Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder

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Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder is enriched with the goodness of herbals for your little one's delicate and sensitive baby skin. Pamper your baby with this powder every day to prevent sweating and bad odour.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder is enriched with the goodness of herbals for your little one's delicate and sensitive baby skin. Pamper your baby with this powder every day to prevent sweating and bad odour. It keeps your little one fresh, happy and comfortable all through the day. It is free of harsh chemicals, nourishes the skin, and has cooling properties.


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Nourishes skin
  • Cooling properties
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Age: 0+ months
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Net weight: 50/100/400gm
  • Storage: cool and dry place"

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prevents rash


keeps the baby fresh


absorbs sweat


prevents body odor


nourishes skin



contains talc


unsafe on genitals


unsafe on premature babies


skin dryness


respiratory problems


Olive oil(Jaitun oil), Zinc Calx (Yashad Bhasma), Almond oil(Vatadha), Vetiver(Ushira).

  • The powder helps to keep your baby's skin fresh, smooth, and soft.
  • It keeps your baby fresh, odor-free, and comfortable.
  • The powder helps control excessive sweat.
  • The powder absorbs excess moisture and keeps skin oil-free.
  • Apply Himalaya Baby Powder on your baby post bathing, before bedtime, and when changing diapers.
  • Sprinkle the powder on the powder puff. 
  • Now, apply powder all over the baby’s body.
  • Ensure you do not apply the powder near the baby's eyes.
  • Lung irritation
  • Respiratory problems if inhaled
  • Redness of skin

It is advisable to consult a doctor before using Himalaya Baby Powder. Also, if the powder causes any irritations or allergies to your baby’s skin,, take the baby to the doctor.


Himalaya baby gift hampers

Nowadays Himalaya gift hampers are the most common to receive for babies on their baptism or naming ceremony. And we too got a large number of Himalaya baby gift hampers and the baby products are sufficient for my baby to use till 2yrs I believe. Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder provides softness to skin and keep him fresh all day long. The powder can be used from birth and 100% safe on baby skin. It does not contain any hazardous ingredients.


Snehal Sawant approves this product

Free from Parabrns and synthetic colours.. No harmful chemicals

I am using Himalaya Baby powder for my 3 months old son. It has a very gentle and soothing fragrance. Powder texture is very soft and smooth. It has herbal properties. It contains Khus-Khus and Yashada Bhasma which keeps the baby's skin cool, smooth and dry. Prevents heavy rashes. I strongly recommend this to other mom also


Divya Modi approves this product


I am using Himalaya herbal baby powder from more then six months, and I am satisfied with the product for my baby. Powder is velvety smooth and smell really well it keep my baby all day dry and fresh . It has herbs which protect skin from rashes and fungal infection


Adeena Singh approves this product

Can also be used by adults with sensitive skin

PRODUCT:- Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder. My Views:- This baby powder has the basic formula but has an added ingredient khus khus as its key ingredient. It helps in long term relief from body rashes if present any. The fragrance is mild and very amazing. This powder can also be used by adults with sensitive skin.


Kalyani L approves this product

Gentle powder

Himalaya herbal powder contains khus khus which refresh the skin of the baby. It has yashad Bhasma which controls excessive sweat and keeps the skin smooth and dry. It also controls body odour. Himalaya products are clinically tested. It is free from parabens and synthetic color. So we can use it on babies skin without any hesitation


Sunita Rani approves this product

Made with goodness of herbals

Himalaya herbals baby powder is especially made safely for babies with the goodness of herbals only. It contains no harmful chemicals and gives no any harmful side effects on baby’s skin. I really didn’t know it before that a powder can be that beneficial in healing skin rashes and other such sweat systems. I love its overall quality.


Rimjhim approves this product

Very good in summers

I always apply Himalaya Powder after bath to my little one. It quickly absorbs the heat and makes skin nourished. I really find this baby powder so helpful when I baby gets heat or diaper rash. It is made from natural ingredients. And very safe for regular use. The product is very affordable. It does not cause any health issues and prevent body odor in summers. It makes your baby feel refresh. It avoids skin from chafing also.


Tanvi Mohil approves this product

Safe herbal powder in affordable price range

I have never used Talcum powder for my baby as it was never suggested by his pediatrician. Powders are not good for babies and can cause many health issues but I guess as a parent you are best to decide what's good for your child. Given a choice, Himalaya powder is infused with a few herbal ingredients and is a trusted and affordable brand. My sister in law uses it and she says it is a good powder. It suits all skin types of babies. Their products are paraben-free and not at all harsh on baby skin.


