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Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin. Features Cotton softness– the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate […]

Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin.


Cotton softness- the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate skin protected.
Stretchy material- the pant is made of super stretchy material. It fits the baby well and hugs the baby’s bottom with complete comfort.
Super absorption- diapers have a super absorption capacity that keeps the baby dry for upto 12 hours.
Wetness indicator- the wetness indicator in the diaper changes from yellow to blue indicating that its a time for change of diaper.
Air freshness- the diaper is made of air fresh material that lets the baby’s sensitive skin breathe.
Double leak guard- there is a double leak guard along the sides of the diaper to prevent leakage.


  • Easy to wear
  • underwear like fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Air fresh material
  • Quick absorption
  • Product dimensions- 44.1x37x14.4cm
  • Super stretchy material

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good absorption


fresh cotton feel


rash free


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


leakage sides


elastic wears off


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night



Supriya approves this product

No rash diaper

I have been using these diapers for my little one lately and I am pretty happy with it. It not only fits well but also gives indication that the diaper needs to be changed. The band is elastic and fits baby’s waist comfortably. It is soft and leaves no rash on baby’s gentle skin.


ritika_pari approves this product

Absolutely good Diapers

Diapers is very soft No leakage problem No rashes Open to air pass Absorbtion is good No heavyness Absorbtion till 12 hours Love this product.. daily using for my baby. .she is very comfortable with this... I highly recommended to all my friends and relatives. Under budget products.. Best diapers as çompare to others .. Weight range 1-2.5 kg of babies


Sunita Rani approves this product

Superb product

If you want to give your baby a rash free diaper time without any kind of rashes then you must have to choose huggies ultra soft pant style diapers. I love its over all quality. It gives a cotton soft touch to my baby’s skin and keeps it dry too. A highly recommended diapers.


Kalyani L approves this product

Ultra soft diapers

Huggies pants are ultra soft. It keeps baby comfort throughout the night.. I am using without any rashes tension for my little one.. It has air fresh material which lets baby skin breathable.. It is stretchable so it fits baby waist.. The wetness indicator helps to change diapers for the baby


Diya Sanesh approves this product

Ultasoft diapers for better absorption

Huggies diapers are made of high quality designed for babies sensitive skin. It quickly absorbs and keeps babies bums dry throughout night so that babies can sleep peacefully. Wetness indicator also alerts parents for next diaper change and super stretching material softly wraps the baby giving it a cozy feeling.


Pooja Agraharkar approves this product

Rash free baby

Huggies team have always given their best for a baby. From the day one to till infant every one use Huggies happily. I started using Huggies to my baby since he turned 3 months old as I had to resume back to work. I had to put diaper full day for him in his day care. Initially I was worried but the ultra soft Huggies pant made me tension free. There was no rashes even after using full day to my baby. He felt happy and safe. Thanks to Huggies.


Saloni Srivastava approves this product

Best diaper

I mostly like cloth diaper but as a working women i have to use disposable diaper ..Huggies is one the best diaper drand ..i used this brand since my baby born..m using medium size for my baby since 4 months and it perfectly fit for her lasts long so no leakage and smell till long time ..Elastic and quality is also too good it feel my baby dry and comfort ..i totally recommend it


Sumaiya P approves this product

Love this product

Love this product..daily using for my baby..he is very comfortable with this...I highly recommended to all my friends and relatives. Giving dryness ypto 12 hours ..leaking diaper rashes. Hygienic. In future too I will use this.i m using in day as well in night. Smells really good ..and so soft.


Silky Gupta approves this product

Soft diapers without leaking

Huggies is the best diapers for children as the absorbance is very good and the skin of the child is rash free..I use in the night and child when gets in the morning is happy and healthy.. good for kids and is in the budget of general and My husband prefer this diapers for our child.. love you Huggies to give smile to children


Rakhi approves this product

Baby happy in nappy

I am using these diaper pants since five months and feels happy as it is very soft and comfortable to my baby's skin. It is rash free and it provides extra absorption and it has double leak guard and easy fit. I strongly recommend this product to all new mums.


Ayesha Jawad approves this product

Huggies _ hug the baby

Diaper is the most difficult task that I feels about changing time_ time, getting rashes, leakage etc. But believe me when I started to use this brand, I got addicted to it. It stretchy pant type cotton diaper is best suitable for babies. It's easy to use & makes baby more comfortable while wearing. Need not need to worry about leakage, as it gives the indication by changing its color. I think every mom should prefer this brand once.


Mridula Khanna Arora approves this product

This Nappy makes the baby Happy!

Huggies is one of the most trusted brands for babies when it comes to diapers. Have used and are still using these ultra soft diaper pants for my baby. These pants have super stretchy fabric and fits to my baby. Have been using it from Day 1 of her birth. It has a wetness indicator and has good absorption. Must recommend!


Siri S approves this product

Best baby care

Huggies is the most promising brand in case of baby products. I choose Huggies diapers for newborn to have comfortable playtime and night sleep. Its extremely soft on baby delicate skin, convenient to mommy and baby. It's available at the affordable price being best on quality. I would recommend new mom to go for huggies brand.


Palak Chopra approves this product


I tried many diapers for my baby but huggies premium pants are best and useful diapers for my baby.. The pant style diapers make it easy to wear and has a high absorption.. It is good to use at night.. It is also a rash free and also a made of soft cotton.. Pls try this huggies pants


Asma Tabassum approves this product

Super Duper Soft Pants

These Huggies ultra soft pants are very soft and more comfortable to my baby than normal diapers. In these diapers, there is double leak guard and a wet indicator which is easy to check whether the diaper is full. It has super absorption capacity and rashes free which makes the baby day and night feel fresh.


Kanika Bansal approves this product

Softest diapers in Indian market

This diaper is on expensive side but its worth every penny. I have used this diaper since my baby's birth and trust me it is the softest diaper. It does not leave any elastic marks on waist and never feels wet. It lasts for good 6 hours. It has wetness indicator, ia super stretchy and has an extra dry layer. So overall a good product for the price.


Sreenithi Sajith approves this product

A good night sleep

I have tried many brands on diapers but Huggies is the one I found the most useful one. the pant style diapers makes it easy to wear and has a high absorbancy. It is good to use at night. it is also rash free. The fragrance is also mild. It is made of soft cotton so that it is perfect on baby skin try once everyone will love it. Also babies do love.


Devika Tripathi approves this product

The best diapers I have ever used

I am using this diaper from one month and what caught my attention was it’s is fragrant fee. The top sheet was incredible soft and sleek. My daughter use to wear them for 4-5 hours flat and was quite comfortable in them. These diapers is completely free from chemicals and harmful substances like chlorine, parabens, and latex which really makes it stand apart. The absorbency is great and the pee of the baby distributed throughout the diaper and doesn’t sag at one point. Besides these the diaper is very gentle on babies skin and never leave a mark. Now you too have enough reasons to try this for your little one too .I am highly satisfied with the brand


Vishakha Bhalla approves this product

Super soft diapers for newborn

Used these in size XS for my LO n was totally satisfied with the product.. there was absolutely no tension of leakage and rashes. I changed the diaper every 4-5hours max, though u can stretch it for 6-7 hours.. even after being wet they were quite dry and very soft. Recommend it!


Somya Gupta approves this product

Soft as cotton

Huggies ultra soft pants are made of cotton like material which is highly comfortable for the baby and for the long time use. It is rash free and has wetness indicator which helps in timely change of the diaper. leak proof and soft elastic is used. Recommend it to all age group babies.

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