Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder

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Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder is enriched with the goodness of herbals for your little one's delicate and sensitive baby skin. Pamper your baby with this powder every day to prevent sweating and bad odour.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder is enriched with the goodness of herbals for your little one's delicate and sensitive baby skin. Pamper your baby with this powder every day to prevent sweating and bad odour. It keeps your little one fresh, happy and comfortable all through the day. It is free of harsh chemicals, nourishes the skin, and has cooling properties.


  • Gentle on the skin
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Nourishes skin
  • Cooling properties
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Age: 0+ months
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Net weight: 50/100/400gm
  • Storage: cool and dry place"

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prevents rash


keeps the baby fresh


absorbs sweat


prevents body odor


nourishes skin



contains talc


unsafe on genitals


unsafe on premature babies


skin dryness


respiratory problems


Olive oil(Jaitun oil), Zinc Calx (Yashad Bhasma), Almond oil(Vatadha), Vetiver(Ushira).

  • The powder helps to keep your baby's skin fresh, smooth, and soft.
  • It keeps your baby fresh, odor-free, and comfortable.
  • The powder helps control excessive sweat.
  • The powder absorbs excess moisture and keeps skin oil-free.
  • Apply Himalaya Baby Powder on your baby post bathing, before bedtime, and when changing diapers.
  • Sprinkle the powder on the powder puff. 
  • Now, apply powder all over the baby’s body.
  • Ensure you do not apply the powder near the baby's eyes.
  • Lung irritation
  • Respiratory problems if inhaled
  • Redness of skin

It is advisable to consult a doctor before using Himalaya Baby Powder. Also, if the powder causes any irritations or allergies to your baby’s skin,, take the baby to the doctor.


Nisha Nishad approves this product

Good product

Best powder for kids I started when my baby born till now I'm using same powder very much satisfy happy with the product keep it up My both baby use this I applied three time after bath and before sleep time wish to continue in future too happy product thNks


pratima32 approves this product

Perfect for baby

It's very good for baby skin. I m using this from my baby birth. now she is 10 months old and she is very comfortable with this. I use 2 times daily. its cooling extracts khus-khus is nice and remaining all ingredients are organic.that's why I love this product. No rashes issue, no dryness issue. Very nice product. I recommend to all to use this baby powder.


Jyotsna approves this product

Soft Soft Baby

Himalaya Baby powder is good for all babies. It's spots all type of skin.me n my husband like it's fragrance. My son is now 2.5 years old .still I am using the Himalaya powder for my son. After applying powder ..he feel refresh. Powder keeps baby's skin soft Soft ... Mumma must buy this powder for your little one....


Priyanka Pandey approves this product

keeps baby skin sage and soft

Himalaya is a trusted name in manufacturing Ayurvedic products And the baby products of Himalaya are too good , just like Himalaya baby powder is mild and chemical free which help To nourish baby’s skin. I must recommend the Himalaya powder to all new mommies for rashes and order free results. I mostly like the mildness of the product.


Sonal Mehrotra approves this product

Suits for my baby

I am using this baby powder for my baby since i was born. I never switch to any other brand for hos powder. I really like its fragrance. I use it daily for my baby and he remains fresh all day long. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone mum. Because its a trusted brand and product quality is really good.


Muskaan approves this product

Kerps the body soft nd cool

This is ayurvedic product and himalaya is the brand which is used since many years.from last one month i am using this powder for my baby.it refresh the body nd keeps smooth skin.it contain khus khus which refresh the skin.my baby feels too good after apply this.it include all naural ingridients which sooth the body nd prevent rashes.


minakshi0911 approves this product

Good for baby skin

Himalaya baby powder is good for baby's skin. It a baby skin cool and help them to stay fresh. Himalaya,s baby powder eliminates dryness n keep baby cool n happy. Himalaya's products are natural products which are very comfortable for all skin type. Not only baby but younger also can use these products. We always used Himlaya's products for my niece. Still my sister in law using only Himalaya's products for her daughter. Because they are very trustworthy products. I will also going to use Himalaya's products for my baby. I just love the smell of Himalaya baby powder. It keeps free from odour and sweating. Thank you Himalaya for making these products.


khyatidhaval approves this product

Amazing Baby powder I have came across.