Prevents rash

This is luxury I would say. This powder keeps Samaira odour free and sweat free. It was recommended by her paediatrician. The shelf life being three years I brought the 400 gm box. The fragrance is good. The herbal property acts as antimicrobial for her. It is gentle on skin and there are no rashes or redness on her skin. She will not play or go out for a walk till we apply Himalaya herbal powder on her.


Revathi Nagaraj approves this product

Keep fresh

Himalaya baby powder keeps the baby skin fresh and smelly. It is free from parabens .it should not make any irritation or rashes on baby skin.it could makes smooth the baby skin.i am using himalaya powder for 6 years .my first child and now my second baby she is 3 months only.i fully trusted himalaya baby powder.it is gentle and soft.


Poonam Thapa approves this product

Natural baby powder by Himalaya

I used to trust on only Johnson's powder for my first baby boy but after for my second baby girl i am using Himalaya babay powder for more than a year as some relative gifted her.I must to say that i have to switch from Johnson's to Himalayan for the goodness of this product only.First of all its natural made. It consists of olive oil and natural ingredients which protects your baby skin . Its mild fragrance keeps your baby all day fresh for long. My 6 years old school learner also use it.Himalaya baby powder is best for my kids.love this product!


Asha Pun approves this product

Himalaya baby powder

Himalaya baby powder is good and safe for baby skin . If you trust on natural things than you have to use this baby powder which is loaded with natural ingredients with goodness of olive oil. I have been using this amazing baby powder right from my baby girl was born. Its non toxic keeps your baby sweating free all day and mild fresh fragrance is just amazing. Himalaya baby natural powder is yes for me!


Asfia Fatima approves this product

Safe to use baby powder

This baby powder from Himalaya is very gentle on the babys skin and keeps them fresh for long time.The natural ingredients and the formulation helps to prevent skin chaffing prevents rashes, absorbs sweat and prevents the body odour in the baby's It is safe to use and we have been using it for our niece since she was born .


Kavita Sawant approves this product

Himalaya product are amazing

Himalaya herbals baby powder is very gentleon the skin it is antimicrobial properties I was using my baby morning & night not so expensive very nice mild fragrance and smell I was recommend to my all friends to start this product to your baby's thank you for nice product himalaya good quality

Keerthika Sivasubramaniam approves this product

Refreshing skin

I have started using this baby powder for my baby from day 5. It gives cooling effect and it has the narural ingredient khus khus. It is dermatology tested and free from parabens synthetic colours and sulphates. It absorbs sweat and body odour and keepd baby refreshed. I use it in the morning and evening.


Swapnil N BHAT approves this product

Great product

One of the great product and brand for babies that you can trust upon. And I choosed Himalayas Product when my baby born ... Without ant doubt I selected Himalayas as I has all that what you baby need . It's safe, soft, chemicals free, hypoallergenic, great fragrance , great range of products also great price . You can trust on this brand. The powder is so soft, absorbs sweat, prevent from bad odour, avoid skin chafing. Recommend to buy


Vandana N Moorthy approves this product

Himalaya baby powder

Himalaya herbal baby powder is infused with natural ingredients .The main ingredients olive oil and almond oil are enriched with vitamin E and nourishes ,moisturises the baby skin.Another major ingredient khus grass makes the baby skin feel refreshed always.It is free from parabens and chemicals.This powder absorbs excess water and sweat from tha baby skin without making it dry ,by the way protects from prickly heat and other skin infections.Good baby powder.Suitable for new borns also .Easily available in markets.


Divya Kiran approves this product

Best herbal baby powder

Himalaya herbals baby powder is paraben and chemicals free. I been using since my daughter was born and still I use them. It absorbs sweat and keep fresh whole day. Nourish skin leaving it soft and smooth. It contains olive oil, almond oil, khus khus and natural zinc. It is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. I like mild fragrance of powder.


Jignasa s approves this product

Keeps fresh and best for all skin type

Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder is safe for all age baby. I used it from 10 days after birth of my baby. It prevents baby from rashes. Fragrance of powder is fresh. It is absorb sweat so i regular use this. Suit for all skin type oily and dry my baby have mixed skin.


Lavanya Shankar approves this product

Trusted product for my kids

Im using Himalaya natural baby powder since my twins were 2 months old till now.The fragrance is very good and keeps baby fresh.Its soft and gentle on babies.I avoid it on genitals and underarms to prevent clogging.It suits both oily and dry skin.My babies love the smell and would try to powder themselves after bath.

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