your little one over a happy massage with this oil.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • 99% natural
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • pH balanced
  • Petroleum-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pediatrician recommended


  • 100 ml


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all of the above




gentle on skin


natural and safe





none of the above


sticky consistency




synthetic fragrance


chemical-based formulation



jameela approves this product

The best massage oil ever

The massage for babies is really important right after birth, to make their skin n bones strong n healthy. This massage oil helps in the massage enriched with vitamins n minerals for a more benefit. The skin feels supple after massage with this oil. It's is not greasy n gives a good Fragrance too.


Pallavi Adsul approves this product

By far the best Herbal oil for babies.

Massage oil that doesn't give you a sticky greasy oily feeling. It absorbs nicely in the skin and I didmt had to be worried of the the sheets to be stained with oil. It got absorbed easily into the skin, yes the sweet fragrance is nice but more than anything, I love the fact that its herbal. And I dont have to be worried of any allergies. I would recommend this to all the moms who have an active kid, cause after massage my baby prefers to play, and I would always be worried of she slipping cause if the oil on her feet. But this didnt happen, as the oil was quick absorbing. I am happy that I have a best product for winters now.


Vandana N Moorthy approves this product

Good massage oil

The eternal love baby massage oil has a pleasant sweet smell and is free from petroleum jelly. A perfect oil with the goodness of olive oil and almond oil. It has zero preservatives and helps to maintain the PH balance of the skin. It keeps skin hydrated for long time.safe to use as there are no harsh chemicals.


Best massage oil

Lotus baby oil.is very effective for premature babies and good for the massages on their body, its totally herbal and made up of natural extracted ingredients and along with mild n sweet fragrance, it also helps to make ur baby bones more stronger, loved all the lotus products.. Pls try it


aashita approves this product

Eternal love baby massage oil

A boon for those who are always in hurry and not able to mix diff.oils for massaging. It leaves my baby skin soft and nourished. My baby loves the smell of this oil. She loves massaging at night time and after this oil she insist me to massage every day instead of alternate day. Consistency and color and fragrance so properly everything. Absolute love for my baby.


Divya Kiran approves this product

Pure herbal baby massage oil!

It’s the best herbal and pure massage oil for babies. I have been using it for my baby for a long time. I choose this because it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. It contains olive which is the best antioxidant contains vitamin E & have almond which contains vitamin A, B and E. regular use of this oil gives smooth, shiny & healthy skin.it suits even sensitive skin.


Swati Chaudhary approves this product

Make baby massage sessions more soothing

Have been using the Lotus Herbals eternal love massage oil since more than a week now and can say that it really works well on my baby's soft skin ,makes it more smooth and well mosturised.Love the soothing and refreshing fragrance of this product.A must buy for baby's massage needs.


Zhivanka Morris approves this product

The best baby oil to bond with your little one

Lotus has come up with the best baby products so far. My baby skin is dry and after bath I am applying the oil and massaging him. He enjoys this time the most as we have so much fun and giggles. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals and you can use it from birth on. When it comes to our babies we want the best so look no further.


pragya approves this product

This oil is highly recommended

Massaging has numerous benefits for babies. But if the oil is not good, then massaging experience is also not worth it. This oil is perfect for a great massage experience. It's non greasy and gets absorbed easily into the skin thus making it soft and supple after a hot bath. It has mild fragrance. The color of the bottle is really attractive and it is greatly loved by my baby.


Mansi approves this product

Baby Massage oil with goodness of olive oil and sweet almond oil

The eternal love baby massage oil has a pleasant sweet smell and it is free from petroleum jelly and preservative free. This body oil is 99% natural and is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which is why I did not think twice before trying it on my baby and shifting to lotus baby products


Very pleasant smelling oil

The lotus baby oil comes in a flip top spill proof bottle which is travel friendly. The oil has a very pleasant smell and is free from petroleum jelly. It is mox of botanical oils which easily blends with skin making massage a pleasant experience for the babies. The oil doesn't leave skin sticky or greasy.


Komal Verma approves this product

For strong bones and healthy baby

I have been using lotus baby eternal love massage oil for my baby for past month. I actually loved this product. It has olive oil and sweet almond oil. It’s quite good for baby’s little bones, this product nourishes and nourishes. This massage oil is preservative free. The only thing which I didn’t liked that it leaves a greasy feel after the massage. Rest everything is fine.


nehachadha approves this product

Builts immune system and stamina

I love the effect of massages on my babies skin and body . The lotus Herbal baby massage oil not only nourishes ,smoothens but also strengthens her stamina and builts her immune system. She has improved in her health after a regular massage from this oil .it is formulated with the natural botanical oils and doesn't have any harmful effect on the supple skin of my baby. She now has an even skin tone and natural glow .


Ishi Naagaltnv approves this product

Good baby massage oil

The massage is made of sweet almond oil and olive oil which gives it a perfect blend and get absorbed in the skin easily without making it sticky. There is a light fragrance which is soothing and leaves the freshness around. Not to mention that the products are herbal and free from harsh chemicals and perfect for a new born.


Shalini Gupta approves this product

Nothing is better than this

I love the fragrance of it the most, its non sticky oil and blend of several oils which makes it best, provides all the nutrition a babies skin requires. Even my baby loves to get massaged from this. Best part is it has no chemicals anf preservatives. What else do we need for our baby.


Archana Bansal approves this product

Awesome Massage Oil

This one a Massage Oil has become my baby’s best friend and of course mine. My Baby really enjoys her massage time with this oil. It keeps her moisturised and also stimulates blood circulation. Even Coconut oil are not authentic these days but this one is you can rely on.


Tabassum Shazia approves this product

A good massage oil for babies...

I massage my baby with this oil before her bath, the oil non-greasy and light weight which absorbs quickly into the skin, while massaging, leaving a soft feel on my baby's skin. After a hot bath her skin is really smooth and soft to touch. The fact that it's natural and pediatrician recommended is making me prefer it and refer to my relatives as well. And also it has an attractive packaging, my baby loves the bright yellow bottle👶💛💛


Shalaka Patil approves this product

Eternal love baby oil best baby oil

It is said that its always good to massage a baby before giving bath. Massaging makes tge bond between a mom and the baby more stronger. New moms find it very difficult while choosing products for their babies . The products should be natural and suitable for all skin types. Lotus herbals - eternal love baby oil is one good option. It is natural . Doesn't stink or stick. Has a mild fragrance. Oil seeps deeply into the skin making it supple. Best for use during winters. Great product.Happy parenting


keerthana approves this product

Product with lovely ingredients

Lotus Baby Massage oil has a perfect combo of ingredients. Massages play a vital role in the growth of a baby, this one is a hit with us. Had an amazing fragrance, gets my baby’s skin healthy. As mothers we tend to be very cautious about the ingredients in the products we use, this product clears all my worries 😀 must try


me_therevolutio approves this product

Muscles strength and blood circulation

Eternal love Baby massage oil by lotus herbals baby+ is made up of olive oil and sweet almond oil which nourishes and strengthen the baby muscles and bones, stimulates blood circulation. It also help the little baby to sleep faster and rich in vitamins and anti oxidants. It is free chemicals and preservatives.