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The baby's health and hygiene are very important, and parents would never compromise with it. With many varieties of products available, parents have a tough time choosing the correct product that suits the baby the best. Johnson's Buds are clinically tested and very mild, soft, gentle, and very effective on the baby's skin.

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hygienic and safe


dual tipped


soft and easy to use


flexible design


multipurpose usage



unsafe for babies


too big in size




no cons


contains plastic


Johnson's Buds Features

  • These johnson's buds are made from 100% pure and soft cotton that is sterilized thoroughly and clinically tested before and after packing.
  • These buds are also clinically proven to be very soft and gentle on the baby's skin. They are totally safe and child-friendly.
  • These buds have a very slim appearance and finishing. Hence these can be used to clean the delicate parts of the baby's body.
  • Apart from cleaning the baby's ears, These buds can also be used to apply medicines, lotions, etc. for the baby's most sensitive parts.
  • Every johnson's product passes a 5 level safety assurance process.

Johnson's Buds Specifications

  • Item Weight: 81.6 g
  • Units: 150 Count
  • Age: 0+ months
  • Guide Johnson buds after bath to dry out the outer surface of the ear. 
  • Using buds wipe in between toes and fingers. 
  • Never insert swabs into the inner ear canal.

Johnson's Buds Reviews

Usha Gunashekhar

Usha Gunashekhar | 2 years ago

4.5 / 5

Usha Gunashekhar approves this product

Best johnsons buds


Hygienic and safe

Flexible design

Dual tipped

Unique design

Soft and easy to use

Multipurpose usage

Sometimes my baby use to cry due to ear pain and i use to be worried.Then my friend suggested me to clean his ears because of the dirt he is crying.She bought me this multi functional Johnson's buds and asked me to use it.As its made of 100% cotton and its sterilized thoroughly and more over its clinically proven.It gives a soft touch to the babies skin its totally safe and child friendly.Ear bud looks slim and it can be used on the delicate parts of the babies body to apply medicine,lotions etc.Its really an useful product to your babies.

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