My baby is 10+ months old. Since his birth I am using Himalaya baby powder for him. I have tried other two Brad's but they didn't suit my baby's skin. But this Himalaya baby powder is amazing. It prevents my baby from skin problems. keeps my baby fresh and odour free. Powder smells good and doesn't give any reaction to skin. Suits to sensitive skin too. Till now I haven't noticed a single problem using it. I will definitely recommend this to everyone..


mumblemee approves this product

Fresh fragrance!

Himalaya has always been a trustworthy brand for me! I've been using Himalaya products since I was a teenager and have been completely satisfied with their products. When it came to my baby I had no second doubts ill be using Himalaya. The talcum powder has a refreshing fragrance and lasts long, it absorbs wetness and avoids skin chafing.I have been using it since she was born and has not caused any side effects. Would definitely recommend this to every new mom.


Aden approves this product

Absorbs sweat

Whenever I have this Himalaya Herbals baby powder stashed in my baby essentials, I never have to look out for any other body powder. It has mild fragrance, very much loved by my baby. It absorbs sweat and extra moisture very well and completely prevents chaffing and rashes anywhere on her body.


Shikha Shreejith approves this product

Himalaya super cool

My kid is a regular user of this powder , i love this powder ,it's soothing for skin and feel fresh aftr putting this powder . And it's suitable for all type of skin . I am a big fan of Himalaya products . It's too cool and non allergic and it last for many hours


Gouraja Parelkar approves this product

Herbal powder safe for babies

I was looking for some powder derived of natural ingredients and stumbled upon this powder. I loved the smell. It was quite refreshing. The product is very safe and has ayurvedic ingredients free from chemicals. I have applied this powder regularly to prevent diaper rash and chaffing in the inner thighs.


Shilpa Chandel approves this product

Soft and gentle

Himalaya baby powder is so gentle on my baby's skin. It keep him fresh and odour free... In fact I love it so much dat I started using it on myself and my 5 year old daughter.... Soft smooth n gentle and refreshing... It really feels good. Now decided to use it ever


krati approves this product

Very nice product.

This is first powder I used for my baby. It is Gentle to my baby’s skin. It smells very nice.it Keeps my baby fresh all day long. Well suited for my baby’s skin. It prevents rash and absorbs sweat.It is an affordable product . I will recommend this product to others.


monika katiyar approves this product

great product

i am using this for my baby since her birth.. its smell is so refreshing and its so soft for babies.. no sideeffects.. Its a must recommending product.my first and last choice for a baby powder is himalaya herbal baby powder.it has a soothing fragrance Himalaya herbals baby powder is not only what i used for my baby girl but what my mother also choose for me when i was litl girl


Sonali Polekar approves this product

Refreshment all day

I am using himayala baby powder since the day my baby is born. Keeps my baby all day fresh. Powder has very nice smell. My baby’s skin is little bit sweaty because of that I used this himayala powder daily which keeps my baby skin happy and sweat free. Love this product. Mommies should by this product for keeping baby all day fresh.


puranjain approves this product

Ausum baby powder

Really gud product.since am using frm past four years to my kids.gud fragrance of powder.nd it keeps d baby fresh ...it never gives sweat smell...i recommend to my frnds also to use himalaya baby powder...gud product..am using dis powder to my both d kids......................ausum product nd thank u so much....to the person who did dis product


Jaya Thapa approves this product

The Gentle Choice baby powder

Himalaya baby powder is well suited to my kids. Its clinically tested herbal powder which keeps the baby skin dry , smooth and also prevent the rashes too. I usually use after bath and before going to put diaper in summers specially when my son sweats more. Its light smell is also good. I would recommend to all the mothers to must buy for your kids.


Kirti Hundia approves this product

Himalaya care

When it comes to baby care regime Himalaya products are the best.. These products are affordable for your daily care routine and trustworthy also. It has such a good fragrance that last for a longer period of time. I have used this product for my both kids and still using it. So u can use this without giving it a second thought


Dipti Nilesh solanki approves this product

Great product for baby

Himalaya baby powder is very useful for baby skin I am using this since my baby born more than a year I am using this powder on my baby's skin it prevents rashes and feeling baby happy and refresh whole day it is very gentle on baby's skin it's fragrance is very mild and doesn't harm to baby I love this product I highly recommend Himalaya baby powder

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