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Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin. Features Cotton softness– the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate […]

Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin.


Cotton softness- the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate skin protected.
Stretchy material- the pant is made of super stretchy material. It fits the baby well and hugs the baby’s bottom with complete comfort.
Super absorption- diapers have a super absorption capacity that keeps the baby dry for upto 12 hours.
Wetness indicator- the wetness indicator in the diaper changes from yellow to blue indicating that its a time for change of diaper.
Air freshness- the diaper is made of air fresh material that lets the baby’s sensitive skin breathe.
Double leak guard- there is a double leak guard along the sides of the diaper to prevent leakage.


  • Easy to wear
  • underwear like fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Air fresh material
  • Quick absorption
  • Product dimensions- 44.1x37x14.4cm
  • Super stretchy material

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good absorption


fresh cotton feel


rash free


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


leakage sides


elastic wears off


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night



Comfort and Economic

I am using Huggies Ultra Soft Pants - Premium Diapers for my baby since his birth and this diaper works well as its absorption capacity is good. It fits well to the baby and it is economical and worth the money spent. I use it for the whole night and it leaves no rashes or allergies to my baby. I use to purchase it in bulk from online stores for getting the best discounted price.


Bhumika Daryani approves this product

Best diaper

I recently bought the Huggies Ultra Soft Pants - Premium Diapers for my little one and it has been a great product since the pants give an all-round protection from leaks. It is of superior quality and easy to use. It keeps my Lil one comfortable and rash free. A must buy


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

long time durable

i used huggies ultra soft pants for travelling time .it absorbs more . does not leakage at all. my baby does not feel discomfort by using this diaper. she was feel free .it keeps away the urine smell. could not weight so much. good to use for long time purpose.quite high price.


Nandini Muduli approves this product

Love it

Huggies is very nice... It absorbs for 12 hours. Long lasting. No leakage. My baby is very much comfortable and happy.. no rashes. It's very much comfortable. I use it at. Night time so that my daughter can sleep well with out irrigation. Very soft diapers. I love it and so do my baby


Vandana Ajith approves this product

Economy pack

I used to bought this ultra soft huggies diaper pant for my infant. It is so comfortable on her that it keeps her dry always. During long trips while using this diapers as it got triple leak guard that reduce leakage from sides. Easy to use and dispose.No allergy so far.Will recommend it to all.


Dyuti Damini approves this product

Best for babies

As every mother finds everything best for her baby as huggies diaper is also Best for new born babies, its gives full absorption, full dry , comfortable for babies, it is rash free for babies, i recommend to more people , it keeps baby fresh and smell free. It is helpfull for night .


vanaja mk approves this product

Huggies for soft bum

Huggies is one of the favourite brands of has quick absorbance and is soft on baby skin. I have used it for my elder son and he would sleep comfortably.huggies can be used during outdoor activity of kids. It fits perfectly and is easy to wear and remove. I loved it.


Kalyani Lakshmanan approves this product

breathable diapers

Huggies ultra soft pants are very comfortable for my baby. It has stretch material which hugs is super absorbing technology helps in night. It has air fresh material which leads baby skin breathable. It has wetness indicator helps to change diapers easily. I use it for my baby regularly


Urvi Shah approves this product

Soft and premium pants

Huggies premium diaper pants are very soft and just like cotton ... It soaks all water and keeps the area dry and stink free ... The fitting of the pants are also so good that there is no waist mark... No diaper leakage too ... I always get a good deal in big bazaar ... I stock it in advance only ....


priyanka approves this product

nice diapers for babies

Huggies ultra soft pants are really soft and nice diapers for babies. I found these very helpful for my baby's sensitive skin. I have given 4 stars as the diapers leaks after short use as they are very soft. I would suggest to go for it though they are a bit costly.


sahiba approves this product

Huggies diapers is a very old and reliable brand in diapers Huggies ultra soft pant diapers are very comfortable and soft for good in pee is very good material used to make it my baby and me are very happy with it...I can give it 4 out of 5 rating..thanks


jnl approves this product

Huggies diapers are perfect

Huggies ultra soft diapers are very perfectly designed for babies.I have kids and I have used only Huggies brand.Huggies ultra soft diapers are pocket friendly too. It is leakage proof and rash free and not worried for use of diaper rash cream.also kids feel comfortable after wearing diaper and especially Huggies.


Suma Mohith approves this product

I love this

Huggies was nice i recommend Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin. Cotton softness diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate and baby was very comfortable to play every time


Poonam Thapa approves this product

Ultra Soft Pants Diapers

last six months we are using Ultra Huggies pants type diapers. Its very soft cotton material used. This Diaper is stretchable and comfortable for baby. Diaper absorption timing 12 hours. This diaper is rash free and fit for baby skin. My baby wears diaper full night help to sleep comfortably. The diaper design was air breathable baby skin.


Disha Jain approves this product

Good absorption

These ultra soft diapers fits well to my baby and there is no problem of leakage and it absorbs the urine for many hours.. It is a very soft cotton like diaper and baby do not get any rashes with it.. I have used it on my newborn baby.. Must buy


Divya Jain approves this product

Very Happy. Thank You Huggies

Best diapers i would recommend to every new mom's to use it. I m using it during night time for comfortable sleep for my baby. Good absorbing capacity. Very soft & cottony. No rashes on the baby's skin. Also, it fits well on baby's waist. Baby is very comfortable wearing n goes into deep sleep during night time. Use XS size for newborns. Thanks, Huggies for making such a wonderful product


Shruti Jhawar approves this product

Cotton like soft diaper

Used XS size..was amazing..softness comparable to cotton .comfortable and easy to wear and remove...Huggies as always just makes u feel like hugging ur baby more and more..always trusted fo leakproof durability. since olden days..when it was one of the initial diapers to be used. nowadays though many in the market. Huggies still maintains its name.


Ritu Pandey approves this product

To sleep with comfort

I have started using Huggies ultrasoft diapers few weeks ago. Earlier I was using different brand. My experience with this product is wonderful. Now i sleep tension free as my kid is sleeping comfortably and I don't have to change the diaper every two hours. It is rash free diaper. Good product with good absorption capability.

Keerthika Sivasubramaniam approves this product

Premium cotton diaper

Huggies ultra soft pants premium diapers are designed for baby's delicate skin and is made up of cotton. The pant style gives a gentle hug to the baby. It absorbs the wetness quickly. I use it for my baby and she didn't get any rashes or irritation. It os so soft on her skin


pooja_ghode-adsul approves this product

Best for new born..

Huggies team have always given their best for a baby. From the day one to till infant every one use Huggies happily. I started using Huggies to my baby since he turned 3 months old as I had to resume back to work. I had to put diaper full day for him in his day care. Initially I was worried but the ultra soft Huggies pant made me tension free. There was no rashes even after using full day to my baby. He felt happy and safe. Thanks to Huggies.

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