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Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin. Features Cotton softness– the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate […]

Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin.


Cotton softness- the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate skin protected.
Stretchy material- the pant is made of super stretchy material. It fits the baby well and hugs the baby’s bottom with complete comfort.
Super absorption- diapers have a super absorption capacity that keeps the baby dry for upto 12 hours.
Wetness indicator- the wetness indicator in the diaper changes from yellow to blue indicating that its a time for change of diaper.
Air freshness- the diaper is made of air fresh material that lets the baby’s sensitive skin breathe.
Double leak guard- there is a double leak guard along the sides of the diaper to prevent leakage.


  • Easy to wear
  • underwear like fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Air fresh material
  • Quick absorption
  • Product dimensions- 44.1x37x14.4cm
  • Super stretchy material

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good absorption


fresh cotton feel


rash free


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


leakage sides


elastic wears off


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night



Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Soft bumps no rashes

I have been using the huggies ultra soft pants for my little one since his birth... It's gives me pure cotton kike feel for my baby's bump.... Baby cwn easily sleep all night.... I had never faced problem of diaper rash with huggies ultra soft pants. All over I can say it's the best baby pant.


Poonam Sehrawat approves this product

Huggies ultra soft pants

Huggies ultra soft pants was used for my little one. This diaper is soft as cotton which keep the baby skin protected from rashes. The pant is made of super strechy material. This has super absorption power the best thing is it wetness indicator in the diaper changes for yellow to blue.


Safna Rezi approves this product

Soft and comfort

This is nice product soft and comfort sutable for all babbese . Valuble product .usefull day and night.comfort my babbies. High absorbence .and mainly avoid rashes on babby skine. No leakeage so i love the product. Suitable for all age babies . Iam happy to use this pant for my first babby.


Kashaf Sayed approves this product

Comfortable and easy to use

I have been using this product for more than a month. It's very comfortable and easy to use. Prevents thigh gaps and redness. Very easy to wear and easy to remove. It doesn't make my baby cranky. I really liked the product. And would recommend every new mom's.


Reshma Shenoy approves this product

Ultra soft pant diapers for good sleep

Huggies ultra soft pants are made up of cotton like material which is highly comfortable for both baby and for the long time use . it is rash free and has a wetness indicator which helps in timely change of diaper, leak proof and soft elastic is used . Recommended it to all age group babies


Sangeeta Garg approves this product

Great experience

I use so many brands of diapers but I m very disappointed with that but now I am happy to use Huggies ultra soft pants that is so comfortable and so easy to use. My baby does not face any rashes and any irritation. She sleep long hours. I m mother and also housewife so I have so many responsibility so I fully depend on diapers and I relaxe with this type diapers. It's awesome. My friends mostly use Huggies diaper


Kiruthika Duraisamy approves this product

Soft and comfort diaper

It's wonderful product and mainly help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin will be very much suitable for the entire day and also night time .. which makes it baby to sleep for the whole night as a mom I am really happy for the product mainly it's soft cotton


Shikha Shreejith approves this product


My kid on the very frst day i made her put Huggies ultra soft pants , its Anti leakage is too good so that she loves sleeping for hours without any distraction . It's smooth and rashes free . During day time also i make my kid put the Huggies ultra soft . Being a mom I'm fully satisfied with this diaper .


Sajan approves this product

Ur babeis dipers

This is a comfortable diaper for babies who want to sleep long hours here prevent rashes too. This has cotton on inside the diapers which soothes the ….. I really happy to use for my baby Its its helping to my baby in sleeping and playing time I recommend to all moms .


jisha approves this product

Moms friend.....

A longstanding and popular brand, Huggies Diapers have proven successful by many satisfied customers. rom Little Snugglers to Little Movers, Huggies has designed varying types of diapers to suit babies as they grow and move. Highly absorbent Soft cushioning layer, Keeps mess off my baby’s skin, Prevents/reduces irritation, Makes changing less frequent.


Anuradha Giridharan approves this product

Best diaper

This is a comfortable diaper for babies who want to sleep long hours here prevent rashes too. This has cotton on inside the diapers which soothes the skin properly. It also helps in the absorption of liquid on high hence no regret in buying this for baby. Its quite reasonable price


divyadeeya approves this product

Snug-Fit and works wonders on our little ones

Recently I picked these up and they are wonderful! I wouldn't have thought before I was a parent that diapers would be worth feeling excited about but after many leaks and endless search this diaper is worth the price.These are very soft on skin, good absorbent and fits great.These diapers provide up to 12 hours of leak-proof protection & are super soft with a snug fit waist band which helps to keep baby dry and comfortable.Totally love these diapers. I would recommend this product for all the mummas for a happy parenting 😊


shruthip approves this product

Big hug tohuggies

One of the best diaper I has used. Too comfortable and clean. I should not see any leakages and it is easy to wear. There is rash free. Keep dry always. It is suitable for long trip. Very smooth and soft. You can't use night also. I recommending my friends also.


Shalini Gupta approves this product

Best for my baby

This is the best diaper pants i came across, fits my baby the best , as my baby never got any rash with this , the diaper never leaked as well very happy with the diaper pants. I am using it for my for more then a month now and never wish to change it as well.


sheebanancy90 approves this product

Really good for skin

I've used Huggies for my baby and it was too good for her. Initially it started giving some elastic marks then I applied coconut oil before every application of the diaper and it turns out good. It's cost effective as well and since it is economical and good for skin. New moms can opt this.


Asiya Nasreen approves this product

Huggies pants

Huggies pants offer convenience.I m using it for more than a six months.They are available at almost daily needs store. Huggies pants are hassle free,easy to wear and it keeps the baby dry. There is no leakage and perfect to let the baby sleep in.Usage of this product brings pleasure and happiness to my baby.


Sangepu anjana Tejaswini approves this product

Cottony soft daipers

In my veiw HUGGIES is the 1st daiper brand in india.being a mom in modren world its very difficult to choose the best huggies made it easy for me.these are very nice because old is gold😍😍... It absorbs for 8hours. Long lasting. No leakage on sides. My son was very comfortable❤❤ with its softness.. no rashes at all. I am using it day and Night time so that my son can comfortably sleeps well with out irritation. Very soft cotton . My son just loved it and i loved it beacuse of his healthy skin😀.thank u huggies


Shreya Agarwal approves this product

Best for new born

I have started using Huggies ultrasoft diapers few weeks ago. Earlier I was using different brand. My experience with this product is wonderful. Now i sleep tension free as my kid is sleeping comfortably and I don't have to change the diaper every two hours. It is rash free diaper. Good product with good absorption capability.


Anita Jadhav Dhamne approves this product

Lovely diaper

As every mother finds everything best for her baby as huggies diaper is also Best for new born babies, its gives full absorption, full dry , comfortable for babies, it is rash free for babies, i recommend to more people , it keeps baby fresh and smell free. It is helpfull for night .


Vatsla Verma approves this product

Huggies Ultra Soft Pants Premium Diapers

I brought Huggies Ultra Soft Pants - Premium Diapers for my baby as she was born a little premature and i thought these will be the best diapers for her. As the name suggests these are actually very very soft and ideal for baby's delicate skin. A big thumbs up to these diapers.

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