iBaby Monitor Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera

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iBaby Monitor comes with a 360-degree wide-angle view and a High-Definition display that provides a clear view of the baby. It can play lullabies using the in-built music player and recorder.

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peace of mind


can check on the baby without disturbing them


keep an eye on them from a distance


record various baby moments


can talk to the baby through the monitor



parents feel anxious


system failure at any moment


video monitor is vulnerable to hacks




frequent disconnection from wifi


iBaby Monitor Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera Features

  • HD Display: The camera provides a High-Definition view with a 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt.
  • Android / iOS apps: The iOS and Android apps for the camera can be freely downloaded from the app stores.
  • Humidity/Temperature sensor: The device comes with a humidity and temperature sensor, which helps to keep the baby comfortable.
  • Two-way: The device has two-way audio, meaning, the baby can hear the parent and the parent can hear the baby’s voice.

iBaby Monitor Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera Specifications

  • Age: 0 to 24 months
  • Weight: 907g
  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 17cm
  • Coverage: 360 degrees
  • Wireless: Available
  • Connect your smartphone to a WiFi network.
  • Now, download the iBaby app onto your smartphone.
  • Plug the mobile to the camera using USB cable and connect the camera to the adapter.
  • Wait for a jingle.
  • Your smartphone device displays a message by requesting access to the WiFi setting.
  • Disconnect the USB cable that connects smartphones and cameras.
  • Create your account and log in to the app.
  • Follow the settings after you logged in to the app.
  • iBaby monitor works with android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Now, you can monitor your baby with any smartphone as long as your phone connected to WiFi.
  • These monitors enabled with motion, sound sensors, and the sensors get activated when your baby makes some moments or sounds. The monitors send notifications to the registered mobile device to alert the parents.

iBaby Monitor Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera Reviews

Bhumika Daryani

Bhumika Daryani | 2 years ago

4.8 / 5

Bhumika Daryani approves this product

iBaby Monitor Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera

i recently bought the Baby Monitor Wi -Fi Wire less Digital Baby Video Camera aand it is awesome as it is a unique way for me to stay connected to what my little one is doing while ie complete my house chores . It is like my second eye and keeps a watch for me on my baby

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