Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers

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Huggies understands the importance of the comfort of your baby that is why designed the wonder pant style diapers for the all round comfort and care of your little one. Featuring with cushiony soft material, quick absorption, advanced dry sheet and super stretchy material it is the perfect product for your little one. Features Double […]

Huggies understands the importance of the comfort of your baby that is why designed the wonder pant style diapers for the all round comfort and care of your little one. Featuring with cushiony soft material, quick absorption, advanced dry sheet and super stretchy material it is the perfect product for your little one.


  • Double leak guard- it helps the sleep at night comfortably without any worry of irritation or leakage
  • Super stretchy material- the super stretchy material fits the baby’s waist perfectly, so that the baby is comfortable in all situations whether playing or sleeping
  • Absorption- the 12 hours absorption gives the baby comfort without the fear of irritated skin or leakage
  • Cushion material- the cushiony cotton soft material gives the baby a 100% comfort
  • Air fresh material- the air fresh material that keeps the air flow so that the baby’s skin can breathe


  • 100% hygienic
  • Super absorption
  • Double leak protection
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Cushion cotton soft
  • Air fresh material

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good absorption


fresh cotton feel


rash free


hugs baby's waist



leakage sides


change every 2 hours


leaves elastic marks


elastic wears off


unsuitable for night



Suma Mohith approves this product

Pants diaper

Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers I used since last 1 year it is very comfort to my baby my baby is dancing and jumping it is hugs to baby waist it also rash free and it also good absorption and also recommend my docter and also I recommend for my friend also


nidhi123 approves this product

The best ever baby diaper

The best diaper brand. Easy to use. As I have tried many but I love huggies the most. No leakage. Huggies makes me and my baby tension free full night. And baby has good and peaceful sleep full night. And it's gives baby a cottony softness. It fits to baby very well. And the most absorption capacity is very good. No need to worry for 9_10 hrs.


Jigna Bhatt approves this product

Nice product I take monthly packet jumbo 126pcs for small

I use Huggies because of it gives dryness to my baby, I tried different brands but I like and love with Huggies, other brands are running out pee and wet clothes of my baby but in diaper she comforts, I really very much love❤😘from me and my baby. Thank you Huggies.

Sivasankari Venkatarajulu approves this product

Moms tension free nights with Huggies

Huggies wonder pants makes our nights tension free.. . My baby have good sleep over the night.. No tension about wearing the pants to baby because they mention front and back on the pants.. Most cost effective.. Good fragrance... These pants protect baby soft skin... And Huggies pants are so soft and smooth like Mom and baby relationship...


Anita Jadhav Dhamne approves this product

Best diaper for new born

Huggies was nice i recommend Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin. Cotton softness diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate and baby was very comfortable to play every time


Deepti Th approves this product

Quick dry &soft comfortable diapers

I'm using this item last 2 months. It is very comfortable & leakage baby comfort using this diaper night time 9 to 10 hr . absorbtion is longer time quick dry.made by cottony bubblesheet is good for absorption .no irritation for baby use this monthly pack is good for mothers and the best diaper in market


Disha Jain approves this product

Awesome diapers

I am using huggies wonder pants for my baby since his birth and this diaper works well as it absorption capacity is good . It fits well to the baby and it is a cost effective and worth buying product.. I use it for the whole day and it leaves no harm to baby


yashmitha approves this product

Comfortable and leakage proof

It is a very good product for babies.and these are rash-free diapers. its comfortable for my baby nyt in8 to 10 hrs and I liked this so much. and quick absorption. these diapers make my baby dry at nyt times and comfortable.and don't disturb any time in the night was the second hug for my baby


Mamta Bardia approves this product

Best diapers of all used till date

I have been using this brand diapers for over an year now. Its the best till date undoubtedly in the market. The new bubblesheet diapers are add ons to the existing ones. Highly recommended for full night use due to its super absorption capacity especially during winters ! Keep up the great work!


