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The well-being of a baby is any mom’s first priority. Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive.

The well-being of a baby is any mom’s first priority. Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. This baby massage oil helps in moisturizing the gentle skin of babies. It also stimulates blood circulation due to the rich content of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Enjoy some bonding time with your little one over a happy massage with this oil.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • 99% natural
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • pH balanced
  • Petroleum-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pediatrician recommended


  • 100 ml


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gentle on skin


natural and safe





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sticky consistency




synthetic fragrance


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Sofia Bukkan approves this product

Non-Sticky, can put baby straight to sleep

This oil is Non-Sticky and gentle on skin with a nice fragrance. I always wanted to do massage my baby in night and put her to sleep. Since,this doesn't become sticky, baby can go straight to bed if too sleepy. Even my elder kids love to be massaged with this oil :)


Anjali Juneja approves this product

Great for Massage!!

It is a non sticky herbal oil which is good for babies skin and makes it smooth and supple. This lotus baby oil is for daily massage of baby as it contains olive oil,almond oil which nourishes and strengthens baby's bones. It also helps to soothe the baby and aids in making him asleep.


banchika approves this product

Eternal love baby massage oil

Lotus herbal eternal love baby massage oil is the best massage oil I've used so far for my baby. It is chemical-free and helps to strengthen the bones of your baby. It is non-greasy unlike other oils and is very smooth to apply. It is a must-have product for all moms.


ritu_kalra approves this product

Makes baby bones strong

Love this product since it has goodness of sweet almond and olive oil.. regular massage with this makes baby's bones strong as well as increases blood circulation in babies.. it's chemical free and gets absorbed really well without spoiling the clothes.. would recommend this to all moms to massage their kids with this oil


Pavit Anand approves this product

Baby massage oil for everyday use

I am using Lotus Massage oil for my baby for a few weeks now and I really liked it. I give her a massage with Lotus massage oil every day before giving her a bath. It is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. So it keeps her skin nourished throughout the say.


apoorva_bhandari approves this product

A very good choice for winters

The best part is that this baby massage oil is herbal,Non sticky, not too perfumed. It absorbs wonderfully into skin. Comes with awesome moisturising properties of Almond and Olives. It is free from harmful chemicals and suits my baby's skon too. I am really happy with this massage oil for baby.


divyamuralidhar approves this product

Soothing effects

Its a non sticky herbal oil which is good for babies and gives soothing effects. Use for daily massage of baby as it strengthens the bone. I would highly recommend you to use everyday for best results where little one will sleep calms. It benefits to baby as well. Try this product. Go for it


Mandeep Kaur approves this product

Trusted baby massage oil

We mom start massaging our kids from the day they are born.i would say as they start walking more massage is required bcoz my baby runs a lot and at night she has only one sentence in her mouth...Mumma's leg is paining .so I tried this oil which is a mixture of sweet almond oil and olive oil and it was a relief for my baby.she slept peacefully.i would recommend this oil to all the kids out there from the early stage so their bones would be stronger forever.


Lakshmi Priya T approves this product

Massage oil

Used the eternal love baby massage oil before bath for my one and half year old son, left his skin moisturised and dint create any rashes on redness on his sensitive skin. this is the first time I m using baby products from Lotus Herbals and it is a quite a good experience.


savitalreja approves this product

Non greasy formula

This is an excellent massage oil which I have been using these days for my baby , it’s non greasy formula is also made of natural ingredients, so no More harsh chemicals on my babies skin. It has a pleasant fragrance and recommended by paediatrician . It’s total value for money


ankita_lov_arora approves this product

Happy times of massage with love

Winters means lot of snuggle and massage is integral part to stregthen bones.. this baby massage oil with eternal love by lotus baby plus is no greasy , it has mixture of olive oil and sweet almond oil.. which nourishes and strengthens the bone.. It has no allergen ... it has no mineral oil Must buy!!


aashii approves this product

Good oil

Eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus Herbals baby+ is made with a blend of various botanical oils and extracts from almonds and olive. Oil massage is very important for babies n infants.. They should get proper oil massage daily twice or thrice a day as it is very necessary for their growth


Saria approves this product

Massage for bonding !

Massaging a baby is a great bond between a baby and a mom! So as a new mom, I'd make sure I was the one massaging my baby. The lotus herbal massage oil is non-greasy and absorbs so well! It's easy to apply and makes massage a great experience for both mom and baby


sonam_jaggi approves this product

Massage oil with natural goodness

The best part about this oil is the fragrance which is bare minimum which means that it's just very pure and fresh with no artificial ingredients. I love the way it gets absorbed in my baby's skin and does not leave a sticky residue behind. It's definitely not harsh on skin and neither is it expensive since we believe good products are usually expensive which in my opinion is wrong, this is one of the products that gives you money's worth and is completely effective.


Mansee approves this product

Best time massage time with lotus baby

Massage time is the best time to bond with your baby,to communicate with your baby and to have a babytalk with your baby.You and child feel special and this massage is possible with mylototus baby massage oil .As it assures allergen free no sulphate i am going to use it regularly .


Smita Sinalkar approves this product

Special bonding moment with eternal love baby massage oil

Vidya is very active toddler and she is always in continuous motion mode . Which makes her tired as well . To give her relaxing message I have found perfect oil eternal love baby massage oil by Lotus herbals baby . It is the mixture of olive oil & sweet almond oil . Olive oil provides relief from aches and inflammation . Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E and phytonutrients . It nourishes and strengthens and softens the skin . It stimulates blood circulation . Helps to put little one sleep . Natural oils contribute to the well being of baby . It is free of ✔️ Preservatives ✔️ Phthalates/PEGs ✔️ Synthetic colour ✔️ mineral oil/petroleum ✔️ Sulphates/alcohol . It contains 99.3% natural ingredients . It can be used from the birth day onwards as it is tested for sensitive skin . It is recommended by pediatrician. . It is safe as our mother nature as the ingredients are sourced from rare herbs and flowers. . Buy eternal baby massage oil today and enjoy the special moment to bond with your baby . Price - 175/- for 100 ml


Kimboi Khongsai approves this product

Massage oil

I massage my baby with this eternal love massage oil right after giving her a bath. It is non sticky and has a sweet smell. She loves this massage time and i love doing it too especially with this oil as it has all the necessary ingredients that my baby needs.


Nadia kohli approves this product

keeps dry skin moisturized in winters

The baby massage oil is perfectly suiting my kids’ skin. The regular massage with this oil works effectively to keep the dry skin moisturized in winters and nourished by stimulating blood circulation. it has nice mild fragrance and there is no irritation on skin after use. it is very gentle on baby skin.


Minhal Abidi approves this product

Lotus herbal baby massage oil with natural goodness

Massaging your baby helps in improving the blood circulation and winters are the perfect time to massage and give a hot bubble bath to relax your baby. Lotus eternal love baby massage oil is rich in Olive and almond oil, it also has Rice bran and sunflower oil which will be super good for your baby. I love the fragrance of this oil. It's non greasy and gets absorbed really fast.


Meghna Bhawsinka approves this product

Massage oil with goodness of oils

Oil massage is very important for babies and infants. Recently i bought this lotus herbal baby massage oil for my kidoo,its a complete love care for babies as the botanical oils are non greasy,gentle and safe on the skin and are natural and safe for infants too as its chemical free and provides good moistarization. I 100% recommend this oil to all the mommies around.