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Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin. Features Cotton softness– the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate […]

Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These pant diapers are clinically proven* to help avoid rashes on the baby’s skin.


Cotton softness- the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate skin protected.
Stretchy material- the pant is made of super stretchy material. It fits the baby well and hugs the baby’s bottom with complete comfort.
Super absorption- diapers have a super absorption capacity that keeps the baby dry for upto 12 hours.
Wetness indicator- the wetness indicator in the diaper changes from yellow to blue indicating that its a time for change of diaper.
Air freshness- the diaper is made of air fresh material that lets the baby’s sensitive skin breathe.
Double leak guard- there is a double leak guard along the sides of the diaper to prevent leakage.


  • Easy to wear
  • underwear like fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Air fresh material
  • Quick absorption
  • Product dimensions- 44.1x37x14.4cm
  • Super stretchy material

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good absorption


fresh cotton feel


rash free


hugs baby's waist



leaves elastic marks


leakage sides


elastic wears off


change every 2 hours


unsuitable for night



rohan86kedare approves this product

Thanks Huggies

I have been using Huggies for my baby more than 1 year and I feel it is most comfortable diaper for my baby. It is very much suitable for night. Diaper fitting is very good we don't have to adjust again and again. Thanks you Huggies for keeping our baby happy.


neetugarg2702 approves this product

value of money

no rashes, no leakage ,no heaviness ,stay for long time and much more comfartable den any other diapers ... n it so light weighted n size is gud of each.. i will use small size n it iz really an amazing and it mamy mom is confused i also confused at my tym bt when i used mamy poko pants my search iz end here


Belji Christo approves this product

Best product

It is one of the best product which help babies to Stay dry and feel Comfortable ,leakage free,no rashes and no heaviness for babies and perfect size. Its more comfortable than any other brands. I have started using huggies when my daughter turns 6 months. I recommend to try this product.


Meghashree cr approves this product

Very needed all babies

Its a amazing product which help babies to Stay dry and Comfortable all the way and sizes are writ too,no leakage,no rashes and no heaviness for babies.pampers ultra soft pants are clinically proven and I trusted this brand and used for my daughter and my son also and its very easy to use and discard.


Huggies premium pants

It's an amazing premium baby diapers made for babies. I started using these diaper just after the birth of my baby boy.. I used M size when he was around 8 of my friend suggested it to me...It has a comfortable fit for my baby... keeps him dry all the time as it has quick absorbing capacity... he is having a good night sleep with this pants on...The diapers easy to wear on and easy to remove it off... it is lighter and leakage proof...


anjel_srivastav approves this product

So comfortable

I tried many dipper for my babies. But no more dipper feel so comfortable like Huggies. NO more rashes with Huggies dipper. I use these dipper for my both babiews. There is no leakage problem suffered by kids. It's fragrance is also very good sometime some smell are allergies to kids but no problem occurred by its smell.

Pallavipraveen Seela approves this product

To New Moms

I'am writing this review especially for new Moms and Mom to be... Bcz every new mother will have a big question mark in their brains about which brand to opt when coming to their little munchkin.. So I would definitely suggest huggies as the best bcz of its comfort, no lekage, cotton like softness... Only negative thing is that a bit costlier but again it's worthy... At last my baby is my world I want to give every comfort to him


asha_suraj approves this product

The best diaper

I have tried samples of some other brands of diapers. But am very much satisfied with huggies only. Thats the perfect one among all. Its smell, its hold on waist. Am very much impressed with huggies. I ll always go for huggies only. No doubt and i recommend also for every babiesss


Salma Sultan approves this product

Good product

I have been using it for 3 months now. In the beginning I didn't know which brand to use. So I bought every brand available in the market. Bought 1 pc or 5 pcs packet whichever was available. I liked 3 brands and Huggies was the best of them. Have been using it since then. My son has no rashes and his skin is always dry when I take off the diaper pant.


satyambika approves this product

Amazing product

Coming to diper there is hell lot of confusion in every moms head.its mainly due to the leakage issue,size on.but this diper is very very nature friendly.cotton is super leakage problem.and coming to smell,there is no one issue like that.the cotton is already super soft and baby friendly with not creating any rashes on the babies skin.I am using it since my babies birth and very happy with the product


Mallika N L approves this product

Best for newborn soft skin baby

Huggies ultra soft pants diapers, pant shape diapers are ultra soft on the baby’s skin. The cotton-like softness is desinged to gently hug the baby. These diapers are clinically proven. I only use huggies for my little one. As,every mother's wish is to be careful about baby's health and soft skin. I recommend huggies diapers from my experience.


Vyshnavi Iyer approves this product

Super good

I have been using this product for my baby and it is just really an amazing product it has Cotton softness– the diaper is soft as cotton all over which keeps the baby’s delicate and rash free. And it helps the baby keep dry and fresh and it is recommended to every baby


Deepashree Devanand approves this product

Good brand

Huggies is one of the oldest diaper brands available in India. It is good to use during the day, has a soft inner lining that is soft on the infant's skin. It also is an anti-rash diaper so it baby safe! It does leave elastic marks on the waist and tighs so that is a cause of concern.


Nida Khan approves this product

Baby Huggies pants

Huggies soft pants diaper i am personally using it more than 6 month ago. It is so soft, good for babies skin type. It has good absorbency material. Elasticity is also good. It is available in different sizes. Packaging is also good. It has mild scents also, which is good, it doesn't not smell after baby do pee or poo. And most important it is affordable.


Garima Kakkar approves this product

Premium diapers for baby

When it comes to baby skin all mothers are worried about their baby and now days diapers are the essential thing for every mother so the question always runs in mind that it is comfortable, soft like cotton i also have the same question so i took this challenge for huggies and I personally qualified huggies premium diapers they are the best diapers for baby they do not cause rashes they are soft like cotton


vengala approves this product

Good absorption

Good quality and absorption easy to use and throw, have been using the huggies ultra soft pants for my little one since his birth... It's gives me pure cotton kike feel for my baby's bump.............Huggies ultra soft pants was used for my little one. This diaper is soft as cotton which keep the baby skin protected from rashes.


Indu Vinay approves this product


I have been using this since my first kid was born and now using for my little younger one too..Huggies are Rash free comfortable one keeping kid happy through out the night without any leakage..happy to use this for my both champs..,, literally in love with these pants for their nature.


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Everyday diapers

Ever since my younger one was born I have only used huggies diapers. These are cost effective and good absorbent. As I made my baby wear diaper day and night so it proved to be a great option as it was soft on my babies skin. He never got any rash and diaper also was wearable for 5-6 hours long


Aden approves this product

Ultra Soft Diapers

I have been religiously using diapers from this brand for my baby. It comes in various sizes to opt for according to weight and age of the baby. It provides nicker like coverage to the baby. The absorption capacity is up to twelve hours. The smart cushioning that it comes with adds extra comfort to the baby's bums.


Jaya Thapa approves this product

Ultra soft Huggies diapers

Huggies diapers are affordable and comfy to my baby. Its pants style design makes my work easier amd aslo provides comfortable zone to my baby. Due to its utra soft cotton made has super absorbtion upto 9- 10 hours. No leakage until i have been using from years. No rashes no allergies have seen yet duing my motherhood period.

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