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Huggies understands the importance of the comfort of your baby that is why designed the wonder pant style diapers for the all round comfort and care of your little one. Featuring with cushiony soft material, quick absorption, advanced dry sheet and super stretchy material it is the perfect product for your little one. Features Double […]

Huggies understands the importance of the comfort of your baby that is why designed the wonder pant style diapers for the all round comfort and care of your little one. Featuring with cushiony soft material, quick absorption, advanced dry sheet and super stretchy material it is the perfect product for your little one.


  • Double leak guard- it helps the sleep at night comfortably without any worry of irritation or leakage
  • Super stretchy material- the super stretchy material fits the baby’s waist perfectly, so that the baby is comfortable in all situations whether playing or sleeping
  • Absorption- the 12 hours absorption gives the baby comfort without the fear of irritated skin or leakage
  • Cushion material- the cushiony cotton soft material gives the baby a 100% comfort
  • Air fresh material- the air fresh material that keeps the air flow so that the baby’s skin can breathe


  • 100% hygienic
  • Super absorption
  • Double leak protection
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Cushion cotton soft
  • Air fresh material

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fresh cotton feel




rash free


good absorption


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


leakage sides


elastic wears off


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night



Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product

Soft pants

These rash free, cottony soft pants are the best diapers in town. I have been using them since my baby girl was born. These diaper panfs have quick absorption, advanced dry sheet, stretchy material makes it just the right product that you wishes for your little one's. Recommend it to all moms Features


Pallavi Adsul approves this product

Best comfortable pants

This time I used Huggies pant for my daughter, after using and trying all the brands possible. I really loved these pants, they are very comfortable. Keeps the skin dry. My daughter felt very comfortable at the waist and it even settled properly on her bum. No rashes, no irritation, proper coverage, proper dryness, soft cottony comfort for extra absorption.


Kiran Pattewar approves this product

Best for baby

Huggies wonder pants are designed according to baby’s has high absorption capacity so no need to change diper again and again.easy to wear is another useful baby is very naughty it is impossible for me to make her wear taped .i will recommend this to everyone I chose huggies wonder pants. Thanks


Sammiya Saduf approves this product


Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers sized diapers have double absorption sheet. They are super comfortable and do not cause any rashes or itching to my little baby. Very much suitable to use at night time and during travels. The elastic is very gentle and does not leave any marks on the baby's waist.


Aparna Sharma approves this product

Good absorption

These diaper pants are one of the best I hv used for my 12 week old daughter. They are quite soft and fit well without leaving any elastic marks. They can absorb well so are perfect for night time. Using dese, my child doesn’t get any rash . These WONDER pants keep my child wonderful


Darshana Mahajan approves this product

Good for newborn baby

I like..Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers..Fresh cotton feel, Hugs baby's waist Comfortable Rash free Good absorption ,easy to wear, These diapers have quick absorption ,no elastic marks, no skin rashes , good for new born baby i use for last one month in every night for my baby . my baby feel good for


Divya Kiran approves this product

Small wonder diapers for active babies

Huggies wonder pants diapers are really good for active baby. It have 12hours of absorption power. It have bubble soft technology which gives soft and gentle touch to baby’s bum. Best for overnight use as it keeps baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Side band are very soft that doesn’t leave any mark on skin. Have extra padding from side which avoids leaking. Worth for its price


Rooma Chauhan approves this product

Value for money

It is good product and am happy using it. It lasts longer due to good absorption capacity and it is not so expensive . My baby pees a lot and still it does not leak and it keeps my baby rash free. I recommend to try this product and I hope you won't be disappointed.


Deepthi Divakaran approves this product


Huggies keeps my baby comfort and his bums are super relaxed. The name itself says WONDER pants. We can confidently make him wear any dress as it absorbs a much and its leak proof. Its very soft to their skin that will make them rash free. THhank you huggies for this wonder product


Rekha Negi approves this product

Excellent absobtion

Huggies wonder pants are wonderful. They have the perfect size for any age group. These pants are easy to wear. These diapers have quick absorption and 12 hours of absorption. The material is cushiony soft and does not irritate the skin. It also has a fresh material which maintains the air flow for skin breathing.


Shalaka Patil approves this product

Good Diaper

Whenever we think of diapers. Huggies is the brand that flashes our mind. Huggies diapers are soft and comfortable for babies. We used these diapers for my nephew who is now 2 years. Never has there been any chance for complaint. However the diaper should not be kept for more than 5 hours straight. The wetness irritates the baby and might disturb sleep


NEHA TANDAN approves this product

hug by huggies

Huggies is the most trusted brand for diapers. I use diaper only at night and it is very comfortable and no leave rashes. Huggies wonder pants have some qualities like no side leakage comfortable at the waist This diaper gives a comfortable feel to the baby whole night. 12 hours absorption 100% Hygenic Baby's skin can breathe cotton soft gentle on skin.


RJ Dhana approves this product

Best diapers

Huggies diapers are best branded and comes in affordable prices. it has 100% soft cotton material so it has more comfort to baby. My son loves to wear these diapers and sleeps happily during nights and day time. it has 12 hours protection and double guard leakage protection. It is easy to carry and has comfort design and easily fits to all babies. it comes in different sizes and also comes in mega packs like monthly etc. these are also easily available in online and offline at medical stores. it gives baby fresh feeling with super absorption and has air flow easily. i recommend this highly.


Rashmi Sharma approves this product

Best diapers

I'm using more than 10month for my daughter. No rash no irritation.perfect +1 to Huggies diapers. Baby feel dry due to gel. Amazing choice for new born aur infants. Comfort nd soft material use in this diapers. Top brand in the market and absorbing power awsm 🤩 upto 12hr this is plus point.


Rojina Bajracharya approves this product

Huggies is the best diaper

Huggies has always been my best diaper for baby. The reason it is thinner in texture, doesnot expand even after using it for more than five hours. Other diapers generally expands and bigger when they are wet , but huggies has normal texture even after more use .Also i love the cover pack of huggies. It is little expensive but it is worth.Babies should be kept comfortable and huggies has helped me to keep my baby calm while sleep.

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