Sidrah Fatima approves this product

Leak proof and comfortable

Huggins is the brand I have been using for both my kids it’s super absorbent and doesn’t leave out foul smell..The pant style diapers from buggies have a secure grip in the sides hence avoiding any leakage I’m using buggies even during nights and it’s great absorption makes it easy for use during night


Sumi Manoj approves this product

Super sure about Huggies

Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers has double leake quard which aids in uninterrupted sleep and good absorption for longer duration. Made of cottony soft, breathable, super stretchable material and is 100% hygienic and safe for kids from birth. I have seen my sister using Huggies for my 2 nephews and hence was veey sure to choose Huggies for my baby sa well.


Shruti Jhawar approves this product

Wonderful Wonder pants

Used small size ..was amazing..soft.nice absorption comfortable and easy to wear and remove...Huggies as always just makes u feel like hugging ur baby more and more..always trusted fo leakproof durability. since olden days..when it was one of the initial diapers to be used. nowadays though many in the market. Huggies still maintains its name.


kritika approves this product

Ideal for new horns and easy to use

Since my baby was born 2.5 kilos, it was difficult initially to get the perfect fit diaper for her, after trying so many other brands I started Huggies, these were better as there was no leakage and fit was comfortable. I mostly used diapers when traveling and at night, which makes her sleep comfortable and undisturbed, and Huggies helped in that.


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

KeEp dry

Huggies wonder pants does not leakage .it keeps dry untill 10 hrs but it is safe to keep baby at 7 to 8 hrs. Good absorbing cotton diaper. Leakage proofs. Baby can feel at comfort zone. Baby could sleep for long hours. Rashes does not occur because there is ventilated holes at outer layer of diaper..not sweat and make fresh.

Keerthika Sivasubramaniam approves this product

Quick absorption diapers

The huggies wonder pant diapers has cushion soft cotton material which is comfortable to baby abd does not cause irritation. It has quick absorption feature and keeps the diaper dry. It is safe to use on Babies delicate skin. I use this diaper for my baby and it is very easy to remove.


Rimjhim approves this product

Very good in quality

Huggies are my all-time favorite, right now I am buying large size for my kid. It is super lasting and absorption capacity is beyond imagination. Very good for the night. It is okay to wear for 12 hours. Very much needed if your baby is too young. It does not cause any diaper rash. The moisture got lock-in and the baby never feel uneasy. I truly recommend this to all new moms. Don't go by the price, it is worth every penny you are spending.


Useful and convenient diapers for infants!

What a lovely hygienic product for kids. Yes, it was looking for some useful and convenient diapers and I finally got them. It has some super absorption material and double leak protection. The best part is that it remains gentle on the skin of the baby. The cushion cotton soft makes it very comfortable for the kids. There are several sizes available for these diapers and one can choose the best size for their kids with a designer look.


Tanvi Mohil approves this product

Good diaper if suits baby skin

Huggies is a very old diaper brand and needs no introduction. They have cotton diapers and are supposed to cause no rashes. My niece uses Huggies diapers but they didn't suit my baby at all. He got rashes very frequently because of this diaper and had not faced any issues after I changed the brand. They are although on affordable side, compared to others in the market. It doesn't have an indicator to tell when to change the diaper. It feels soft and is leak-proof but no clue what caused rashes.


Deepika Telang Telang approves this product

Durable and Affordable

The huggies diaper pants need no introduction. Since Sahil was born, we prefer only huggies diaper. The elastic pant fits the baby adjusting to his movements providing him comfort. The bubble diaper makes it fluffy and soft for Sahil. It allows the skin to breathe through avoiding any kind of irritation and rashes on his delicate and sensitive skin. The sides are padded reducing leakage on his thighs and legs. It keeps my child dry and happy with its super absorbing material.


guntan approves this product


I have used different brands but this is the best. Baby feels comfortable and do not get irritated even if the pants are not changed frequently as it soaks good enough. Also, there are no issues of rashes after using this pants and the baby sleep well without any irritation. Also, these pants are very reasonable to use.

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