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The well-being of a baby is any mom’s first priority. Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive.

The well-being of a baby is any mom’s first priority. Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. This baby massage oil helps in moisturizing the gentle skin of babies. It also stimulates blood circulation due to the rich content of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Enjoy some bonding time with your little one over a happy massage with this oil.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • 99% natural
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • pH balanced
  • Petroleum-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pediatrician recommended


  • 100 ml


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gentle on skin


natural and safe





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sticky consistency




synthetic fragrance


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A great massage oil for my little one!

I tried a lot of massage oils for my baby, however never was I satisfied. Once i started using lotus massage oil about more than a week back, i dont want to look back at all. it is non greasy as well as super light on my babys skin. even after giving him a bath, the smell and fragrance of the oil lingers. it is super moisturising as well and after every massage makes his skin soft and supple. i love it!


Ritu Kochar approves this product

Non sticky

This massage oil is non greasy and non sticky. Good for baby’s skin and free from harmful chemicals. Using this on my 5 month old baby and he is loving it. It provided enough moisture without making the skin oily. It has a nice and mild fragrance and comes in a very attractive bottle.


Samreen Memon approves this product

Loved this massage oil

The best ever massage oil for the babies is Lotus. I have been using this massage oil since last 6 monnths for my little baby. And I really saw a good result. I recommend this to all the beautiful mommies.


Sonal Mehrotra approves this product

Good one

I am using this massage oil for my baby from last 1 month and its so good. It has non greasy formula, so gentle on Babies skin. It has no chemicals included. And hence safe to use for babies. It makes my baby happy after every massage as it helps him to get relax. I love this Natural Massage oil for my 😊


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Gentle massaging oil from lotus

Eternal massage oil enriched with olive oil and sweet almond oil is nonsticky with no parabens. They are perfectly suited for babies as they are light and has mild fragrance.its has zero sls and SLES. All together a 2 in 1 oil. The product is affordable and hypoallergenic for babies. It has pH maintain formula and is big yes for loved ones.


Kavya Shree approves this product

A new friend of my babies grandmother

In our place it's mandatory to give a massage for babies for an year ..... I was in search of baby massage oil ... We used to use a local massage oil which was very sticky on hands and once the babies starts crawling massaging oil was waste .....so i brought this oil which is non greasy which easily gets absorbed by the skin ..and my mother loves the fragrance of this even my babies ... And moreover after using this my babies skin has become even more soft ...after applying my babies sleep even before taking bath .... This oil is made of handpicked rare herbs and flowers which give good nourishment a to my babies skin and give good blood circulation to the entire body .....


neisharora approves this product

Non-sticky and quick absorbing

The product has a pleasant sweet smell and is petroleoum jelly free. Also, it seem to help maintain the pH balance of the skin. I'm absolutely loving this baby massage oil as it is non-sticky and quick absorbing. It didn't show up with any harsh effect to the skin. I would definitely recommend this product.


Radhika Jethwa approves this product

Best herbal massage oil

I got this lotus baby herbal oil for my 15-month-old son. This is one of the best baby oil I have used for my son. As this is herbal and from renowned brand "Lotus", I knew that this is the right choice for my baby. The best part is, that this oil is non-sticky and non-greasy. There are no harmful chemicals or preservative in this product which gives me more confidence while using this product for my kid. My baby has very sensitive skin and most of the products gives him boils and rashes, but this oil is very gentle on his skin and touch wood I haven't seen any reaction after using this product. I will recommend this oil to all the mommy out there.


harmeet approves this product

Best massage oil

I am in love with all lotus baby products but massage oil is one of my most favorite product. It has very pleasant fragnance and it's not greecy and too much gentle to baby skin. I never feel like dry skin even in winters. It moisturized perfectly. My babies enjoying their massage time now daily.


Rajani SR approves this product

Baby massage oil review

I want to tell about its fragrance😍 very calming fragrance and moisturising oil absorbed very well on baby's skin.. perfect for weekly once massage and for healthy skin massages. It is a mixture of olive oil and almond oil.. Smoothing and nourishing on winter season. I loved its non greasy farmula


Mizbha Ameena approves this product

Baby oil

I've been using the massaging oil for a week now, and it gets absorbed well, and moisturises my little one's skin making it smooth and supple, comes in a bottle, easy to use and pricef reasonably, would reccomend the product to all the new mommies specially for a smooth baby massage.


Asma Khan approves this product

Eternal love Massage oil

Lotus herbal baby+ eternal love Massage oil gives smooth skin and moisturises baby skin. Earlier I use to massage with olive oil which is also very effective for babies skin then I was introduced by lotus herbal massage oil which is combination of olive and almond oil. I immediately switch to this and believe me lotus herbal products are just outstanding. I have used many products of lotus herbal products for my self also. But only one thing I didn't like into this massage oil is it's fragrance. Remaining everything is just perfect.


mounica approves this product

Skin friendly

Massaging is always good for skin .. this oil instantly absorbs into the skin ... though my baby has a very sensitive skin this suited very well to her ... travel friendly packaging with good lid . Thick n greasy but good for winters and also dry skin babies. Half n hour before bath .


deepasomasundar approves this product

An oil that blends well into the skin!

I have been giving regular oil massage to my daughter 3.5 years. With the onset of winters, I had stopped and was apprehensive to massage her, but with this oil in hand, I had nothing to worry. It is non greasy, there is no greasy sticky feeling on application, it gets easily absorbed and what I love about these products is that there smell is mild and has the perfect amount of fragrance. Love love love this one!


Shivani Gupta approves this product

Recommended oil

This is truly an effective baby massage oil as it truly helps in strengthening baby's muscles and help my baby to have a sound sleep. And the thing i like the most is that it is non greasy and chemical free. I always prefer chemical free products for my baby and my search for best massage oil ends here. I recommend it to all moms.


reena2019 approves this product

Easily absorbs in the skin and leaves skin nourished and supple

I massage my baby twice a day so I wanted a oil which absorb easily and doesn't leave some strong smell , lotus baby oil definitely meets my expectations as its non greasy and leaves a mild pleasant fragrance. Give essential nourishment makes skin smooth and shiney. Absolutely loving it for my baby.


Soundarya Udhaya kumar approves this product

Perfect for daily massage

We use this eternal love massage oil for daily massages. It is a mixture of olive oil and almond oil which strengthens the baby's muscle. No sulphates nor chemicals in this oil. It is non greasy so it easily gets into baby's skin !! This oil can be used for new borns too. We love our massage time with lotus massage oil


Rabiya Yasmin approves this product

The perfect baby oil

My baby was developing allergies from all kinds of oil. Later I thought of trying Lotus Baby Massage Oil. To my surprise it actually suited him. There were no rashes or redness on my baby's skin. The fragrance of the oil is refreshing and is non greasy. It has olive oil which helps in the building of stronger bones. I am really happy with the result.


Ankita Dhawan approves this product

Soothing oil

Lotus Herbals baby massage oil is amazing. Its non-greasy or sticky and is super soft on the skin. The fragrance is so sweet that I feel like eating up my baby. The oil also has a soothing effect on my little one. I love the packaging, the bright color and cute picture on the top. My baby really likes this new massage and so I recommend it to other mums as well.


Subina Samuel approves this product

Natural products

My kid loves massages. I usually prefer only pure coconut oil for his massage but once I got introduced to lotus herbal baby products, I love to use them on him. They suit his skin well. The product is made of natural materials and has a good pleasing aroma too. Would recommend to all the mothers out there.